The US Money Reserve Helps People To Make Wise Purchases


When someone is looking to buy gold or other precious metals there is no better company for them to turn to in the United states than the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve knows more about precious metals than most companies could ever hope to, and it is a well trusted distributor of them. Many people have purchased precious metals from it through the years, and they have gone away feeling pleased with what they have done.
The US Money Reserve has shown time and time again that it is a company worthy of people’s trust, and it has become quite popular because of that.
Many people get excited over the thought of buying some gold for themselves, and they can go to the US Money Reserve when they want to do that, and ask it to help them to make the best purchases. They can count on it to set them up with the kind of gold that they are hoping to buy, and they can know that they will be making a wise purchase when they go through it. Just like with any other kind of business, it is good to know that the place where one is going to to buy gold or other precious metals is experienced and trustworthy. One will not want to go to just anyone to purchase something of value, and when one wants to know that they will be making a wise investment they will go to talk with the US Money Reserve about what they should be buying.
The customer service that is available through the US Money Reserve is unbeatable, and people who go to the company and ask it for its help are left feeling great about what they have done. The company does its best to give them good advice, and those who use its customer service are left feeling confident about the decisions that they are able to make in regard to purchasing precious metals. The US Money Reserve sells many gold, silver and platinum coins to all of those who are looking to buy them, and those who want to purchase something of great value will want to go to this company for that purchase.

Nobilis Health Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector

Health is of vital importance to any human being. The current lifestyle people are adapting to is leading to serious health implications. With the increase in the prevalence of lifestyle diseases and conditions, it is increasingly becoming quite expensive for individuals to manage their own healthcare. As a result, more and more people are turning to healthcare companies to help them manage their health issues.
Most healthcare companies focus on offering health insurance. This is usually against the risk of incurring expenses resulting from healthcare. In the event of any health issues, the patient gets attended to and the insurance company takes care of the bills as agreed in the insurance policy. The cover is only applicable if the patient has been remitting their contributions. With this kind of arrangement, the client gets to invest in their healthcare even when they are not ill. Whenever they fall ill, the money they have been saving up is used to take care of their treatment.
Some companies have seen an opportunity in the health sector and decided to incorporate more than health insurance in their business. Some of these companies have invested heavily in the sector in a bid to provide the best healthcare for their clients while saving the maximum possible. Such companies invest in development and management of surgical centers, ambulatory surgery centers, facilities management, staff management, Physician marketing as well as legal affairs. With such investments, the companies ensure that most of the business is handled in-house, making the whole process much cheaper while ensuring efficiency as opposed to outsourcing.
One of the companies that have adopted this model of doing business is Nobilis Health. Nobilis is a full-service healthcare development and management company. The company has invested heavily in leadership experience to ensure proper management and effective service delivery. The company not only focusses on the healthcare bit but the business bit as well. As a result, they constantly provide superior medical care, resulting in increased patient satisfaction, and lower medical costs. Due to the company’s uniqueness, dedication, and exemplary service delivery, Nobilis is recognized as an innovator, besides being a leading healthcare company.
Nobilis Health Corp is one of the few healthcare companies who have adopted this new model of business and invested in providing comprehensive healthcare services. In fact, Nobilis Health is among the biggest investors in equipment and facilities. The investment is an added advantage to the company both in terms of service delivery as well as in terms of marketing. A client would easily get attracted to a healthcare company that not only provides them with financial services but the health services as well.
To ensure they retain the top spot in the healthcare sector, Nobilis has invested in the critical areas of the medical sector. These include ambulatory services, development and management of surgical centers as well as specialized medical care. With various experts in multiple specialties forming its physician partners, the company is able to develop and operate its own outpatient surgery centers. The company operates quite a number of health facilities spread out all over the country.

