QNET Is Helping Women Strike The Perfect Balance Between Work and Life

Work life balance…Its the one thing every women is striving to figure out. But its not easy. Especially if you are a single mom and all you have to depend on is yourself.

There is however some good news. Thanks to QNET, a leading direct selling company headquartered in Hong Kong, women now have the opportunity to make a decent income while also being great moms. 

With QNET you are in complete control of when and where you work. There are no bosses telling you when you have to be at work or how much you are going to earn. 

In honor of International Women’s Day QNET is inviting all women to be a part of their team. As a QNET independent representative you will have the opportunity to maximize your earning potential and create the life you have always dreamed of. 

You will also have the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule which means you can spend as much time with your family as you want to. 

As a QNET independent representative you will have access to some of the best health, wellness and beauty products on the market. That means you will be able to change lives and make a decent income at the same time. 

About QNET

QNET is one of the most prominent direct selling companies in Asia. They offer meaningful products in a host of very diverse markets. Their number one focus is to enable women to become successful entrepreneurs and ultimately change their life. 

The QNET organization is driven by two core philosophies and they are RYTHM and In-Service. 

RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and it was inspired by the teachings of Gandhi. The idea is to empower others to succeed so they can be of service to mankind. 

In-Service, which is the second core philosophy, is all about putting service above self. At QNET they believe serving others with humility is what being a true leader is all about. 

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Dr. Sergio Cortes’ Enviable Career Achievements In The Medical Profession

Dr. Sergio Cortes‘ long, distinguished career in the medical profession began when he was the official doctor for the Brazilian men’s volleyball team. He held this position for ten years before becoming the General Director of the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Cortes presided over the institute, which specializes in treating complex orthopedic injuries and diseases, for over four years. Being the director of a prestigious orthopedic institute was the ideal position for Dr. Cortes, since he trained as an orthopedic surgeon and attended Harvard Business School. Dr. Cortes’ continued interest in orthopedic medicine, despite his advancing career in administration and public health, is evident by posts on his personal blog.

For seven years, Dr. Sergio Cortes served as the State Health Secretary of Rio de Janeiro. He dealt with varies health crises, including dehydration and mosquito maturation from flooding in Xerém, Duque de Caxias. As reported by Extra, Dr. Cortes’s main concern was diseases caused by people drinking contaminated water, such as diarrhea and hepatitis A.

After the flooding in Xerém, Dr. Cortes worried about cases of dengue fever caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito proliferation that occurs when standing water accumulates. Even though he is no longer Health Secretary, Dr. Cortes is concerned with Zika virus, which is responsible birth defects in infants whose mothers contracted the virus while pregnant. The same mosquito responsible for dengue fever also carries the Zika virus, however, for expectant mothers in Brazil, the consequences of the Zika virus are so severe that the World Health Organization is now involved. Dr. Cortes’ blog contains tips for avoiding mosquitoes, which he urges all pregnant women to follow.

Currently, according to CrunchBase, cortes is the Executive Director of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, Brazil’s largest hospital operator, which owns 27 private hospitals and manages two other hospitals. While Sergio Cortes calls himself an orthopedic surgeon, it is obvious by examining his career that he is much more than a doctor specializing in orthopedics .To learn more about Dr. Cortes’ career accomplishments, follow him on LinkedIn or follow Cr. Cortes on Twitter for updates on current health news.

Slyce Year End Reports Show Promising Future

Slyce has had a robust quarter according to a wrap-up that was published on Yahoo Finance. Over the fall they signed several contractors with top retailers including Neiman Marcus, Shoes.com and Urban Outfitters and this helped propel them into the new year.

AS of February 10th, Slyce removed its short form offerings and instead accepted a $7 million private financing offer from a lead investor that has purchased as much as $5 million of the company units. The company is still taking subscriptions from this same lead investor as well as others but is nearing the end of its financing period.

Over the course of 2015 Slyce focused on developing their product by adding more to its image recognition option. They also have been busy introducing new ways that visual search can be used. In particular, the company focused on making a system that is easy to be used by new customers by making simple onboard integration. They were able to do this by packaging products to work with a unified Software Development Kit and by creating product feeds that are automated.

They also made many more technology achievements including technology such as the Slyce Link that is a platform for retail customers. It is currently in beta testing. Another achievement was the universal scanner which is embedded in any retailer app and allows people to scan not only barcodes, but also catalogues, flyers, and physical objects. They also released a spattering of apps over the year including Craves, Pounce, and added the Scout service to its SnipSnap app.

