Qnet Spreads Opportunity

Direct sales can occasionally get a bad rap, mostly through sketchy business practices. Qnet is different. Qnet is one of the top direct selling companies based in Asia. Why? They offer great products in one of the world’s most diverse markets, and through their direct sales platforms they offer nearly limitless opportunities to everyday people in over 100 countries.

Qnet’s founders took the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi to heart and have used these principles to drive their business forward. The e-commerce platform they provide has propelled thousands of Qnet distributors, also known as Independent Representatives to become economically self-sufficient. this in turn has helped raise the standard of living for countless others and in communities around the globe.

This Hong Kong based company now has plans in the works to shift much of it’s manufacturing facilities to India from all over the world, which will help the company’s bottom line considerably, hopefully to the tune of between 8 – 12%. While the current business climate can be challenging for companies like Qnet, they know that in the long term it will help them reach a larger market and propel them forward into even greater long-term success. Most of their facilities are currently in over a dozen different countries around the globe.

Qnet sells a large range of products. They currently have 30 different brands broken down into nine distinct categories which focus on improving the lives of their customers by promoting a healthier lifestyle. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

Most of the products they sell are in the wellness, cosmetic, and nutrition categories. They also sell tastefully made watches and jewelry that their customers love. Qnet also has different services, most notably travel services and online education courses. With the large assortment of goods and services they sell, and an excited team of Independent Representatives selling them, the future looks bright for this company which exists not only to turn a profit, but to help others prosper too.

Animal Activist Take On New York

The Big Apple is well known for its bright lights and Broadway, but the city of New York is also a focal point for animal activism. Animal rights is a touchy subject for many people like Keith Mann, for a variety of reasons. From the animal activist point of view, all animals non-human are entitled to the basic rights of life and consideration that humans are entitled to. There are those however, on the other end of the spectrum who believe animals have no rights because they have no feeling or cannot think. There are several arguments that those against animal activism pose. One is that animals such as lions or bears eat meat, therefore, humans can and should be allowed to eat meat without persecution from animal activist. New York, always a hotbed for animal rights, is home to quite a few animal rights groups who feel that the consumption of meat is not only unnecessary but cruel since humans, unlike lions or bears have a choice on what they can survive on.

In Washington Square Park, the group Evolve For Animals holds a gathering to bring awareness to the abolition to the use of animals as commodities by handing out vegan literature. On the north side of Central Park, a candlelight vigil will be held to protest the use of horse drawn carriages and remember the many horses that have died, not only in New York but around the world, from overwork. Many activist and horse lovers in the New York area feel this type of vigil and awareness is long overdue. Animal activism has several faces. Most marches and demonstrations or peaceful but some activist take matters to more extreme measures.

Keith Mann is a British animal rights activist who some consider extreme. Considered to be at the front of the ALF or Animal Liberation Front, Mann became well known in 1994 after being sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for conspiracy to set fires to meat lorries. He later escaped and was found by police working in an animal sanctuary. His sentence was later reduced to 11 years. Keith Mann is well known in the ALF movement and makes no apologies for his actions, he is very well loved and respected by many animal rights activist.

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What You See is What You Get – Image Recognition: What it is and Where it’s going

Have you ever been walking down the street and noticed a pair of shoes that you just had to have? Or a car that you just need to know more about? Have you ever been browsing Pinterest for the latest trends, found an outfit you loved and clicked the image just to find a dead-end link? The emerging technology of visual search uses image recognition to process images and find items that are the same, or similar to the picture you submitted.

While there are currently several programs out there that promise this capability, not all of them are 100% accurate in their results and not all of them work the way we would expect them to. Cortexica is one of the larger companies backing the development of this software and partners with retailers like Macy’s. Macy’s is trying to implement this software into it’s iOS app in time for the holiday rush, to allow shoppers to snag a pic of their wishlist, upload them to the app, find the same or similar items on Macys.com and purchase them on the spot. See a scarf that would look great for mom? Great! Snag a pic and find it on their app!