Yeonmi Park Takes on the Wrath of North Korea

A pint-sized woman has made a huge impact in the nuclear powered country with one of the largest armies. As a matter of fact, they are actually quite threatened by her. After her appearance to the world in which Yeonmi Park has shared her story about what she has went through in North Korea, they have looked for ways to discredit everything that she has said. In this case, they have released a video that has been made with the effort to prove that what Yeonmi has said is wrong. Among the people that were used in this project were some of Yeonmi’s aunts and uncles?

The video that was released was given the title The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet. This one denounced the defector and all that she had to say about the country. This has been a part of the smear campaign that was meant to keep Yeonmi in silence. Yeonmi has proven to be quite outspoken about her criticism on the regime that is both secretive and repressive. However, what Yeonmi has revealed has been rather suspected given the history of the regime. There have always been reports on the dictators of the North Korean regime.

It is important to know that what Yeonmi is facing is nothing new. There have always been attempts to discredit and silence the defectors that speak out on their experiences in North Korea. There are some cases that a defector is actually threatened. There are also cases that there are attempts to act out on the threats. Park Sang-hak was one of those people that have been targeted by North Korea. They have sent a hitman towards him with a poison-needle in South Korea in an attempt to kill him. One defector was even gunned down back in 1997. This defector was the nephew of one of Kim Jong-il’s mistresses.

Discrediting and silencing witnesses and defectors is a growing industry in North Korea. Ever since a UN report documented the crimes against humanity that took place in North Korea, there have been smear campaigns and threats that are sent out towards people who have spoken out. However, due to the findings of UN from over 300 defectors, North Korea’s attempt to bring about a discredit have proven to be a failure. It is to be expected, the defectors with the most powerful stories are going to be targeted as a means to be discredited.

While Yeonmi Park did not testify to the UN, she did appear on YouTube and get a lot of attention. She was dressed in a way that gained attention due to how she appeared in the style of a porcelain doll. She wore a traditional flowing pink hanbok. During her speech, Yeonmi has kept her composure even though she struggled at some parts of her story. Many people were in tears including Yeonmi herself as she recounted her story to millions of people at the event and viewers on YouTube. Her video became viral shortly after she was done.

Have A Cup Of Healthy Coffee With Bernardo Chua

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet. While this statistic means that coffee is a beloved drink to a great deal of people, this doesn’t mean that the family doctor approves. Most coffee drinkers have already heard the lecture from their doctor admonishing them to reduce the amount of coffee consumed. If only people were able to present a coffee to their doctor that has some tangible health benefits. This is where Bernardo Chua comes in.

Bernardo Chua grew up in the Philippines. Because of his Asian roots, he grew up already familiar with why Ganoderma Lucidum mushrooms are prized in Asian culture for their homeopathic properties and even published several SlideShare presentations about it’s benefits. Extracts from these health boosting mushrooms have been blended with gourmet coffee, creating a great tasting start to the day with health benefits to boot.

Chua is affectionately known as “Bernie” and is recognized as a guru in the direct sales industry. He is one of the pioneers in marketing Ganoderma in coffees and teas outside of his home region. Chua played a major role in the company Gano Excel, founded in Malaysia in 1995 and more recently, he is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 in Richmond, British Columbia and has seen significant growth around the world. Organo Gold currently serves over 44 countries in six continents and has over one million distributors all over the planet. Canada, where Chua based his company, has notably strict guidelines for products and businesses.

Chua has received the honor of “Direct Sales Company of the Year” five times and has received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. Organo Gold has been honored as the 55th largest direct selling company on the globe by Direct Selling News.

Chua gives back to the community through The OG Cares Foundation. The stated focus of The OG Cares Foundation is to empower disadvantaged youth all over the world to summon change for the better in their lives. The foundation is interested in developing leaders for tomorrow. With events already in China, the Philippines, Mexico, Canada and the USA, they are off to a good start. Bernie is also a massive music lover, and even posts some of his favorites on Soundcloud, as he discovers different music from around the world.

The growth oriented Nobilis Health Corp.