Last year Slyce had a great close to the fiscal year closing out the year on Oct. 31st with a total revenue of about $1,700,000 which is a 1784% increase compared to Oct. 31st of 2014 when they reported revenues of just $89,800. In addition, recurring revenue is beginning to expand due to client integration and continual deployment of new technology.

Recurring revenue for the year increased up to $409,000. Losses were also down for the company painting a very promising picture for Slyce as it continues to grow.

Koch Finds some Common Ground with Sanders

Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch appears to be at the opposite end of the political spectrum from democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but Koch does agree with him on a couple of issues. Koch wrote in a recent Op-Ed piece in the Washington post that there are issues where he agrees with Sanders, a self proclaimed democratic socialist.

Charles Koch and his family run Koch Enterprises, a petroleum company in Wichita, Kansas that has worldwide holdings. They are listed as the second wealthiest family in the nation. Koch also has a history of supporting republican candidates, and he is a strong libertarian. He believes and promotes free market economics and wants as little governmental involvement as possible, both in business and in people’s lives.

But Charles Koch said in the writing that he agrees with Sanders that growing income inequality is a major problem, and that the criminal justice system needs reform. While he agrees with Sanders on these issues, the two are very different in how they want to address these issues.

Koch wrote that history has shown a bigger and more costly federal government has actually put the disadvantaged in a position where they are less likely to improve their lives. This is the reason he opposes most social programs that people like Sanders support. They do agree that there is a problem, and that it is getting worse, but they are still far apart on how to address those issues.

Koch is a consistent libertarian though. He also opposes corporate welfare as that tends to put the government in a position of picking winners and losers. he is consistent in thinking less government involvement is better for everyone. He opposed ethanol subsidies, for instance, even though they would have benefited his company that is involved in that industry.

Koch wrote also that the wealthy are more easily able to get out of things like drug charges, and he agrees with Sanders that this is wrong. He thinks it is also wrong that a conviction would hold a person back even after they have paid their debt to society. As a result his company has stopped asking applicants if they have ever been convicted of a crime.

Koch said he was happy to see Sanders speaking out for those struggling to get ahead, and opposing a system that favors the rich over the poor. But he said expanding the government’s role is not the answer.

Talk Fusion Celebrates Massive Success

After just a short time on the market, Talk Fusion Video Chat is gaining so much popularity it’s becoming one of the top communication programs in multiple countries across the world. Talk Fusion has created technology that allows people all around the world to connect on any device through video chat or even video emailing. This means it’s easier to stay connected to family and friends, and on a business level, creates a smaller need for travel because meetings can be held via the internet.

The company has created such a successful product that it has now become the top communication app in Indonesia and is ranked 5th in Japan. Talk Fusion says this recent success is only the beginning, the company won’t be slowing down, quite the opposite. It’s preparing to launch it’s widely anticipated 30 day free trial that should bring more customers and companies on board. This success has been found on just one single product the company offers, and with the free trial coming to all of their products, it’s anticipated that they will skyrocket.
Currently, the Talk Fusion app is available for free on both iTunes and Google Play stores, but once the free trial program goes into effect those who are interested in trying the service will be able to sign up from either an associates personal site or directly at Talk Fusion’s website to get their 30 day pass to the company’s entire product line with no credit card required.
Talk Fusion currently offers their services in more than 140 different countries and was established in 2007. Not only is the company creating products that enable people to stay better connected, but they are also advocates in giving back to communities and charities across the world that serve to better communities and the lives of animals.
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Source: http://hellotesla.com/arent-using-video-email-marketing/

Keith Mann Initiates Progressive Scholarship Program

Keith Mann is a man of many talents and interests. He was first noticed as the managing director and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a company involved in the high-level staffing for investment companies and hedge funds. This company started its operations in 2001 and after employing Keith Mann they executed and provided hundreds of executive positions for clients of the firm. Keith initially started with the company as one of its managers and he rose rapidly through the company’s ranks to become its vice president. Search Partners is also known to be in possession of one of the largest databases of investment executives in the United States.

Being an expert in hiring top executives for the hedge fund industry Keith Mann expanded his practice to serve the private equity markets by starting Dynamic Search Partners a top of the line premier search company exclusively serving the alternative investment industry. He is currently the businesses Chief Operating Officer responsible for managing its day to day operations which include ongoing operations in the European Union, Asia, and the Unites States.