The current leading company in the field is Slyce‘s image recognition. With its hip name and user-friendly website, users are sure to find the information they’re looking for. Large clients including Nieman Marcus and Tilly’s have included Slyce’s visual search technology into their existing apps to help shoppers “SNAP. FIND. SHOP.”. The Nieman Marcus app allows users to snap the photo directly in the app to find what they are looking for. When it comes to the accuracy of the technology, CMO Wanda Gierhart says, “I would say it is close to 95%, if not better…”. With accuracy like that, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Nieman Marcus. Don’t feel like shopping with Nieman Marcus? That’s okay, Slyce has their own, in-house, apps to help you out: SnipSnap, Pounce, or Craves.

SnipSnap allows users to take pictures of their coupons, promo codes, barcodes, and more to help “optimize” the checkout experience at stores. You can get push notifications on your phone when coupons are going to expire and when you’re close to a store that you have coupons/savings for. Pounce and Craves work similarly to the Nieman Marcus app, but search all available retail sites for that perfect something you’ve been looking for.

Most companies see this as the next steps in the fashion and retail industries. With Social Media and picture taking at an all time high, they plan to capitalize on this movement and help people become the ultimate consumers.

Yeonmi Park’s Dramatic Escape From North Korea, To Be Told At Depauw University

This morning I was enjoying my first cup of coffee and checking the news, when I came across this story on Depauw.edu about human rights activist Yeonmi Park, and her upcoming visit to Depauw University. For those of you unaware her story, she escaped the brutal, totalitarian dictatorship of North Korea. Her upcoming book will catalog her emotional escape from the most punishing regime currently on the planet

The telling of stories like hers is vitally important. They help to shed even more light on just how terrible it is in North Korea. It is known how barbaric the regime is, particularly among women, but what is missing are more personal accounts of defection. Yeonmi Park will supply this much needed story. Her heroism, despite her enormous disadvantages, is something to be looked at with awe. Personally, I cannot fathom, even in the darkest recesses of my mind, just what this magnificent women had to go through on a daily basis. The visit at Depauw will be a lecture, with question and answer session to follow. It will be a night of heartfelt sorrow, followed by cheers of happiness as her dream of escaping her homeland becomes reality.

She says, simply enough, that her dream of defecting began by watching the James Cameron movie, The Titanic. Almost all movies produced in the west are banned in North Korea, and this movie was no exception. The idea that a man would sacrifice himself for the love of a women was a completely foreign concept to Park. A dramatic escape including, eluding capture from Chinese authorities, and the eventual reunion with her sister, are just the warm up parts of her story.

Yeonmi Park will be the youngest speaker in the history of the Ubben Lecture series. She shares the stage with such notables as: Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Tony Blair, Ralph Nader, and General Colin Powell. These events are always free to attend, and open to anyone who wishes to come. Ms. Park, at the young age of 21, is blossoming into one of the world’s leading human rights activists. Come and share her story. She has gone through so much, and all she wants to do is give back, wanting nothing in return. It will definitely be a memorable night, October 5, at Depauw University,

BRL Trust For International Investors

So you are looking at investing in Brazil? This is one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world, so it makes sense. Money can grow faster here than just about anywhere else, and with financial fluctuation in regions throughout North America and Europe, putting money in Brail is often the smart way to go about it. However, for individuals looking to invest, it is necessary to establish financial credibility with the country as well. BRL Trust is an investment firm that can help individuals with any and all of these different requirements. It all just comes down to what someone is looking for and what kind of investments they wish to make. Thankfully though, BRL Trust has their monetary establishments in tact, so regardless of what the individual wants to do, they are able to help with these investments.

When looking to start out on the very best foot, Banco Bradesco is one of, if not the very best bank to start with. This bank provides quality loans for just about any kind of investment. With that in mind though, it is important to know it does not just open up its doors for any investor. Individuals need to have excellent financial standing in their current country of residence. However, once someone is accepted, they are able to receive quality loans and other banking benefits from the company, which American Express uses for all credit card operations in Brazil.