Nobilis Health Corporation, formerly Northstar Healthcare is Canadian company that focuses on collaborating with physicians in offering ambulatory and management services in ambulatory surgical centers. The incorporation of the company was in 2007 and it has grown to have at least three hundred and twenty two full time employees that oversee its operations. As part of its operations, the company owns and manages ambulatory surgery centers and health care providing facilities across the USA. Nobilis has a number of subsidiaries that include Spring Northwest Operating LLC, Spring Northwest Management LLC, GRIP Medical Diagnostics LLC, and Willowbrook Imaging LLC. The geographic areas that this healthcare giant operates expansively are in Texas, Arizona and Dallas within the United States.

Other facilities owned and managed by Nobilis are in Scottsdale with the company having contractual partnerships with facilities in New Jersey, Michigan, Oregon, and Minnesota. The acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital in 2014 affirmed the company’s strong record of the accomplishment or organic growth. Other significant acquisitions made during the same year include that of Athas Health and the former Freedom Pain Hospital that served as major milestones. In terms of leadership, Harry Joseph Fleming is the President, Chairman of the Board, and Secretary of Nobilis health, which he runs alongside a list of several other directors. Christopher Lloyd is the Chief Executive Officer while Kenny Klein is the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer.

On the contrary, the company’s focus is on the improvement of access to healthcare and patient outcomes through the application of low cost and minimal invasive procedures. Marketing is a core practice for this health care provider as it utilizes both traditional and modern marketing tools to reach out to their target markets. The traditional media applied in creating patient awareness and education by the company includes radio, television and print medias. On the contrary, Nobilis utilizes innovative marketing mediums in reaching out to their target markets through social media platforms and other online-related tools.

The service revenue obtained by the company has always been high irrespective of the increasing operational and administrative expenses that the company attracts on an annual basis. Based on the financial statements that the company has continued to issue through its press releases, the outlook seems to be bright with the expectations for improved performance being high. Despite the market uncertainties anticipated, this health care provider is hopeful that these challenges would not deter its future performance.

Being marketing and healthcare facility management firm, this company has made various investments aimed at addressing its indebtedness in support of its growth strategies. One such deal was the debt financing of GE Capital, which was to provide a fresh way for revolving working capital for the business and minimize borrowing. The stock performance Nobilis is relatively stable with its stocks trading at market worthy prices hence indicating its market stability. The company does not seem to back out on its strategy of becoming the number one healthcare management facility that offers its services at pocket friendly prices to their clients. Based on this, Nobilis seems to be navigating the healthcare waters with relative ease as per its financial and stock market performances.

Big real estate deals coming to New York

New York City has some of the most expensive real estate in the world, so there is no surprise that developers are trying to create new buildings to put on market. A recent article at The Real Deal website highlighted ten of the largest project permits filed in September and the projects are overall significant. The majority of the jobs take place in Manhattan but both Brooklyn and Bronx have construction pending, as does even Staten Island. The Brooklyn real estate market remains hot and profitable which is leading to much needed construction in the borough for NYC apartments for sale.

The really big construction remains in Manhattan however with a permit being filed for One Vanderbilt which is located by Grand Central in the heart of midtown. The property is being developed by the publicly traded REIT SL Green and the permit filed comes two years after the project was first announced. The building will have two floors of retail and the rest office space and will 67 floors tall with over 1 million square feet of space.

In Staten Island at 140 Friendship Lane, developers are building an extension to a medical facility that will allow for over 160 additional units and have a recreational facility open for residents. The site is owned by the Douglaston Development Brielle senior living facility.

Regardless if you are looking to buy an apartment in an existing or newly constructed apartment it is important for you to have the right real estate agent representing you, particularly with so much new construction coming on the market that is little known. Town Residential is one of premier real estate firms in New York City and this local presence greatly adds to their understanding of new construction, the special amenities that these units have, as well as any restrictions they have on selling units. Contact Town Residential for any of your questions regarding real estate in the New York City area and find your home.

