George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary to a jewish family. During his childhood, Soros and his family survived through Nazi occupation of the country and then communist occupation of the country. In the hopes of achieving a better life, Soros fled Hungary in 1947. He ended up in London, England. Soros worked his way through college at the London School of Economics. After working for a short time in London, Soros decided to try his luck in the United States.

Soros spent nearly two decades working for several firms in New York as an investment manager and analyst. In the 1970s he decided to go out on his own and start a hedge fund. This decision made Soros billions of dollars. He is credited with shorting the British Pound and several Asian currencies. Soros made a decision to put his concentration and efforts into other areas in the 1980s.

Forbes billionaire George Soros  founded a charity, the Open Society Foundations. He raised tuition funds to send black students to university in South Africa during the oppressive apartheid regime. He also provided copy machines to dissidents in communist countries so that they could make copies of materials to disperse. At the moment, Soros has great concern for the future of Europe and the European Union. He has created an institute that there specializes in the social sciences in order to create a revolution of thinking in Europe.

Soros’ concern for the European Union is his priority. He believes that the union will fall if they decide to trust President Putin of Russia, who says that he is an ally to the west in their fight against ISIS. He recently shared his concerns and the reasons for them in an article that was published by Project Syndicate.

In the article, Soros explained that Russia is doing the exact opposite of fighting ISIS. In fact, they are partnering with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to attack the Syrian people and force them to flee from their homes and their country. Tens of thousands of Syrians have already fled to Turkey. Putin is doing this because his goal is to topple the European Union. He knows if he is able to do this, Russia will no longer have to face their sanctions and the Russian economy will make a recovery.

One leader who understands the severity of the refugee crisis is Chancellor Angela Merkel from Germany. She recently made a trip to Turkey to request that their government induce the refugees to prolong their stay in Turkey. Her hope is that Europe will not be swamped by refugees but will rather be able to slowly integrate the refugees at a pace that is more sustainable.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Isn’t Gonna Happen Now

Andy Wirth, President of one of the most beautiful and pristine tourist destinations. Lake Tahoe is one of the areas people come for fun in the snow and skiing. The ski resort area is well known. Back years ago the ski area of Tahoe hosted the winter Olympics. Ever since that time, people flock to the ski resorts for their winter fun. Recently an article appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal. The article feature was talking about a possible incorporation with Olympic Valley. People of the area were in fear that they may lose some of their terrains. Backers were hoping to incorporate Olympic Valley but due to the money spent by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and other businesses, the relief stopped the venture.

In the past four years, Lake Tahoe has suffered because of the little snow accumulation and the warmer than normal winter. It was a fear that the incorporation could cause problems for the local businesses and decrease the services such as road scraping and snow plowing that was normal. Reading the article, we can see that Squaw Valley has plans for improvement to the area. A gondola is in the works to connect places such as Squaw Valley and some of the other resort areas. Alpine Meadows ski areas are part of the plans for the gondola. Opposing the incorporation was something Andy was not scared to announce. Check out the article for yourself at Look hard and you may see the Undercover boss as well.

Places like Lake Tahoe have been part of the ski resort branch for many years. The area resorts gained interest after the Winter Olympics used the slopes for ski competitions. The beauty of the area brings winter tourist back. The resorts are set up for relaxation and snow skiing fun. Wine bars and shopping areas are also a large part of the town. Driving up to Lake Tahoe and the Ski resorts is a beautiful and mystical drive. People from all over the world are taking the time to visit. They can enjoy the mountain snow and the tall redwoods that make up the mountain scenery. Visiting the area is something the chamber is hoping you will do. Make sure to check the roads before heading up. There are reasonable rates for fun in the snow. There are people like Andy Wirth working hard to give you a vacation you will never forget.

Yeonmi Parks: A Tale of Endurance

Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea. She is now 22 and living in New York. Due to the hardships she faced, both during her time in North Korea and during the process of escaping North Korea, Park decided to become a human rights activist and to write a book that chronicled her and her family’s journey to freedom.

Just before Yeonmi was born, the Soviet Union fell. During the Soviet Union’s period of power, the USSR would import food into North Korea at a considerable discount. This stopped when the USSR collapsed and North Korea fell into a famine. Yeonmi speaks of having a single frozen potato for dinner or occasionally eating insects out of hunger.

