Adam Sender

You may be wondering who Adam Sender is. Well, he is an art collector, but not just any art collector. He has been following art for as long as he’s been alive.

Art Collector
Adam Sender is a great art collector of not just the most popular items, but things that speak to him and his friends in ways no one can imagine. He gets only the art he enjoys and loves to have in him home or business buildings. They call him ahead of his time simply because he doesn’t follow the curve that others do. He gets what art is and loves to share that with others.

Hedge Fund Investor

His time spent as an investor has allowed him to be able to follow his heart as an art collector. He was able to work hard in this field in order to get the things he wanted most in his life and throughout his life. Adam Sender has been able to purchase art as he went creating a grand collection of items that no one else would maybe have looked at until now. He started in Hedge funding when he was just in his early years and built it from there, creating something he could use for the things he loved most. His art collection.

There are many dreams out there and many chasing them, but few have the ability to make them happen. Adam Sender has done just that through his hard work and ability to see beauty no one else may have seen. He has taken a step towards something that makes him happy and continues to further his collection with new pieces that make him happy. Adam Sender is truly what we all want to be, a person free to do what makes us happy within our own life.

Sergio Cortes Is A Talented Michael Jackson Impersonator

There are many celebrity impersonators in the world today. This profession has turned into a very big business for the people who are good enough to get hired on a regular basis. Elvis is the most commonly impersonated celebrity. However, the number of Michael Jackson impersonators has risen dramatically since the singer passed away. Sergio Cortes is widely considered to be the best of the best as far as impersonating the king of pop is concerned. Cortes has come a long way since his very humble upbringing. He is now famous around the world for impersonating one of the world’s most beloved entertainers.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not the life ambition of Cortes to become a Michael Jackson impersonator. In fact, he has admitted that he did not even know people made a living impersonating celebrities until he was around 20 years old. Cortes has admitted to being a fan of Jackson’s music as a youth. However, he would never imagine in his wildest dreams that one day he and Jackson would be linked so closely. Cortes grew up in Spain. He learned English by listening to American pop music. As time went by, Cortes noticed that something very strange was happening. Cortes was slowly beginning to look like Jackson. This was as a result of the treatments Jackson was undergoing to lighten his skin. Eventually, people began to confuse Cortes for Jackson when he went out in public.

Cortes was surprised by all of the attention at first. He knew that he had been blessed with a very unique opportunity. It was now just a question of finding out the right way to take advantage of it. Cortes began to get requests to show up at various parties and public events dressed as Jackson. He did this part-time and made a very good living in the process. He eventually decided to take things to the next level and become a Michael Jackson impersonator full-time. However, he knew that simply dressing and looking like Jackson would not be enough to get people to pay top dollar to hire him. He then began to take singing and dancing lessons. He learned the complex choreography to all of Jackson’s most legendary videos. After many months of practice, Cortes began to perform concerts where he would sing and dance like Jackson. These concerts have been a huge hit and made him internationally famous.

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The Walgreens Rite Aid Deal Is All About Cost Savings According To Executive Consultant Susan McGalla

The healthcare industry is out of control. Consumers, the government and the healthcare industry know it is, but it may be too late to reign it back in. The Affordable Care Act is putting heat and pressure to the healthcare companies. The government is trying to lower costs, but there hasn’t been much progress in that regard. American pharmaceutical companies are still producing drugs that are considered outrageously expensive, and consumers, as well as drug store chains, are at a breaking point. In order to lower the cost of doing business in a market that is so one-sided, drug stores chains are getting together and trying to make a deal to get bigger than they already are.

Susan McGalla on facebook, an executive consultant from Pittsburgh, is acutely aware of the healthcare dilemma. As the director of strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers, McGalla tackles healthcare issues all the time. McGalla was also president of American Eagle Outfitters and the CEO of Wet Seal before she decided to become a full-time consultant. McGalla is focused on the retail industry as well as other industries. When The Wall Street Journal report was first published about the Walgreens desire to acquire Rite Aid, she thought the merger of those giants made sense, but Susan McGalla also knew there could be some antitrust concerns as well.