Newlin; A Man With The Call For Justice

Have you ever been in a fix and cannot remember the number of a person you need to talk to urgently? Well I have and believe me it is not a pretty. Attorney Dan Newlin is well aware of this. That is why he has introduced something that most of us could never think of. He has abbreviated his number to #Dan! We have got to give it up to this man. With such brilliance, there is no doubt why he is one of the best lawyers around. No more looking up lawyer’s numbers in the yellow pages. It is a name even a toddler can grasp. To get this number registered, he had to wait for 18 months before he got his way with the telecommunications company.

Dan is an attorney you can rely on when involved in an accident that warrants settlement from the insurance companies. Speaking of insurance companies, how many people can actually attest to winning a law suit against them? Dan Newlin is one of those exceptional men who have achieved the near impossible! He managed to get the insurance company to pay $$950,000 to a couple involved in a fatal car accident. Don’t forget the accident had taken place a year earlier. He has managed to win over $200 million for his clients in his career as a lawyer. There was a record breaking verdict of $100 dollars; a compensation for a paralyzed 15 year old Danielle, a result of sustaining serious brain damage after being shot in the head by a stray bullet from a member of a gang.

Dan began his career as an Emergency Medical Technician then went on to be a deputy sheriff where he got various accolades for his work. In the end, he ended up with his true calling; working as an injury lawyer; after completing law school. He has a degree in Law and Business Management. His services range from getting restitution for workers, those having self injuries and malpractice in hospitals. He takes all cases on the roads regardless of the make of the automobile, whether it is a train, airplane or a motorbike.

Dan has pioneered a project called Dan Newlin Miracle project that involved hooking up kids who were undergoing cancer treatment with a heavy weight champion Evander Holyfield to encourage them to beat the disease. He thought Evander would be a great encouragement to the children because he had faced numerous setbacks before in his career but he has never given up on his dreams. The project’s main focus is to work with regional charities and medical centers to bring to the children happiness.
Dan’s office can be found in Orlando and Chicago.

James Dondero Named To NexPoint Board Of Directors

Highland Capital Management CEO Mr. James Dondero was recently appointed to NexPoint Residential Trust Board of Directors. Dondero has run the Dallas-based Highland Capital since 1990. He has a thirty-year track record that has helped several corporations secure alternative products and services. Considered one of the most successful marketing strategists in the financial industry, Dondero’s company is responsible for creating Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO). Highland Capital Management has won numerous excellence awards over the years including the Morningstar Award For Global Allocation.

Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia in 1984 with an economics degree. He worked for Guaranty Bank, Protective Life and successfully managed $1 billion in portfolios for American Express. He is also a Certified Public Accountant and also hold certification as a financial analyst.

With NexPoint Residential Trust being an umbrella company of Highland Capital, Dondero’s appointment is a logical move. NexPoint is a residential property management company that provided affordable middle-class family dwellings in the southeast and southwest part of the U.S. “We are very happy to have Mr. Dondero on board of NexBank. He brings a wealth of experience that will serve our company well,” says NexPoint CEO Brian Mitts.

Dondero’s company is now a global powerhouse with offices all over the U.S., Asia and Europe. “It is our goal to reach as many customers as possible,” says Dondero. The company offers a number of strategies including high yield, structured products, oil and gas, emerging markets, real estate, long/short equity and special distressed situations.

Under Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital holds principles that are bold, principled and experienced. Alternative investing is based on top-down strategies that are tailored to fit the company’s needs. “We don’t offer investment strategies for our clients that we won’t use ourselves,” say Dondero. Highland strives to offer the highest quality products and services for all of our clients. The company’s high-powered professionals have over a dozen years financial management experience on average.

The time-tested strategies employed by Highland Capital is the reason why so many corporations have developed a great deal of trust. All transactions are transparent so that individuals can monitor every action. Dondero attributes his success to the great relationships he has cultivated over the last 20 years. “Gaining a client’s trust is the best way to keep success going,” says Dondero. Now that Highland Capital is on top, Dondero says he plans to keep it that way. New products and services will be introduced in the near future.