For individuals who are looking to conduct business not only in Brazil but other regions around the word, it is necessary to have a bank with branches around the world. BRL Trust can help with this. There are several different banks with major branches in Brazil with also other locations around the world. HSBC is such a bank. It has nearly 1,000 branches in Brazil alone, although it is located in nearly 90 countries as well, with a headquarters in Puerto Rico. This gives investors great access to American based financial security while still being closely connected to South America. Banco Itau is another bank with multiple branches throughout the world. This is one of the largest Latin American banks and is headquartered right in Sao Paulo, which BRL Trust can access and make sure investors are able to work with the bank. Beyond just Brazil though, the investors are able to work throughout South American, the USA, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Japan, just to name a few of the countries outside of South America. BRL Trust was written about by BCB.gov.

Having the ability to invest in Brazil is an excellent way to expand ways to improve financial growth. BRL Trust is able to assist with these different kinds of banking opportunities for investors.

Dan Newlin Consistently Leads His Legal Team To Victory

Leading lawyers like Dan Newlin are in the game to provide exceptional
customer service skills while simultaneously accumulating ample
profits that last through many generations. Throughout the years, he
has operated the Law Offices of Dan Newlin in Orlando,
Florida and Chicago, Illinois. Moreover, his profound leadership
expertise along with his team of expert lawyers have greatly
contributed to the company’s expansion into the Midwest, and soon
across all fifty states. Furthermore, with approximately thirty-eight qualified attorneys, the company has provided exceptional legal
representation to over 10,000 individuals.

For over twenty years, Newlin has guided his team of
extremely experienced employees to victory. Essentially, his former
law enforcement background in conjunction with his exceptional legal
training have assisted in the firm’s recovery of around $150 million
dollars for accident and injury clients. With careful evaluation of
each case, he has inspired his team to unprecedented triumph, however,
with profound power there is also considerable responsibility.
Remarkably, every lawyer employed at the Law Offices of Dan Newlin
works tirelessly to ensure that each client is respectfully

Newlin and his group of knowledgeable attorneys are recognized
for delivering noteworthy customer service to patrons with a variety
of backgrounds such as college students, board certified dentists, and
soccer moms. As the result of their family like approach to legal
representation, the office has gradually grown from a small boutique
style law firm to a diverse multi-faceted unit encompassing lawyers,
paralegals, and secretaries. Therefore, he just recently became
licensed in Illinois where he maintains offices that also deliver
premier customer service and legal representation.

The need for an accessible legal intake platform is flourishing and
Newlin (Twitter) strives to adhere to the demand by presenting a straightforward
process to reserving a free initial consultation. When requesting
legal representation, prospective clients are encouraged to visit the
Law Offices of Dan Newlin website in which they will have the option
to either text or email an experienced attorney to arrange a
meeting. This revolutionized traditional and mobile website
has encouraged many repeat clients and, consequently, has led to
increase profits. Undeniably, this innovated intake platform is a
useful tool for both employees and prospective clients.

The company’s team of expert lawyers always seeks to satisfy a
patron’s unique needs and concerns. Their profound customer
satisfaction philosophy has ultimately influenced the team’s
acknowledgement as a Super Lawyer Law Firm. Notably, less than 5
percent of Florida attorneys and law offices earn this distinguished
and commendable accolade. Newlin prides himself and his law firm on
delivering first class legal services to both central Florida and
Chicago. Most prominently, he and his team are clearly committed to
effectively representing a variety of cases.

Business Innovation – Case Study on Leadership

This case study offers perspective on the leadership qualities of well-known corporate executives.

Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known corporate executive who presided over some of the most innovative technology products in the business world. He started his career at GTE Corporation until it merged into Verizon. While at Verizon, Mr. Kheradpir actively engaged IT department of several firms. His team of over 7000 IT experts not only contributed to landmark projects at Verizon, but also reduced financial spending of the department by undertaking price negotiations with technology vendors, outsourcing work to India and utilizing assets effectively. Soon his skills were acknowledged by firms including Barclays and Juniper Networks where he continued to provide vital insights in matters related to Information Technology.