Three drug store chains control the retail drug market. Walgreens on operates 8,200 stores in 50 states, and Rite Aid operates 4,600 stores in 31 states. The third drugstore chain, CVS, operates 7,800 stores in 44 states. When McGalla started to analyze the regions where Walgreens and Rite Aid operate, she realized that the antitrust issue could be manageable since there were only a few regions where the new chain would have a large presence.

The Northeast region of the country is one of those regions, according to Ms. Susan McGalla. Even though the new chain would be around 12,800 stores there are other companies like Walmart, Target, and Kroger along with food chains like Publix that operate and sell drugs in those the same regions, so there is plenty of competition in the retail drug industry, according to McGalla. Competition keeps prices in line. But as McGalla points out, the pharmaceutical companies control the prices, for the most part, and that makes it hard for drugstores to cut drug prices.

McGalla also said Walgreen would have to close about 10 percent of the Rite Aid stores because those locations are too close to existing Walgreens stores. The merger of these two drug retailers makes sense according to McGalla and other retail analysts because something has to be done to keep operating costs in line if the retail drug industry is going to remain profitable. The margins that drugstores work on in terms of drug sales are slim, so they try to compensate by adding more products to their retail assortment. But those products are usually priced higher than the stores that carry them by design like food chains and big discount chains.

The face of retail will continue to change because it is getting harder for retailers to produce the amount of profit that stockholders crave. The pressure is on not only to please consumers but also to make stockholders happy.

Michael Jackson Impersonator – Why Is He Worth Watching?

In the world of music, Michael Jackson is definitely one of the few performers who has taken the world by storm with what he does. Michael Jackson definitely knows what he is doing, but you will come to find that MJ sadly is not here anymore, and so it’s people like Sergio Cortes who help bring this musician back to life in his small little unique way. An an impersonator, he looks like, can sing like, and can dance just like Michael. He has been given the gift of performance and knows all about the world of performance. This impersonator definitely knows what he is doing.

Michael Jackson Impersonator – Why is he worth watching?

The best part about Sergio Cortes and what he does is the fact that Sergio knows how to bring a full performance to the stage. In other words, when you watch this guy live, expect to experience an amazing show. An a singer and danced, he truly knows how to turn his performances into something really memorable. He also performs with an amazing set of dancers to help create the perfect performance. Having been gifted with this gift, he is one of the best in the business simply because he knows all about what he does on stage. He is worth watching for a variety of reasons, but one of the main reasons is that he just loves performing and you really can see that in his performances on stage.

Another thing to remember is that impersonators like Sergio don’t come along that often. It takes a very special person and a unique performer to really know how to bring a certain person to life. It’s not always easy to do this, and it can be quite hard to
Know how to imitate a person from one fingertip to the next. With the power of Sergio Cortes and his skills, you will find that he definitely knows what he is doing.

So many people just enjoy seeing people like Sergio on stage because he knows all about what he is doing. What you’ll find to be quite exciting about Sergio is how he sings and dances just like Michael on stage every time, and it can be a great way to relive the music of Michael just one more time. This performer does know all about the industry and what he can do, and he’s worth watching live.

Beneful Dog Food Brand’s New Advertising

Purina’s new Beneful advertising uses the employees as spokespeople for the brand. The Beneful employees explain why they feed their dog only Beneful dog food based on their experiences seeing what goes into the food. The employees from Purina’s Atlanta factory describe their trust and confidence in Beneful being safe for their dogs with their faithful dogs at their side. The advertising campaign is being called the “I Stand Behind Beneful”. The employees reiterate in the campaign that with the care put into making the food and that the Beneful brand upholds the principles and standards of the Purina dog food company’s belief in giving dogs safe and nutritious food. Purina’s Vice President said initially the “I Stand Behind Beneful” was something only within the company employees to invigorate their work ethic, and after it was so successful they decided to use it for the next ad campaign. The campaign has a TV commercial and digital and print ads of employees of Purina with their pets. More than 9.5 million homes feed their dogs Beneful, and last year nearly 1.5 billion Beneful meals were fed to 15 million happy, healthy dogs. Nestle Purina PetCare Company makes the Beneful dog food brand and cares highly about dogs and their well being. Beneful has a line of dry and wet dog foods. This was originally reported by PR Newswire. You can read the original article here.


