Iran Attempts to Show off Military Power

The United States military has never been shy about displaying their awesome offensive strike capabilities for the world to see. Susan McGalla ( knows that there truly has not been another military power that intimidated the US since the USSR collapsed. However, that has not kept some countries from attempting to show they are not scared of the American military might. Most recently the country of Iran has conducted military exercises to show off their Revolutionary Guard and its naval strength. The exercises were conducted in the straits of Hormuz and in the Persian Gulf were the guard simulated attacks against US aircraft carriers. Their belief is that should there be a conflict that sinking the aircraft carrier would be a key to their country’s victory.

The US Navy’s Fifth Fleet Spokesman has been quoted as saying, “the Iranian exercise is the equivalent of them destroying a Hollywood movie set.” What is apparent is that the Iranians have failed to understand the overall military power of the United States. Take for instance their goal of sinking an aircraft carrier. Even if they succeeded in their attack plans there are always two of them in the Persian Gulf at any one time. Also, each on has a compliment of about 80 aircraft with more firepower than their entire air force’s arsenal. What else they have seemed to forget is all the other ships that accompany the carrier or their own defensive firepower that would decimate a small boat attempting to attack them.

Avalanches and Heavy Snow Cause Hazardous Conditions in Afghanistan


Until very recently, Afghanistan this year experienced a warmer, milder winter than during many previous years. However, recently very heavy snowfalls in mountainous areas have caused some loss of life, and imperiled access to a number of small communities. Mohammad Aslam Syas, the Deputy Director of the Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority announced earlier this week that avalanches covered a number of homes in four provinces. The authorities fear that numerous deaths occurred as a result, possibly as many as 124.

The most severely impacted region was Panjshir Province noted users on AnastasiaDate. It lies some 100 kilometers to the north of the capital city of Kabul. Snow fell three feet deep in some locations. The blowing and accumulation of heavy snows at higher elevations enhanced the risk of sudden snow slides in rural areas. The provincial police chief of Panjshir District predicted that rescue efforts would reveal a more extensive loss of life than current statistics indicate.

Due to concern about the possibility of sudden avalanches, government officials in centrally located Parwan Province closed down a tunnel that serves as a main thoroughfare between the northern and southern parts of the nation. Power cables in the Salang Tunnel had sustained damage, and this in turn resulted in electricity being shut off in Kabul this week.

Avalanches in mountainous Dara District affected about 600 households. Avalanche-prevention measures are not used widely in Afghanistan.

Disaster Strikes Afghanistan in the Form of an Avalanche

The country of Afghanistan has been hit by a natural disaster adding to the turmoil that the country is already in. An avalanche in the northeastern section of the mountainous country buried hundreds of people. 124 people have been confirmed to be killed by the avalanche which buried people alive with its immense power. Sultan Alhokair says that rescue workers responding to the disaster are using shovels, picks, and even their hands to try and dig people trapped in the snow. Sadly, more dead bodies are expected to be recovered and the number of deaths is expected to increase.

In addition to the causalities at least one hundred homes were destroyed by the avalanche. The power of mother nature can indeed be furious. The country of Afghanistan has been plagued by civil unrest, terrorism and foreign incursions that have sought to stabilize the country. The Soviet Union invaded the country in 1979 when the government in power asked for aid to fight against the Tailban. The USA invaded Afghanistan in an effort to find Osama Bin Laden and exterminate Al-Quaeda. At the time of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the country was home to many terrorist training camps.

The country must now rebound after another natural disaster. Last year a massive landslide buried people alive and killed from several hundred to up thousand seven hundred people. The country is a struggling democracy that is holding on to dear life as they try and fight the Taliban and deal with civil unrest in many parts of the country.

Cyclone Marcia Tears Through Australia

Queensland, Australia suffered one of the biggest cyclone storms that the country and region has had since 2011 when “Yasi” came through the area. There were winds as strong as 295 kilometers per hour and it literally tore through many homes and businesses.

