From Pakistan to Denver: Jon Urbana

We met him a few years ago in Pakistan, and his life has been pretty interesting ever since. We’ve kept in touch with Jon Urbana because he’s one person who is involved in a lot of activities in his career. He is one who keeps busy. This is an admirable trait of his. He also encourages others to get involved on Twitter, and he participates in as well as other activities. Just the fact that he is involved with so many activities shows that he has a lot of love for life.

Urbana has a great sense of curiosity that gets him involved with plenty of blog posts each week. He also showcases his different talents that he has on Instagram. Jon flies an aircraft like a pro, and does well at all of the activities that he is interested in.

One thing that Urbana is interested in is lacrosse. He shows a lot of skill in lacrosse due to his history at Villanova. He has practiced a lot in this type of sport and has shown himself to be an expert to his campers. Jon Urbana has built a great camp.

Another thing Urbana does well is music. One of his favorite things he likes to do with his musical talent is to remix some tracks. While there is a fan base for the original tracks, remixes always provide an interesting spin on the music that was released. His remixes have a great production value to them and are very catchy.  The same can be said about his videos.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana is involved in many things. He is one of the more productive people who have already achieved a lot in such a short amount of time. He will continue to do more for himself and others.

An Overview of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a famous lawyer with a pretty big Twitter following, and capital strategist based in NY City. Sam had worked for several companies before joining the business and capital strategy industries. He served as MD at SPARX Group, but later was appointed the Director of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was responsible for the company’s operations in Asia and Pacific regions. Tabar’s interest in the legal field made him join Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as the one in charge of hedge funds and issues relating to regulation and compliance.

LinkedIn shows that Sam Tabar graduated from Oxford University with honors and ventured into the legal fraternity where he worked for some of the most prestigious legal firms in the world. At one time when he was working at Skadden, he advised clients on formation of hedge fund, private placement and many more issues relating to this industry. He left Skadden in 2004 and joined the field of finance. Sam was appointed at PMA Investment Advisors, an affiliate of Sparx Group Co. located in Asia (Hong Kong) where he serves as a legal counsel. Eventually, he was promoted to the position of MD and also was one of the supervisors of Business Development department.

While working at PMA Investment, Sam was managing all transactions concerning global trading in hedge fund for up to $2 billion. Sam designed and implemented marketing strategy for the company where he targeted institutional clients and clients who are regarded to have high net worth. He presented to the company a list of qualified potential clients and also assisted the company to raise $1.2 billion in AUM. Sam engaged closely with CEO of the company in order to implement business related strategies that would make the firm move to the next level of operation.

After working for a long time at PMA Investment Advisors, Sam was appointed the Director at Bank of America. He was also the head of Capital Strategy for the company in the Asia-Pacific area. He played crucial role of offering counsel to hedge fund clients and also seeking new opportunities of involving institutional clients like foundations, endowments, pensions among others. Sam also managed the capital allocated to both investors and fund managers.

Towards the end of 2013, Sam Tabar rejoined the legal industry at Schulte Roth & Zabel law firm. He served as a Senior Associate in charge of hedge funds offering numerous services relating to investment.  He’s also been a pretty outspoken supporter of investment opportunities for everybody.  Even taking time to provide tips through news agencies like PR Newswire.

But that’s not all, Sam Tabar is also a feminist, going so far as to invest in  causes like THINX, which is a partner of AFRIpads a renown African charity supporting women’s groups.

Marcio Alaor of BMG Analyzes the Performance of Different Automaker Companies

Recently, the stock market has started attracting more members of the auto industry such as Volkswagen despite speculations and scandals. Marcio Alaor, an executive of the Banco de Minas Gerais (BMG) gave an overview of the key automakers in the stock market. He said that General Motor was among the first firms to go public after marking a century of its Initial Public Offering (IPO). Currently, the firm has a market value of around $53.52 billion. Ford floated its initial public offer in 1956. The company made the greatest initial public offer of $600 million. An Initial Public Offering allows a company to raise funds and capital investment from the public thus enabling the organization to enhance its strategic projects. Once the IPO is successful, a corporation can start trading with individuals, private investors and institutional investors.
Through the IPO process, a private company is converted to a public entity by virtue of inviting the public to subscribe to its shares. Marcio asserts that when Ferari had floated its IPO, its stocks registered an impressive increase of 5%. This increase saw an augmentation in Ferari’s market value to $10 billion. Exame Magazine documented the performance data of the major automakers alongside their IPOs.
The value of shares and the performance in the stock market for the major companies were documented. Some of the companies that Marcio documented are discussed below. Ford Motors had a performance of -10% while General motors’ had a performance of 0%. In terms of the value of each share, Ford had $ 13.95 while General Motors had a value of $34.77. Honda had a performance of +12% while Toyota had a -18%. The companies reported 3952 yen and 1256 yen in their respective share values.
Marcio Alaor is the vice president of BMG. He was born and raised in the town of Santo Antonio do Monte. During his formative years, Marcio took up a job as a cobbler so that he could take care of his family. However, he has not forgotten where he was born and raised because been quite instrumental in enhancing different economic activities for the community.
Recently, he was honored during the 33rd annual Santo Antonia do Monte agricultural exhibition. During the ceremony, a food court was opened and named after him. He also received a plaque. His attributes were captured in the plaque. Marcio is regarded as a hard working man. Over the years, he has been able to overcome a number of barriers and hardships, which have enabled him, reach at the summit of his career.

Changing The Way We Date

Online dating has gone from somewhat taboo to part of the norm. Dating through the internet has even gone to becoming extremely popular on mobile devices. Many people are finding the benefits of using social dating apps to meet people. These apps offer many advantages over traditional dating or even older dating websites.

Dating apps are presenting new ways to get to know a person and communicate with them. Some of these applications are making it easy to meet people quicker than ever before. Skout is one app that will find other users within close proximity using a device’s sensors. The user’s precise location is not revealed, but messaging is optional. Users may also choose not to reveal their location if they wish to keep it unknown.

Skout is evolving the way people go out and meet one another. Now when a person is at the bar they can look and see who is available and wants to meet someone new with confidence. Another benefit of Skout is knowing that you will have a way to contact that person if both people desire so.

Once people have expressed shared interest Skout and others like it give users a place to learn and share. these kinds of apps will allow users to share photos, information, travels, and many other bits about themselves. Having this kind of information about another person makes it easier to see who is a potential match.

There are many different dating social networks out there for mobile devices, and Julie Spira has given a list of the top of the year. Spira is a mobile dating expert and presents her list annually.

2015 Mobile Dating Apps

  • 1. Tinder
  • 2. Let’s Date
  • 3. Zoosk
  • 4. Badoo
  • 5. POF
  • 6. Meet Moi
  • 7. Skout
  • 8. Grindr
  • 9.OK Cupid
  • 10.How About We

The list is based on what Spira feels is the best through various facts and statistics. They are not the only ones, and many people find that the number one app may not be the best for them. When it comes to finding the best app each user should look into what they want to get out of their mobile dating experience.

These apps each offer a unique experience for mobile users to find and meet new people. They go to show that the technology has come a long way since the beginning when internet dating was limited to websites that made many feel uncomfortable. Apps like Skout are ushering in a new era where it is okay to meet your next date online.