Web Browsing On-The-Go

One of the greatest achievements we have made as a society is our advancement in technology. Now, with LTE networks available nationwide our web browsing can be faster than our home connection. Given this, one might get to used to a fast, always available connection and may cringe when their bill arrives. An alternative is a hot spot which is available to just about anyone. Hot spots will work with any device that is WiFi-enabled that can sometimes be free.

There are USB sticks and WiFi-style hot spots that are both formidable options. USB sticks are more portable than WiFi hot spots and offer the fastest possible connection. They are best suited for use with a single laptop. In order to be able to use a USB stick one must download connection software onto your PC. A more convenient option is a mobile WiFi hot spot. These let users hook up multiple PCs, IPads, and IPhones to the internet. They are very easy to use and it does not require one to download a special software. The only downside to this option is that the connection may be slower.

Another option is a new startup called FreedomPop, which may offer the best deal out there. FreedomPop is really trying to beat out their opponents with their low costs that come with a myriad of options. FreedomPop offers free cellular voice and data plans and is now offering a low cost WiFi service. The terms with this service is that a user gets unlimited WiFi across the nation that includes 10 million hot spots for only $5. Carriers that have been rolling LTE services at a premium price may be in danger from a company like FreedomPop because of how much cheaper their plan is.

This WiFi service will be compatible with many devices. There is currently an android app on the market now, and an IPhone app is in the works at the moment. This is the first time that FreedomPop is adding a WiFi service to their service. Their projected users are incredible, as FreedomPop is predicted to reach 1 million users by the end of the first year. The availability of WiFi connection with FreedomPop is the best and cheapest on the market. The potential for this carrier is extremely promising as it aims to help make web browsing on the go cheaper and easier.

Joseph Bismarck Seeks to Unite Spirituality and Business

As long as business has been a major enterprise of humankind, there have been critics who say that spirituality cannot coexist with money-making. This issue has been widely debated for centuries. Some people feel that you have to ignore your spiritual nature in order to succeed in business.

Joseph Bismark, the chairman of QI Group of Companies, is out to change that idea once and for all. Bismark has led an interesting life, as I found when I read the post about him at the Just Judy and Her Dog blog. When he was only nine years old he became a monk in the Philippines. He took the name Japa Das and lived in an ashram exclusively until he was 17 years of age. At that age, he realized that it was his sincere wish to enter corporate life.

In 2008, he was named Managing Directory for QI Group of Companies. He founded QNET later that year. Bismark is a big believer in self-empowerment. QNET follows a direct selling business model which focuses on its distributors advancing through hard work and development of their skills. The organization has been growing rapidly and now has distributors in over 100 companies.

Despite embracing the culture of business, he has never let go of his spiritual leanings and base. He is a qualified yoga instructor. He’s also known specifically for being a bonsai master. Last, he is well-known for being a Vedic philosopher. As part of his quest to help others, he also engages extensively in philanthropy. He resides in the nation of Singapore, where he’s able to manage company operations. He is an avid author of both blog posts and books.

QNET has expanded rapidly and is looking to move its manufacturing operations to India. Distributors are recruited to sell products to others and to recruit others into the organization.

Joseph Bismark loves to inspire others to become entrepreneurs. He blogs regularly at “Gems of Wisdom” about matters of personal growth. His goal is to continue to grow spiritually and from a business standpoint as well as to help others do the same.

GOP Sees Silver Lining in Iran Nuclear Framework Delays

The GOP has never been confident that President Obama will produce a deal with the rogue nation of Iran that brings about meaningful reform. Quite frankly, the GOP does not see positive results from prior negotiations with Cuba, North Korea, or Syria. Nor has Iran done much that will foster a spirit of trust. So when the Obama administration announced their second delay in the “deadline” for the Iran Nuclear Framework, GOP legislators were pleasantly surprised. According to the legislation congress passed last month allowing them to have a greater voice in the Iran deal, legislators would be allowed a 60-day window to review any agreement with Iran if a deal was not reached by July 9.

On Tuesday, Brad Reifler announced the Obama administration announced through Reuters the July 9 deadline would slip. The longer the negotiations drag on with Iran, the longer period of time the GOP will have to review the deal once it is reached. Presumably, this would allow the opposition to the Iran deal to push for a two-thirds majority of senators and congressman. According to last month’s Iran legislation, congress can invalidate the president’s nuclear accord with Iran. However, that will prove easier said than done. The GOP has the votes to push through a resolution of disapproval. At the same time, the president can veto it and in effect have his Iran deal effectively pass. This means the GOP will need to override a veto. Historically speaking, overriding a presidential veto is unlikely to occur.

That said, the longer review period congress has to examine the Iran Nuclear Framework, the more opportunity there will be to whip up the opposition. The influential group called American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is deeply skeptical about the president’s deal. If they oppose the accord, there will be at least 60 days for them to lobby Democrats and Republicans to vote for a resolution of disapproval.

Saudi Prince Gives Away Fortune

Uplifting News reports that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia is giving away his entire $32 billion dollar fortune. The Prince, the 26th richest man in the world, says that he hopes to build bridges for cultural understanding with the gifts, and that it will help empower women. His foundation will be modeled on the Gates Foundation, and he will chair the board of trustees.

The Aspire New Brunswick writes that there is no deadline on when the gifts will be given, and it is not involved with his Kingdom Holding Corporation which has interests in Disney, Four Seasons Hotels, Citicorp and more. He wishes his new foundation to go on giving to humanitarian projects even after his death, reports DW. Prince Alwaleed is the nephew of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, but he holds not government seat. In Saudi Arabia he is considered unusual and outspoken on humanitarian, women’s, and cultural issues.