When a business is doing well as it has for many decades, all the stakeholders are jubilant. One such person is Ricardo Guimaraes the Chief Executive Officer of the BMG bank group. Having been at the bank for over three decades, he has risen through the ranks and established a reputation in the banking industry. Guimaraes is a darling of the local population and provides advisory feedback for various policy makers.

Guimaraes influence has guided the operations of the bank for over ten years of phenomenal growth now. BMG is one of the institutions to benefit from the economic boom in Brazil. An increasingly financially empowered population has provided a broader customer base. Demand for credit has created demand for BMG’s financial solutions.

The administration of the bank has put in place comprehensive and strategic measures to put the bank on the roadmap to success. Technology and innovation has become the core of the organization’s experience. By keeping up with current trends in the credit markets, BMG stays ahead of its competition.
The presence of BMG in the market for so long plus the influence of its CEO Ricardo Guimaraes serves as an attraction for clients. The bank also relies on external links with other institutions in the international credit markets. The bank has over 3,000 points of sale outlets all over the Brazil. In keeping up with trends in the sector, the bank has turned to agent banking alternatives to satisfy customer demands.
These retail and agent options have created efficiency in operations and branding. Ricardo Guimaraes acknowledges the massive branding power afforded by agent banking. The market shares the bank controls has also risen to a third of the entire market representing almost 5 million customers. BMG also invests in other financial institutions by acquiring controlling stakes.
Their corporate responsibility activities target the future by focusing on youth and the rich local culture. The youth has become an invaluable asset to the Brazilian economy. They maintain contact with the youth through education, sports, and cultural exchange. BMG, therefore, sponsors football and volleyball teams throughout the sports leagues in the country. Cultural festivals and exchange programs also facilitate the banks interaction with the future clients.
Ricardo Guimaraes acknowledges the bright future that BMG foresees. The strategies in place guarantee that the bank will stay profitable for many years to come. The credit markets in Brazil remain largely untapped, and BMG is ready to explore this option.

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Takes World By Storm

When it comes to the magic of Michael Jackson everyone is attracted to what an impersonator can do. MJ was a true entertainer. People that have seen him perform will pay to see someone impersonate the King of Pop. Sergio Cortes realizes this, and that is why he is able to make a decent living performing as Michael Jackson.

To say that Sergio Cortes takes this job seriously is an understatement. He really goes all out. He is one of the best in the entertainment world, and there are few people that are match this level of precision. The thing that I adore the most about Sergio Cortes is the way that he captivates the crowds with his stellar dance moves and his costumes. He appears to pay so much attention to detail. It is difficult -at first glance – for someone to believe that this is not a direct relative of the Jackson family. The Jacksons grew up in America; Sergio grew up in Barcelona. These were different areas, but Cortes has obviously captured the respect of an MJ fan base.

Sergio has become an important figure in the entertainment world. He certainly has changed the course of the industry, and many people respect his vision. More people are becoming interested in the work of Sergio Cortes because he is a true entertainer. Jackson has become a strong contender as one of the best in the world today. He has been able to build a stage appearance that has managed to make him one of the best among the Jackson impersonators. So many people have seen what Sergio is doing, and a lot of social media buzz is brewing as a result of his presence on the stage.

My people have become very impressed with Sergio because he performs at such a high level.

He deserves to have his own show because he has put in the time and work to make his name known. He may be one of the most recognizable figures in the imitation world because he looks just like Michael Jackson. That is another part of the intrigue. He has the facial features and the type of energy that reminds people of Michael. He has taken the world by storm with this smooth criminal act that he receives rave reviews for. Fans respect the talent and the ambition that is linked to his tribute shows.

Madison Street Capital Wins An M&A Award

Madison Street Capital is the finalist for 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor use the awards to respect this firm due to its achievements in financial practices. The celebrated companies and professionals showed excellent services in restructuring, financing, and deal making. From an article published through stated that Madison was among the nominees for Cross-Border Deal of the Year. What made the company qualify for the nominations is the transaction it facilitated that involved the acquisition AVEVA made for FabTrol Systems. Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers are executives of the financial company who led this transaction.