Innovation at Verizon

Kheradpir acted as Chief Technology Officer at Verizon where his primary focus was product innovation. He devised innovative methods for new product development by reducing prototype cycle to only 30-day ensuring that new ideas are rapidly tested and deployed within time. Perhaps, product innovation kept Verizon at forefront of the technological race in 2000 forming powerful product rivaling some of the best technologies of the era. For instance, the development of FiOS fibre optic network is specifically associated with Kheradpir dedicated team of technicians who worked tirelessly to integrate FiOS video and DVR technology in Verizon products. The creation of lobi is another distinguished landmark linked to the efforts of Kheradpir’s team. It enabled automation of Verizon telecom network by integrating caller ID, address book and various other features in a single device.

Shaygan Kheradpir continued to overhaul Verizon system by aggressively negotiating with technology vendors and reducing the workforce. Actually, Kheradpir developed several automated projects that defied existing policies of relying on buying IT products from third-party vendors. Prior to his appointment as CTO at Verizon, the company relied on eBay products. However, new policies ensured that Verizon manage its inventory effectively by dealing with reputable online dealers.

Barclay and Juniper Networks

At Barclay, Kheradpir was the first technology executive to serve on executive team of the company. From 2011, he developed one of the most successful technology solutions, Pingit. The system enabled Barclay to reduce costs associated with the existing mobile payment while providing additional features tailor-made for company’s operations. By the end of 2013, board of directors at Juniper Networks entrusted Shaygan Kheradpir as their CEO. During his short tenure at the company, the company gained investor trust by reducing expense and increasing dividends.

Professional Skills Needed By Economists

Christian Broda is the current MD of Duquesne Capital Management and has previously worked as a professor in the University of Chicago and Booth School of Business. His students always came up to him for career advice after they received their economics degree. Economists usually get jobs in banks, think tanks, governmental departments, accountancy firms, insurance firms, consultancy companies, and NPOs. Clearly, there are many career options for economists but in order to be successful in any of these careers, there are some professional skills that candidates need.

Here are some professional skills that are a must for any economist –

Formal Communication – Communication doesn’t simply refer to knowing how to dole out criticism and appreciation at the right time. It also means the ability of an economist to present their findings in a way that is understood by everyone. Economics involves a lot of complex and complicated data, and this skills is essential.

Numeracy Skills – In order to handle the complex data in Economics, great numeracy skills are expected from economists. During an economics degree, students are taught about various statistical tools and analytical methods. During actual jobs, this theoretical knowledge is put to test. This skill is so important that statistics related questions are also common in job interviews.

Problem Solving Mindset – Economists need to be able to extract data and draw logical conclusions from them. These conclusions must have proper backing from tested methods and theories. After that, economists must also offer recommendations because simply pointing towards a flawed scenario is not enough. All this requires a problem solving mindset in an economist.

Computing Ability – Economists use various specialized software programs during their work. These include analytical software programs and reporting tools and economists must be adept at using them.

Great Time Management – During the job, economists have a set time frame and they must finish their assigned tasks during that time. This is true for almost any economic job in the industry. Even research economists have to follow deadlines, lest their findings become irrelevant.

Astounding Analytical Skills – This is the biggest and most important part of an economist’s skill set. It ties all the other skills together. There is only so far that theoretical knowledge can take an economist. It is all about using that knowledge and putting it to good use. Raw data often has a lot of useless information but economists need to spend time on research to ensure that the useful data is foraged from that data dump.

It is not just important to possess the skills mentioned above but economists must be able to showcase their talents and skills in practical situations. For instance, Christian Broda is on the board of various economics journals and organizations, and has also published a wide variety of articles to demonstrate his ability to critically analyze economic situations.

