An Exclusive Event to Showoff Miami

Danilo Diaz Granados is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is on a mission. Earning a degree in both Economics and Entrepreneurship inspired him to use his degrees to make a difference in the world. As a result of this newly discovered mission, Mr. Granados moved to Miami in order to pursue his goal of helping others. As an educated individual in the Latin community, Mr. Granados wanted to increase the overall wealth and prosperity among this community. With this idea in mind, Mr. Granados founded a luxury boutique that gives the residents of Miami the option to buy not only contemporary art, but also to buy fine jewelry, watches, and even exotic cars. This concept of luxury gives the community of the impoverished a taste for finer things in life. With affordable new options to buy, Mr. Granados shows that one does not need money in order to gain some of the finer things in life.

This small boutique in Miami is known as Toys for Boys’. In recent news, the owner, Mr. Granados orchestrated a luxury event that combined fine dining, exclusive previews, a sunset boat ride, helicopter rides, and many more fun-filled activities that proved to be a unique experience for the guests. The goal of Mr. Granados was to give a life-time experience to the guests of this event that would showoff the one of a kind products that this small boutique has to offer at a good price. Extravagance and unique are ways to truly describe Toys for Boys’.

This event was a day long affair that showed guests how luxurious Miami is for everyone. Mr. Granados’ agenda for the event was to connect together cuisine, art, as well as upscale entertainment. This was just a taste of the truly unique experience that his business offers the customers. With an event fill day, the ultimate and most beautiful experience was the sunset boat ride that was taken. By the end of this day, the guests experienced Miami by land, sea, as well as by air. This event truly showed guests what extravagance is.  Danilo is uniquely qualified for this sort of thing, and he continues to work his magic.  Follow Mr. Diaz Granados on Twitter, and on Instagram.

Duda Melzer is the Man Tasked with the Role of Steering Grupo RBS into Success

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also commonly referred to as Duda Melzer, is a prominent Brazilian business personality who is well known for his position as the Chairperson and President of Grupo RBS. Founded by his grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, Grupo RBS focuses on producing multimedia content for newspaper, radio, television as well as digital platforms operated by the company. Duda is also credited for founding e.Bricks Digital, which is an investment entity that is significantly involved in the digital industry, especially in locations such as the United States and Brazil.

Education and Career

To add on to his business insight, he boasts of a Business Administration degree, which he attained from Pontifical Catholic University (PUCRS) as well as an MBA from Harvard University. During his time in the United States, he served numerous companies such as BoxTop Media where he was the Chief Executive Officer and Delphi Corporation where he worked as a financial analyst. Further, he served Booz Allen & Hamilton in the capacity of a consultant.

After moving from the United States to join his family’s business, he started working as a Director General of the National Market RBS Group before being promoted to Vice President of Market Development and Business. In 2010, he was made the Executive Vice President after proving his capability. He was later selected as the Chairman and President of Grupo RBS.

Awards and Membership

Duda has been a recipient of a myriad of awards such as the Merit in Business Administration in the Private Sector, Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst and Young ), which was in the Family Business category. He has also received the Entrepreneur Communication of the Year of ARP Communication Week and the Vehicle Professional in Cobore Award. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Council of the Ibere Camargo Foundation and the Council of Mercosul Biennial.

Protect your retirement with the Midas Legacy

If you are an entrepreneur, an investor, or just someone who wants an early retirement, then you are going to need The Midas Legacy group. If you are wanting to live a better life with health from natural cures, then you may want to become a client of the Midas Legacy.

The Midas Legacy is a consulting firm that gives advice on managing your wealth and success. The main goal of the company is to help people reach the level of success in life they wish for. How they reach this goal is simple. They offer capital to members who have the potential to help change the lives of people in the areas in finance, natural health, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

A client’s success journey starts when they become a member of the company. When they join the Midas Legacy as a Member, they will receive a guide called the Midas Code. To help guide members in their in their different business areas, the company was many knowledgeable specialists. Those specialists include best selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, and top stock market shareholders.

Experts within the organization include Sean Bower, a business journalist, Jim Samson, a recognized publisher, and Mark Edwards, an expert in natural health cures. Sean has great knowledge in finance, and gives expert advice to Midas Legacy members.

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Turning the millennial mindset into easy income

The Midas Legacy gives back to the community by giving to many charities. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the Florida Sheriff’s Association, the Give Hope Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Project, and many more.

The company is located out of Winter Garden, Florida. The Midas Legacy offer research services for anyone who wishes to become more successful in whatever they want to do. The Midas Legacy wants to help those who want to know how to manage their money in a better way.

When it comes to having a better life by becoming healthier with natural cures, and building your monetary wealth for an early retirement, the Midas Legacy is there. They Midas legacy is the organization that has been able to combine these two ideals for success.