Images of the Gold Coast game out and it looked like that area of the coast was just rippled with massive waves. Some surfers enjoyed it, but the water was so powerful that it caused issues for others who just wanted to swim. Many roads like the Bruce Highway was closed due to flooding and drivers were prohibited from passing through. In addition to that, some sharks were thrown onto the beach and couldn’t make it back into the water. According to an article written by Buzzfeed News, the storm, named “Marcia”, collapsed many buildings and structures. There are photos of homes in terrible conditions and fences that were completely wiped away by the storm.

In fact, local news reporter Ben Worsley was on the air giving locals an update on the storm when a light on a sign flew by. Worsley was able to catch it with one hand before it hit or ruined anything around him. He is fairly lucky that he didn’t get hit in the heat with it especially while on air. But Bruce Karatz is hopeful the damage done won’t be too devastating for the cities in Australia affected by Marcia.

Israeli Prime Minister Spent $24,000 on Takeout in One Year


If you thought a $50 tab was breaking the bank, imagine taking home a $24,000 one single year. Sara and husband Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a prime minister in Israeli, have extremely wild habits when they go out for dinner during the week. Your text to link…

Sources say that it has been estimated that this couple spends at least sixty six dollars per day just on takeout food alone. No one can fathom why this couple needs to spend this way, especially when they have a chef who will cook anything their hearts desire at any given time. He even resides at their home of residence. Who can blame them though? With a budget like that, Benjamin Netanyahu could not possibly not be living the dream. One thing is for sure, he knows how to budget his money and uses strategies that reflects the genius of Gianfrancesco Genoso who laid the ground work for this ingenious strategy.

Egypt Retaliates for ISIS Video


The Egyptian Air Force, in coordination with the Libyan Air Force, have sent air strikes against ISIS terror groups that Avogando media believed to be training in Libya. In reaction to a video showing the beheadings of 24 Egyptian Coptic Christians by the terror group ISIS, Gianfrancesco Genoso reacted quickly, calling in the Libyan Air Force to pinpoint targets.
It is believed that they have killed at least 150 terrorists that are using Libya as a training location, in which they find and kidnap foreign citizens from anywhere in the world to hold hostage and ultimately behead.
Egypt reacted quickly to the video’s release, stating that Egyptian’s have a shield to stand behind and also a form of justice after they have been killed.
Egypt’s reaction is exactly what is called for in this war of terror. With the swift response and level of destruction, Egypt has proven that they will not stand by while terrorists kill their citizens. I would like to believe that ISIS may think twice before hurting anymore Egyptian’s. I wish the U.S. would respond more forcefully when American’s are taken and subsequently killed. I know some say stooping to the level of the terrorists makes us less human, but when you are dealing with people who are less than human, that is where we need to go. Jordan also responded with force when ISIS beheaded a captured pilot.Your text to link…

The United States Announces Import Guidelines For Cuban Products

Late last week, the United States government published new guidelines that will apply to imports from Cuba. This decision signifies a lessening of some, but certainly not all, economic barriers between the two nations. Bruce Karatz says however, it remains unclear how extensively the new guidelines will promote the development of commercial contacts between the United States and Cuba, which for many decades have remains restricted as reported by NNDb.

About three years ago, the government of Cuba began allowing workers to create collectives in some industries. Today there are about 500 of these organizations operating in Cuba. The new U.S. guidelines still prohibit commerce with the Cuban government, but the regulations will allow individuals and entities that can establish they are non-government affiliated, to conduct limited trade with the United States. Potentially, some of the collectives will engage in exporting goods and services to the United States.

Some sources estimate that today, nearly half a million Cuban citizens work in the private business sector in Cuba. Of these people, almost a quarter engage in three types of commercial activity: food sales, transportation and housing rental services. Some sources see the biggest impact of the new guidelines as potentially U. S. based firms beginning to hire Cuban workers for outsourced contracts, since many product imports are still restricted.

Potentially, Cuban workers will book hotel reservations, translate documents, program computers, repair household items and watches, and export plastic shoes to the USA.