BMG Bank, The Way Banking Should Be

When you think about the banks these days, more and more you are seeing large financial institutions that stand for everything they pretend to be against. You see fat pensions, high salaries, and millionaire CEO’s and boardmembers at the top of the pyramid while the regular working stiffs are basically stuck to ground. There is one bank that shines through, however, because it was built on the banking spirit that used to bring people together for the common good. BMG Bank in Brazil still does banking the way that banking used to be.

BMG Bank is a private bank that was founded years ago, with roots in the financial industry as early as the 1930’s. When others have continued to nickel and dime their customers with late fees and extra subscription costs, BMG Bank has made the banking world feel like fools because of the reputation they are growing. When it comes to taking care of their clients and customers and doing it with respect and quality service, BMG Bank truly is in a league of their own these days.

Part of the reason that BMG Bank has had such success in recent years is because they aren’t just tracing the almighty dollar. BMC Bank has been founded in the idea of helping people, and that is both clients as well as internal workers. Ricardo Guimarães is the current CEO and President, but he is somewhat unlike most of the other top banking executives you will find out there. He has been with the organization since 1980 and has literally made a career out of it.

While other banks have executives coming and going at the drop of a moneybag, Ricardo Guimarães brought his ideals of serving the people to the top and has made sure that service truly is put back into the banking industry. Due to his time spent at every level of the organization, Ricardo has become more and more passionate about helping people. The lessons he has learned both about banking and people have truly become a core principle of BMG Bank as a whole.

At the end of the day, you can always choose where to do business and where to put your money for safekeeping. It is a big world and there are certainly a lot of banks out there. Some people will chase a few percent here and there and will find themselves as part of the rat race. Others will just go for the flashy promotions, but could then be caught by extra fees and below average service. The choice is certainly yours. However, if you are looking for a bank where you can trust the ideals and principles, check out what Ricardo Guimarães has built in BMG Bank.

Values That Led To The Success Of Susan McGalla As A Business Leader

Everyone that follows business news, and especially about American Eagles Outfitters must have heard about Susan McGalla In case you haven’t heard about her yet, is the former president of the company and is famous for leading this company to tremendous growth during her time in the office. Besides being president at American Eagles, Susan has worked at Wet Seal and was a trustee at the University of Pittsburg. Currently, she is a board member at HFF, Inc, a company that provides commercial real estate, and also the Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute Foundation.

Career growth

This exemplary business leader was born and raised East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up in a family with two brothers, and her dad was a football coach. After her elementary and high school education, she joined the Mount Union College where she studied Business and Marketing. She attained her Bachelors degree and started working for the Joseph Horne Company. Here, she was in charge of Marketing and at some point even management. She stayed at this company for 8 years.

Susan of joined the American Eagles outfitters in 1994 after leaving Joseph Horne. When she joined the company, she was appointed the role of a Merchandise buyer for clothes belonging to women. There were several other roles that she served under until she was appointed as the CMO. She spent another couple of years as a CMO after which she got the appointment to run the entire company. One of the things she is very proud of from her work at American Eagles is that she oversaw the launch of the 77 and the Aaerie children’s clothing brands, both which have brought the company millions of dollars in sales.

She left American Eagles after 2 years of service and decided to pursue a career as a private consultant. She was able to get several companies to consult with her, something that she still does up to date. In 2009, Susan got an appointment at Wet Seal. She stayed there for another 2 years before she decided to concentrate on her own business, P3 consulting. Currently, in addition to her private consulting business, Susan is the Director of Planning and Strategic Growth at Pittsburg Steelers.

As you can see, Susan has had a very long and successful leader in business in the country. In her interviews with the media, Susan always states that growing up in a household full of men wasn’t the easiest thing. However, it was an excellent chance for her to interact with members of the opposite sex. As a result, she did not have issues when it came to being a leader in a male dominated world. She says that when she joined American Eagles, it was male dominated and no one would have thought about women leading; but she was able to break the stereotypes and achieve a lot of success in the workplace. As a matter of fact, during her period as president, the company made 3 billion dollars in profit.