M&A Advisor firm started in 1998 to provide intelligence and insights on mergers and acquisitions practices. The firm has brought together finance professionals who are the best in the industry and have recognized their efforts by awarding their efforts. A team of qualified personnel carries out the evaluation and assessment processes on the executives and companies in the finance industry to determine the one that has outstanding traits. M&A Advisor uses integrity and transparency in the evaluation process to make sure the decision made is fair. The company has established the premier network in the world for restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions, and financing professionals. Their research, reporting, symposiums, publishing, and awards have made them achieve all these achievements.

The Madison Street Capital operates as an international finance company. The firm works on delivering corporate financial services and is committed to integrity and excellent leadership. The staffs specialize in delivering corporate advisory services in mergers and acquisition, capital restructuring, bankruptcy services, reorganization services, ESOP advice, corporate governance, buyout services, and private placements. Business valuation in company valuation and tax compliance are also common services offered by this financial enterprise. Madison also guides its clients in valuation for the financial reporting that involves pricing, impairment of the goodwill and intangible asset, structured finance product services, and compensation of the shared based.

The financial experts at Madison assist their customers in asset management and making financial decisions like solvency and capital adequacy. The various services offered by Madison helps their clients to succeed in the global market as they meet their objectives. Once the client hires these service providers, they work towards achieving the goals of their customers. Madison employs qualified personnel and this has made them win many customers in the market as the clients trust the staffs. Employees at Madison work to achieve the goals of the clients and the financial company.



Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen have founded several initiatives in the education sector targeting disadvantaged youths. Many of the organization are still in existence today and continue to offer the youths numerous opportunities. Examples of such initiatives include peace players, the school and a have a dream. Besides, bring the lesson home US Holocaust program is his initiative. Unlike the initiatives started by Mr. Levenson and his wife a lot of other efforts by passionate and committed leaders intending to do good have fallen. Mainly this fall is attributed to lack of professional management. Using his extensive skills in management, Mr. Levenson started the center for philanthropy and nonprofit management. The center location is at the University of Maryland. The center empowers and educates young generation to be nonprofit leaders. It also impacts the students with the knowledge required for a strong head of nonprofit-making institutions in the future. The University of Maryland graduates are privileged to learn to informed and motivated philanthropists fro the center.

The center currently provides undergraduate and graduate courses that mainly focus on philanthropy and nonprofit management. Several prominent philanthropists receive invitations as guest lecturers for students. The program has several courses that allow nonprofits to submit grant requests every semester. The proposals get accepted, and several nonprofits organizations receive up to 10000 dollars from each class. The class has awarded $40000 every year since its inception in 2012. Several nonprofits in Washington dc usually absorb many students in their organizations. They include the Smithsonian and Marriott foundations. Several lucky students go to overseas countries like India, Jordan, and Israel. This initiative helps them to improve their skills to work by working for local NGOs. Students live together in a particular dorm that accommodates up to sixty students. This opportunity that new students can also apply creates an environment where students focus mainly on philanthropy and nonprofit management. The program has plans to expand to China by the year 2016.

Focusing on the business sector, Mr. Levenson owns several firms in the sports and IT industry. He is best known by co-founding the United Communication Group (UCG) .the Company started in 1977 when he and Mr. ED Peskowitz founded the idea in Levenson room. The company has won several award journalism awards for editorial excellence since it won its first award in 1978. A decade ago, UGC was among the first company in delivering information in an online platform. Currently, the company has over 10000 employees and 46milion customers worldwide. In 2004, Levenson implemented his longtime dream by owning two major professional sports teams The Atlanta Thrashers and the Atlanta Hawks. He sold the Atlanta Thrashers in 2010 together with his partners. He serves on the NBA board of governors where he represents the Atlanta Hawks. He is also the board of trustee chair for the Hawks management. In his leadership, The Hawks have excellently performed in NBA. They are the only team to reach NBA playoffs in the last seven seasons consecutively.