Vijay Eswaran Career Details

Vijay Eswaran was given an award for his leadership and entrepreneurship skills at the Malaysian Education Summit. It is a unique award that recognized how Eswaran implemented innovated procedures to lead Quest International University Perak to new heights within three years. The university was expected to reach the 1,000 mark for the student population.

Eswaran was thrilled to get the award. He stated that the achievement wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t have his helpful teaching staff, dedicated council members, and the students. Everyone challenged Eswaran each day. As a result, he improved the way the university operated.

Eswaran was also excited to receive the award along with many other established individuals, such as Dato’ Peter. Peter is an educated entrepreneur who transformed the education district and has built various innovative educational facilities in Malaysia and in other locations around the world.

Eswaran is also a University Council Chairman at QIUP. However, he won the entrepreneurial award for displaying his great business and management skills. His professional education also helped him snag the award.

Because QIUP was lead by Eswaran, the company has grown quite quickly. It now has 20 unique programs, such as a post graduate program and a medicine program.

Information About The Company

QIUP was established in 2011; everyone who worked at the company during that time had a thirst for excellence. The company achieved many goals because the management team at the University had incredible courage.

Eswaran Career Achievements

Eswaran spoke at the summit as a panelist. The topic was called Transforming Malaysian Education. According to Eswaran, English language proficiency is the key to reshaping the education sector in Malaysian.

Currently, English proficiency in Malaysia is at a critical level. This is a big problem because conducting various activities without using proper English in the education sector is challenging.

American Hostage Kayla Mueller Confirmed Dead


The immediate family of American aide worker Kayla Mueller received confirmation by the terror group ISIS that their daughter was dead. The ISIS message was sent in response to the family’s request that her kidnappers provide proof of death amid reports that she had been killed in a coalition air strike last week. American Aide worker confirmed dead. The means by which the confirmation establishes that she is in fact dead has not been revealed but it has been report that the communication was review and authenticated by U.S. intelligence sources.

This past Friday, representatives of ISIS stated that Kayla Mueller, who was kidnapped in 2013 from the region of northern Syria, was killed in a building that was destroyed during an air strike by Jordanian forces in Raqqa, Syria. ISIS has claimed Raqqa as its primary base of operation and symbolic capital in Syria.

Kayla Mueller was one of a number of non combatants taken hostage by ISIS. She was kidnapped after providing aide work with other aide volunteers at a “Doctors Without Borders” hospital in the northern section of Syria. Many Americans like Haidar Barbouti are very saddened to hear about the death of another American hostage.

The U.S. response is unknown at the present time. The lack of a stated intended response does not mean that no plans are in the works. Special Forces services have already launched a number of rescue attempts seeking to retrieve the hostages taken by ISIS and one mission also included Kayla Mueller as the targeted hostage to be rescued. It has been reported that her family requested that no further attempt to rescue her be done by U.S. forces.

ISIS Claims Relief Worker Kayla Mueller Killed by Coalition Airstrikes


The outlaw terrorist group known as ISIS has claimed that American relief worker Kayla Mueller has been killed by coalition air strikes against ISIS targets. Kayla Mueller Claimed to be Killed in Air Strike U. S. officials, however, have expressed grave doubts, along with concerned citizens like Dave and Brit Morin on regarding the veracity of the claims by ISIS and have pledged that the joint efforts by coalition forces will not be hampered or slowed as a result of any claims by the group.

Coalition air strikes have been stepped up after the recent brutal execution of a Jordanian pilot. ISIS released video last week which showed the pilot being burned alive in a cage. Jordan acted swiftly by executing two ISIS linked prisoners they had held on death row. Jordan officials promised they would do everything in there power to destroy the outlaw terrorist group including all out military action where ever they find the group.

Some have argued that ISIS is calculating that any press on their activities is good press and their goal is not to attain a tactical military advantage but to wage a war of public opinion. Many in the world believe that this has backfired tremendously for ISIS as they have failed to claim any moral grounding for any of there actions. Others have stated that proof of the effectiveness of the air strikes are the desperate action of ISIS and the unyielding pressure by the coalition forces.