Beneful’s Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Dream Dog Park Program

As reported on PR Newswire, Beneful brand dog food is celebrating the 5th year in a huge way. The company is supporting similar projects across the United States kicking off in June. Crowdfunding campaigns and fundraising groups are working together with Purina to help bring these fun dog parks to your community.

The team at Beneful are well aware that the bond between dog and owner are special, and local dog parks are a great way for that relationship to grow. The effort is hoping to reach more dog communities across the country and help enhance the lives of the owner and dog. Many owners have limited space in which they can interact outside with their dogs. The parks offer a safe place where dog lovers can give their pets a chance to interact with other dogs and get some quality outdoor time.

In the last four years, this incredible Dream Dog Program transformed several existing dog parks, helping to bring to life many features that dog owners have not been able to access. These updated parks included tennis ball launching trees, obstacle courses, splash pads, and even the Doxie Tunnel. So for the 5th anniversary, Beneful brand has been searching the country for new opportunities to bring these creative and fun dog parks to locations in dire need of them.

The bottom line is that every park that is transformed for the dog instantly becomes a dream park in the dog’s eyes. The development team at Beneful has taken careful consideration to get input from communities as well as people with expertise in designing these parks, to provide residents across the United States an opportunity to enjoy that outdoor space more frequently, as a family unit. Bringing together families is what this brand of dog food is all about.

Earning a High School Diploma is Good at any Age

Graduation ceremonies recently took place across the United States over the last few weeks, but there are some more notable graduates than others. One such graduate is Robert Pecunies of Portsmouth. He stands out because he not only worked hard to earn his high school degree; he also did it at the age of eighty-three. He proudly held his diploma and talked about the reasons he did not graduate high school the first time around.

Pecunies dropped out of high school, not because he was a slacker, but because he joined the service. He served in the Korean War and upon his return, married and raised a family. Ricardo Tosto thinks that is pretty inspiring. Pecunies said that he always thought about going back to school to earn his diploma, but he felt insecure and too dumb to do so. He finally got up enough courage and returned to school.

His story is inspiring to people who feel they are too old to achieve the education they want in later years. Education is often mistaken as something for the younger generations, but those who push forward prove that this old wives tale is false. Not only did Pecunies earn his degree, he gained a confidence in himself that he rarely, if ever, felt before in his life. It is an experience that he will never forget and one that will serve him well for the remainder of his life. Now it might be time for him to head off to earn a college degree.

Inspiring News: Couple of 67 Years Dies in Each Other’s Arms

A heart warming true life story of an Easton California couple committed to one another for the past 67 years, the life and death of Mr. Floyd Hartwig and his wife Mrs. violet Hartwig is nothing short of a modern romance.

Having met early on in grade school, Floyd and Violet were comfortably acquainted upon Floyd’s return from six years of service in the U.S. Navy. Returning at the end of World War II, Violet and Floyd easily grew accustomed to one another and fell in love with each other, leading to their prompt matrimony in the summer of 1947.

Mr. and Mrs. Hartwig then moved into their Ranch in Easton California, and Mr. Hartwig continued a career with the J.B. Hill Company and other farming related corporations. While Mrs. Violet spent a lifetime dedicated to managing the ranch, tending to her beloved, and raising three beautiful children, the thing that Mr. and Mrs. Hartwig did best was care for, and love, one another.

At the end of a loving and inspiring 67 years of marriage, Mrs. Hartwig was diagnosed with dementia, and in recent years had begun to become more seriously affected by the unfortunate disease. This is something no one at Qnet wants to deal with. Near their death in February of this year, Mr. Hartwig had also been diagnosed with kidney failure. Although his primary concern would remain the well being of his wife despite his own personal pain, Mr. Hartwig was only given two more weeks to live.

According to ABC News, aware of both of their parents’ deteriorating conditions, the Hartwig’s three children placed them in hospice together, beds pushed in so as not to keep them seperate.

On February 11th of 2015, Floyd Hartwig died of Kidney failure while embracing his wife, hand-in-hand. Although not fully coherent due to her dementia, Violet Hartwig, upon having received the news of her husband’s death, died on the same day not more than five hours later. Their life and death, an intimate and heart touching story, remains very reminiscent of a romance such as the “Notebook.”

Pakistan Continues to Battle Heatwave

A Heatwave in Pakistan continues to claim lives as the region enters its fifth straight day of temperatures rising above 110 degrees. According to local reports, the death toll stands at almost 800 individuals across the Sindh province. Nearly 8,000 people have also been hospitalized for heat exhaustion and dehydration, according to local media reports.