In order to feed his family, Yeonmi’s father, a civil servant for the North Korean Regime, took to smuggling metal. He was caught, arrested and sent to a prison camp. When this happened, Yeonmi’s mother decided it was time for them to leave the country. Yeonmi and her mother found a man to guide them into China. Unfortunately, when they reached China the guide sold them into a human trafficking ring.

Yeonmi and her mother were sold separately but Yeonmi convinced her “buyer” to buy back her mother and bring her father over from North Korea. However, her father had colon cancer that had been left untreated and he died just two months after escaping North Korea. Yeonmi’s “buyer” finally released Yeonmi and her mother after two years, due to the fact that he loved her. The two of the trekked across China and the Gobi Desert and into Mongolia. Once they had reached Mongolia, they were sent to South Korea.

Since arriving in South Korea, Yeonmi and her mother have been reunited with Yeonmi’s older sister. Yeonmi’s goal according to  DailyMail is to show the plight of the people of North Korea to the world. She would like the rest of the world to see that North Korea is not just to be joked about.

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George Soros & Different Takes on the US Money Reserve

According to a recent report on US Money Reserve, George Soros, a billionaire financier & philanthropist, has warned of a similar catastrophe of the  In this article, Soros stated that globally, investors has been going through chaos with China trade for a second time in one week. While speaking at an economic forum in Colombo, he stated that the media stated that China is struggling to discover a new growth model. He also stated that China’s currency devaluation is transferring problems around the world, and that a return to rising interest rates has proven to be difficult for the developing world. Soros also stated that the current environment reminds him of the crisis of 2008 with China possessing a major adjustment problem that amounts to a crisis.

With the US Money Reserve, however, clients are offered the most exceptional gold issued by the US government. They issue silver, platinum, and gold coins in the market. The US Money Reserve is founded by gold market veterans, who saw a great need within the market. And as a result, tons of clients have gain a lot more profit and stability due to these precious metals.

The US Money Reserve’s president, Philip Diehl, did a recent interview at the Entrepreneur Podcast Network In the interview, Diehl talked about the gold market, and the ownership of gold coins. He also talked about leadership, according to prnewswire. With Diehl’s resume of accomplishments and expertise, he has proven to be an exceptional business leader who is worth listening to. For one, when he was the Mint Director, he created the 50 States Quarter program. This program became the most successful program in US history. He also launched the Sacagawea Dollar, and it sold more during the first 10 months of launching, than the Susan B. Anthony Dollar did for 20 years. He is also a board member of the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT), and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).

In the podcast interview, Diehl said the following:

– U.S. Mint qualify him for the US Money Reserve President by being introduced with bullion coins, plus he worked with the company with vast distribution worldwide.
– He’s an effective leader of U.S. Money Reserve by him encouraging staff to have commitment and great customer service, and that makes things worthwhile.
– He stated that most of U.S. Money Reserve’s offerings are gold, silver, and platinum coins, and these products appeal their customers as well as the IRA product that serve as wealth insurance.
– He thinks that U.S. Money Reserve is different from its competitors, due to their commitment to customer satisfaction, and no one matches this.
– A person should own US Government minted gold and silver coins instead of owning gold bars or bullion, because they are not legally tended.

Young Afghan Boy Meets His Idol

Last month 5-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi became an internet sensation after a photo of him surfaced playing soccer in a homemade jersey. Murtaza, who idolizes Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi, could not afford an official Messi jersey so he made one of his own. Using a striped bag, Murtaza donned his makeshift jersey and took to his field. Murtaza and his family are from the Ghazni province in Afghanistan, which is one of the most war-torn provinces in the area. His older brother, Homayoun who made the jersey, said that the family could not imagine affording something like a Messi jersey which is why he made one for his brother. Homayoun is also responsible for uploading the now iconic story, Jon Urbana Launches Charity Drive For ARAS.

That photo has captured the attention of his idol, according to the story on

The Afghanistan Football Federation has confirmed that officials for Messi have reached out to them to set up a meeting between himself and Murtaza. There has been no official confirmation yet, but it is rumored that Murtaza may even be flying to Spain for his once-in-a-lifetime meeting with Messi. A spokesman with the Afghanistan Football Federation has said that they plan on giving Murtaza a chance to tryout with the team when he is old enough as well.

What Does Darius Fisher Do?

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