As part of his desire to help others, Keith has also announced his plan to sponsor the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship an achievement award that identifies and recognizes the next generation of American business leaders and entrepreneurs. Keith and Keely are partnering in this new venture with Uncommon Schools a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing one senior student from a Brooklyn high school the opportunity to attend a 4-year college. Applicants to the program are required to write an essay of at least 1000 words telling the programs sponsors how earning a college degree will help them to achieve their goals professionally. Keith explains that his desire to produce talented college graduates through the scholarship program is an extension of his participation in the process. It is his desire to show that it doesn’t really matter where you come from and that the only thing that really matters is the student’s talent and desire. And as far as his scholarship program is concerned the student’s talent and desire to succeed and excel will always shine through.

This article recapped http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

Operation Smile Changing the World Through Efforts of Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogal has spent much of his professional life helping people smile confidently and feel better about themselves which makes them more successful in life. Operation Smile is one program that will change the lives of people all over the world as they provide surgical options to children and young adults who suffer from physical deformities such as cleft lips, cleft palates or other facial deformities that can be surgically repaired. Weisfogal created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to fund the service so they can give a healthy and happy future to youngsters in areas that may not have access to medical care.

Avi Weisfogel has been speaking to all who will listen to raise awareness of the issue and to spread his opinion that every child deserves to have access to exceptional surgical care. He firmly believes that every child should be treated as if they were his own and that means that nothing should stop them from creating a successful life. Facial deformities can limit opportunities and even keep people from getting certain jobs. Operation Smile provides kids with hope that no matter what life throws at them, they will be able to overcome it. Providing hope to thousands is one of Weisfogel’s major motivations in creating and raising funds for the project.

Local hospitals, medical professionals, governments and other organizations have combined to create a number of models that will address a number of surgical care situations. With such a strong, unified group of support, they are able to identify the solutions that will be most effective in reaching and helping as many people as possible. These missions sponsored by Operation Smile are conducted all over the world, providing the experts and funding that works with local healthcare providers to aid children with physical deformities. This makes sure that language or custom is never an issue because of the local guidance.

Operation Smile was founded by Kathy and Bill Magee in 1982 in the Phillipines. That organization has grown to cover the globe and has attracted many talented healthcare providers to work tirelessly to complete their mission of happy, smiling faces everywhere. So far it is estimated that the program has provided over 220,000 free surgical procedures in over 80 different countries. They also work to provide well trained local professionals so that the treatment can continue on its own. It is difficult to know how many people have been helped through Operation Smile, but it is clear that it is growing each year.

Avi Wiesfogel was born and raised in New Jersey, and lived there his whole life. That is why he decided to establish his practice in the area. He attended New York College of Dentistry and graduated in 1997. After his residency he established a practice in New Jersey that has led to now having several different locations. Weisfogel is a continuing education enthusiast and is required to take continuing education classes every two years. If there is a better way to perform a procedure or treat a dental problem, he wants to know about it.

It was this enthusiastic pursuit of the best treatment for all patients that led Wiesfogel to become involved in Operation Smile and start the fund raising campaign to grow the program even further. Listening to Weisfogul there is no doubt that if it is left up to his enthusiasm and knowledge the world will have nothing but smiling faces with bright futures ahead of them.

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Source: http://www.free-press-release-center.info/pr00000000000000342165_avi-weisfogel-dds-launches-gofundme-campaign-set-up-to-benefit-operation-smile.html

Oisin Hanrahan the founder of Handy

Handy is a platform that allows a customer to be connected with household service providers which have been pre-screened and therefore ensure a top quality service. Whatever the heart desires from home cleaning services and painters to furniture assembly, everything can be provided through the Handy platform. The app matches thousands of customers with top quality professionals on a weekly basis and does so around the world. Handy tries to make this process as seamless as possible by providing the customer the possibility to schedule the service as well as pay through the app. By doing so they are bale to provide the customer with a money back guarantee if the customer is not happy with the service that was provided. This is truly the easiest and most convenient way to book home services. Simply begin with downloading the app to your smartphone and choose from a selection of services you would like to book. The app then checks if the service is available in your area, if yes then you can choose a time that is best suited for you. The payment is then done electronically and the booking is confirmed. On the day the service is provided the screened professional arrives with all the necessary equipment and gets right to work. This is exactly how the whole process works.