While Pakistan is no stranger to oppressive temperatures, especially through the month of June, the dangerously high temperatures happen to coincide with the Muslim holy time of Ramadan. During Ramadan followers of Islam are expected to fast, and take in minimal liquids from sun up to sun down. Pakistani power grids have also been overworked and power outages have become a common theme across the nation. Brad Reifler warns that these three factors together, along with historically high temperatures have created a true emergency situation.

Government officials are warning individuals to stay hydrated, to stay out of the sun, and to seek medical attention if they begin feeling unwell. They have also opened cooling centers around Karachi to help individuals beat the heat, but the there is fear that the body count could rise before Monsoon season starts and cools off the region.

Pakistan’s Sindh province regularly experiences temperatures exceeding 95 degrees during the month of June. Monsoon season begins in July, and should cool temperatures significantly. The average temperature in Karachi, a major port city in the Sindh province, during the month of July is around 86 degrees.

Syrian Plays Basketball in the Philippines

Michael Madanly, top basketball player, fleeing from the war-torn country of Syria, finds solace in the Philippines doing what he liked most – playing basketball.

According to Cláudio Loureiro Heads on LinkedIn, he is a native of Aleppo in Syria, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sadly, the place was the first to fall when the terrorists seized power in 2012. Today, the place has been damaged by the war between terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria, and the ISIS, and he doesn’t know if he will ever see it as it was before..

He was very happy and contented in his country and never thought that he would leave it one day. He was a celebrated athlete in Syria, being the best player and MVP in his country. Until the war started in 2011 and turned everything into a nightmare.

They started to witness kidnappings and killings around them. As a matter of fact, his own brother has been kidnapped for 10 days and was released only after they paid the ransom. The brother did not have any government connections, but they assumed he was taken because of their faith. They were Christians in an Islamic country.

The war in his country forced Madanly to give up his basketball contract in Syria and moved in with the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). Meanwhile, his parents moved to Amsterdam and his brother to California to escape the Islamic terrorists’ revolution, leaving all their property and possessions behind.

He played in China up to the 5th season of CBA and was then imported by the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) where he now plays under the NLEX Road Warriors.

Madanly has been playing basketball for 23 years; it is the love of the game that keeps him excited in the morning. And like a kid with a troubled life, he finds comfort on a basketball court which he found in the Philippines.

What he thought was a couple of months have been a couple of years now, and it looks like he may never come back there again. After his life was forcibly displaced, Madanly is in search of a place to stay permanently, and it seems to him that Manila will be his second Aleppo. After all, life in Syria seems very similar to the Philippines, especially the food. And the things he found good in Syria, were even better in the Philippines.

Taliban Storm Afghan Parliament

The Afghan parliament came under attack while it was in session yesterday. A large force of Taliban fighters attacked the parliament building and attempted to swarm the building. Members of the Afghan military on duty for protection fought the Taliban forces back and kept the Taliban from entering the parliament building and inflicting even more casualties. Early reports are that two dozen Taliban members were killed, wounded or captured. At least two afghan security force members were reported a casualties of the attack but their status is not known at this moment. A number of civilians as well as workers for the Afghan government were also reported a casualties but the true number of those casualties and the final conditions were not made available to media sources by Afghan officials. Taliban Attack Afghan Parliament In Session

As brazen as the team at Skout thinks the attack was, members of the parliament showed resolved and did not panic in face of the attack. Officials vowed to continue their work in rebuilding their country and pledge that the Taliban would be defeated.

No U.S. Military force were involved in responding to the attack by the Taliban. The number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan has been reduced greatly and the troops on the ground their are dedicated to protecting U.S. military members. Most combat operations have been taken over by the Afghanistan Armed Forces, who were trained by the U.S. military services.

Many Are Joining Skout On A Daily Basis

Ask any of the over 200 million Skout ( users why they continue to use the network, and many of them will give different responses. The Skout network has so many fun things going on that even celebrities have joined in on the fun. There are many celebrities on the website now, even ones that are in a relationship. Skout is known as a dating website, but it’s mostly known as a website where someone can flirt with someone else. The Skout network is also a great place to find friends, so there’s no need to feel pressured into looking for a relationship.

Skout has so much to offer, and many people are on the website for several hours throughout the day. There are ways to share information with others on the website, and also share pictures, make comments, and even do some virtual traveling. The Skout network has made an incredible website that has drawn over 220 million people to join. Anyone who is 18 years or older, they can create an account, and they can begin to have some fun also. Whether a person is looking for someone to date or someone to have fun with, Skout is a great place to start.