The Midas Legacy has the people that can help people maximize their time, their retirement plans, and maximize their health.

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Live Laugh Love in Shared Office Space


Each generation grows and evolves in ways that might seem unorthodox to their older counterparts. Millennials have begun to shift towards new trends of co-working and co-living, which is a structured community based alternative that appeals to young professionals.

There were 781 reported co-working spaces in the U.S in 2013, as opposed to only one is 2005. Companies have continued to grow and expand like WeWork and Workbar. Small companies, independent contractors and working professionals rent or pay a fee for shared work space. Co-working startups make sure offices are clean and the printer is working properly, so that members can concentrate on their task.

New phenomena co-living has become more popular amongst millennials also. WeWork has expanded to opening a co-living facility called WeLive. More young work professionals are experimenting with the idea of group living, and is essentially similar to co-working. Startups lease apartments and rent out rooms to tenants. Individuals share restrooms, and kitchens. There are a variety of other beneficial services as well. There are authority figures in place to ensure safety and intercede when conflict arises.

Co-working and co-living encourages togetherness. It helps combat feelings of loneliness and isolation by working and living as a cohesive unit. Millennials embrace community, which is a totally different view point and dynamic that boomers prior experienced. There may be anxiety regarding living alone or not being as dependent, and co-living/co-working arrangements provide feelings of safety and security in case things do not work out as planned. Millennials embrace and encourage the idea of having a back-up or safety net.

This new trend may seem unconventional but will continue to grow as millennials grow more comfortable moving away from tradition.

Workville is a co-working space located in New York. The space includes: move-in ready offices, shared offices and open desk. Members have the ability to work in a friendly environment. Workville’s Manhattan offices for rent have the flexibility for members to have meetings, and comfortably take calls. Also members have access to a café and terraces. The office space can also serve as a venue for social and corporate events.
Prices for office space range from $45 per day to $4500 per month, depending on each members unique needs.

Makari: The Best Skin Whitening Products on the Market

Our skin plays a crucial role in determining one’s physical appearance. One’s skin condition can assist in predicting the state of his/her health or the level of neatness. Since everyone cherishes his/her beauty, they are left with no option but to seek the best skin care products in the market. Makari de Suisse is a skin care company that is popularly known for its wide range of excellent skin care products. Its products are known for ensuring fabulous results.

As its Swahili product name ‘Makari’ suggests, their products ensure that one’s beauty and skin tone is maintained. The company has been known for the last ten years for offering genuine and efficient skin care products. Based in Switzerland, the beauty company continues to hold the lead among other beauty enterprises of the globe for their excellent achievements.

A Recent study has shown that one’s level of self-confidence and success is directly affected by how they feel regarding their physical appearance. Therefore, if one’s skin is radiant and soft, he/she remains more courageous. Makari is among the few skin care companies that are known, not only boosting one’s whitened and smooth skin; but also increasing one’s self-confidence. Among their skin whitening products are; exclusive toning serum, body beautifying white milk, exclusive toning milk, caviar face cream, Makari clear acnyl cream, luxurious exfoliating body wash 3 among others.

In the modern world, the larger population’s dream is to have a baby soft and radiant skin. However, not many are in a position to achieve this particular state. This fail is because they aren’t using the perfect skin care product available on the market. Recent users of Makari skin lightening creams have confirmed that the product is superb and leaves one’s skin flawless and radiant with that baby soft texture.

Health benefits of Makari skin care products.
1. Fades away the acne scars. The skin care cream is known to take away the acne scars without any harmful ingredient, meaning your skin remains at its best state.
2. Reduces dark spots. The beauty cream takes away the dark spots naturally without the use of hydroquinone.
3. Anti-aging formula. The cream comprises of ingredients that ensure a baby looking face.

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Securus Makes All Prison Calling Easy To See

There are a lot of people who are going to need to make calls to jails because they need to get in touch with family and friends. I found Securus, and it made it really easy for me to make the calls I had to make. I work with a prison assistance project, and they told me that I should just install the app. They also told me that I would be able to get the help that I needed when I called Securus. I need some help setting up my account, and they let me get ready to make calls. I wanted to be able to make calls to friends and family, and I have been making video calls easily ever since.

Stay up to date with Securus on

I have been making video calls to check in on people, and I even get into the ministries that work with inmates. I wanted to make sure that I could use the app whenever I wanted, and I also wanted to know what I could do when I had a friend in a new jail. It turned out that I was going to be able to call a lot of jails where there is work being done by Securus, and then I remember that it would be easier to do this than to go to the jail.

According to a PR Newswire article I read online, Securus created a huge network of cameras that lets people talk to their loved ones, and I am using it as often as I can. It is so much easier for me to check in with all the people I am talking to, and they are all video calls that make it easy for me to see what is going on. It is really easy to check in with people, and it is even easier when I just press a button in the Securus America invented app.

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