“Pop-Up Exhibition” A Sender Success

The Senders completed their first “pop-up exhibition” in one of their homes in Miami Beach. Their exhibit was completed during the same time as the Art Basel Miami Beach was taking place. They are quite happy with the results of the first staging of their exhibit and hopefully will do more of the same, they apparently like the idea and technique of the “pop-up exhibition”. Adam and Lenore are planning to sell this first exhibit home soon, but thought it would be fun to use as a test property.

Their exhibition consisted of 70 pieces of art from over 1000 in Adam Sender’s collection. The value of the Sender collection estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million. Some of the pieces of art in Adam Sender’s collection are items with nostalgic memories attached that connect him to specific pieces bringing back memories of youthful years. He states that he has purchased specific items because of their connection to life experiences and memories of the past. It is wonderful feeling a connection to specific works of art that draw personal experiences to the surface each time you are around the items.

The Adam Senders are a long way from their Hedge Fund days and not looking back. Their investment in art is clearly made from passion and investment. Feeling a connection to the piece of art is like reliving a wonderful life experience.

The sale at Sotheby’s is still moving along, and the items being sold over a period of about a year should give Adam a return on his investment, just as he planned. Sender says that he doesn’t select unknown artists, but waits for a particular artist to begin to receive recognition for their talent from the critics in the art arena before adding an artist to his collection. For now, the Sender’s would rather continue doing “pop-up exhibitions” as they’re fun. No permanent plans for other activities at this time.

After moving from New York City to their home in Miami Beach, spending time enjoying their art, settling into a slower, calmer lifestyle looks good to Adam and Lenore.

“Home Alone” was curated by Sarah Aibel, the Sender curator. Aibel selected such art pieces as Richard Price, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. It saddens Adam that so much of his art collection has been hidden and unable to be exhibited and enjoyed due to the size of the collection.

Exhibiting and enjoying the art pieces the Adam and Lenore now have has been exciting and fun for the couple not only to exhibit some of their collection, but to enjoy many of the pieces they haven’t be able to view and reflect upon for a long time.

Beautiful Dogs Eat Beneful (And You Know Your Dog’s a Beauty!)

Where to begin the story of Beneful Food for Dogs? How about with the people who make the product, many of them grew up on farms and dealing with livestock. Most have pets, even today and feed their dogs Beneful. Bringing a quality product to the public is important to them and they follow through with a ‘Kitchen Concept’. Kitchen concept is when the production area is kept as clean as a home kitchen. It is with pride they tell you of the fresh ingredients.

Beneful has a team of nutritionists that makes sure your dog is cared for from the inside out. The focus by this group of professionals is for dogs to have a long, healthy life. On the original beef or chicken or salmon bags respectively, you find ingredients like beef or chicken or salmon and real vegetables like spinach, green beans, sweet potato, tomato, avocado, carrots and peas. From the smallest to the biggest dog is cared for and about. To keep it fresh, the team follows a motto of ‘ship it where you produce it’. The dry food, wet foods and snacks are all shipped direct to your store.

Purina is a name America continues to trust and they use many of the strictest standards in the country. From farm to store the ingredients are monitored. The product safety and standards start with our suppliers and carry to the plant. A tracking system follows every ingredient from the time it enters the production facility, until it leaves on the truck. Professionals are on hand to test the grain aflatoxins, mycotoxin, lead, arsenic or any other contaminants and make sure the quality is high.

The Assoc. of American Feed Control Officials, though not a government organization, it highly respected and is charged to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds by many state and federal agenciges. All Beneful formulas are 100% nutritionally balanced for each stage of a dog’s life according to Assoc. of American Feed Control Officials. Even the pickiest of pooches love to eat Beneful.

One of the most common statments by pet parents, is how nice the dogs coat becomes after eating Beneful for a while, all soft and shiny. Another comment pet parents often make is how their animals have more energy. Even the packaging was made with a pet parent in mind, resalable bags and containers with lids, thankfully the Beneful people realized storage can be an issue to keeping the product fresh. Try Beneful- Your dog will thank you for it!