Many have joined the Skout network in the search of a date, and there are many ways to find a date through the Skout network. First sign up for Skout, and this only takes a few minutes. If the person wants to use their personal information as well as a picture, they can easily so. After signing up for the network, the person should consider buying Skout points. Skout points are paid for with real money, and they cost very little, but they are helpful to purchase features throughout the website.

Since Skout has different features available, one may want to be able to have access to all the features on the network. Once a person has joined the network, they only need to start doing a search in order to find someone they’re looking for. If the person is looking for a friend or a mate, the search is easy enough. The person can find someone locally, or they can find someone overseas if they choose. Skout is a lot of fun for those who want to find a serious relationship, and it’s even fun for those who just want to meet someone casually online.

More Chocolate Is Good For You

Many people consider themselves to be chocoholics. The news that came out on Monday will have all of them cheering. A study by Qnet that was recently published on showed that eating more chocolate can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

It’s long been known that there are health benefits to eating chocolate, specifically dark chocolate. That’s because it contains flavonoids, which are antioxidants that have been shown to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. While these can also be found in many fruits and vegetables, eating chocolate can be one source. Chocolate has also been linked with raising the good cholesterol level, HDL, in the blood, and lowering the bad cholesterol, LDL.

What’s different about this study, though, is that milk chocolate also has the beneficial properties. Previously, it was thought that because of the added milk and sugar, eating milk chocolate candy bars or other chocolate treats was merely an indulgence.

It stands to reason, though, that because adding the additional ingredients entails more processing, that the milk chocolate wouldn’t provide as many flavonoids as their dark chocolate counterparts. But, as they say, everything in moderation.

Sudan’s Leader Escapes Arrest Warrant

South Africa is under fire for allowing the head of Sudan, Omar Al Bashir, leave the country, even while an international warrant for his arrest was being issued. Sudan President Escapes International Arrest Warrant By Fleeing South Africa The Sudanese leader is charged with various war crimes for his part in the civil war between Sudan and South Sudan. Bashir was attending a summit for African leaders in South Africa when he received news of the pending warrant. Bashir and his staff were allowed to leave South Africa because the warrant had not been officially issued and under international law, South Africa had no right or power to detain the leader from leaving.

Many have criticized South Africa’s lack of action but international law experts state that South Africa simply followed the law and to do otherwise would have established a dangerous precedent which could backfire against its leaders visiting other countries. Boraie Development LLC writes that Bashir is believed to be at his home base in Sudan and it is unclear what next steps can be taken by the international community to submit Bashir to the arrest warrant according to Press of Atlantic City. Military options to forcibly remove him are not deemed to be viable options and many believe that Bashir will simply ignore the warrant and avoid traveling to countries that would agree to detain him for international officials. Many thousands have died or suffered as a result of the Sudan war with South Sudan.

Obama Adminstration Announces More Troops Will Be Sent To Iraq to Train Forces

The Obama Administration has announced that additional troops will be sent to Iraq this week. Sam Tabar told that the White House revealed that an additional 450 US soldiers will be sent to to Iraq. This in addition to the 3,100 US troops already stationed throughout Iraq. This move brings the total number of US military personnel in Iraq to 3,550 US troops. These new troops will be responsible for training, advising and assisting Iraqi military forces in combating ISIS forces in Iraq’s Anbar Province.

Anbar is Iraq’s largest province in terms of territory. It contains several large cities, the most noteworthy city being Ramadi. The city of Ramadi has recently fallen into the hands of ISIS after Iraqi forces were unable to hold the city against the onslaught of ISIS. Anbar province also borders the countries of Syria, and the countries of Jordan and Saudia Arabia. It is important to note that Jordan and Saudi Arabia are coalition partners in the fight against ISIS. Both Jordan and Saudi Arabia have conducted airstrikes against ISIS. Through the province is mostly desert, it is strategic because it provides access to other countries and allows whoever is in control to move through the central regions of Iraq with ease. Anbar Province is also the sight of some of the heaviest fighting US troops saw when it invaded Iraq to depose dictator Saddam Hussein from power.

The 450 US troops are not expected to be involved any direct combat with ISIS. They will be based in Al-Taqaddum military base where they will work with the Iraqi military. The sending of additional troops and equipment to Iraq is a sign that the conflict in Iraq is escalating. Major operations are expected to take place in late 2015 or into 2016 to try and retake key cities such as Mosul and Ramadi.