Founder and CEO of Handy is Oisin Hanrahan who originally comes from Dublin in Ireland. He has started out as a real estate developer as well as founding several other successful startups. The company Handy started in the US and since grown into a powerhouse. It is now estimated at a worth of $500 million and has only been in existence for the last 3 years. Oisin believes there is more.

Source: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/11/05/how-handys-founder-oisin-hanrahan-is-scaling-his-startup-into-an-on-demand-powerhouse/


There has been a rapid growth being realized in the New York real estate industry. This industry has been dynamic and many changes have been realized in it. Companies are now innovating new ways of reaching the buyers without having to spend much on brokers. However, the real estate brokerage companies have proved to be the determining factors in the industry. It will be more than hard for anyone to make to the buyer without going through a brokerage company in the New York City Apartments for rent and real esate . Brokers are however getting the need to be more self-sufficient. The self sufficiency that the seller and buyers are demanding form the brokers is for them to be able to market the property using a good network which belongs to them. The best companies however use their own agents and limit the chances of brokers being any influential in their businesses.

Town residential is a company that has all the expertise needed by buyers in getting the kind of houses they need without having to strain much. The company was founded in the year 2010 by Heiberger. It has therefore seen a big growth from the time in which it was founded. Heiberger is also the founder of another real estate based company by name Citi Habitats. Citi Habitats was founded ten years ago. It is still running its real estate brokerage service and is known to be among the top companies in New York real estate.

Town Residential properties are found in Brooklyn, Manhattan and other parts of city. Other companies might have been attracted into investing in New York because of the high prices in this city. The problem that such companies have suffered is the high risks that come with doing business in the city. Agents need symposiums and massive training exercises for them to be able to market real estate property and come out with the threshold number of sales. Heiberger believes that selling luxury condos and other posh real estate properties should not be done through the discount mode. Town Residential therefore uses the trick so as to stay alive in the industry.

The Highlights of Highland Capital Management Q3 2015 13F Filing

Highland Capital Management LP has a portfolio value to the tune of $3.42 billion according to the quarterly 13F filed by its president, James Dondero, on 3rd February 2016. The filing represents only 22.73% of the Highland’s assets listed in the United States.

In this quarter, the Highland has used the hedge fund to buy 69 new purchases which include Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call) SPY valued $67.07 million, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc (EGRX) for $17.73 million, Amazon Com Inc (AMZN) for $23.35 million, Intra Cellular Therapies Inc (ITCI) for $15.90 million and Danaher Corp Del (DHR) for $17.24 million.
This has subsequently increased the LP’s stakes in Kinder Morgan Inc Del to $5.38 million, American Airls Group Inc (Call) (AAL) to $204.25 million, Patterson Companies Inc (PDCO) to $87.91 million, Salesforce Com Inc (Call) (CRM) to $54.85 million, Corning Inc (GLW) to $54.86, and smaller stakes in other companies.

The fund has also sold stakes in Spdr Series Trust (Put) (XBI), Laboratory Corp Amer Holdings (LH) and Envision Healthcare Holdings Inc (EVHC). This was done because of the better place for the company’s capital.

The majority of the LP’s total long portfolios in the United States this quarter are American Airls Group Inc (Call) (AAL), Ishares Tr (Put) (IWM) and Salesforce Co Inc (CRM). They make up 13.59% of the LP’s securities listed in the United States while the top 10 holdings constitute 29.55%.

The Highland’s sector share has significantly increased. The filing reveals further that the company lifted the IT sector from 16% to 18%. The fund has securities for 12% in the energy sector and the consumer is 10% of the Highland’s United States listed portfolio.

About the Highland’s president, James Dondero.

Jim, as he is commonly known, is the current president of Highland Capital Management of which he co-founded in 1993. James Dondero has been in the credit market for more than 30 years. He was instrumental in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). His Highland Capital Management has developed credit oriented solutions for both retail and institutional investors.

Jim Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia majoring in accounting and finance. As a Certified Management Accountant, he was granted the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. James is currently serving on Boards for both American Banknote and MGM Studios in addition to being the Chairman of Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank and CCS Medical Corporation. James lives in Dallas, Texas.

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First Reported in Octa Finance http://www.octafinance.com/highland-capital-management-top-10-holdings-in-q3-2015/352793/