Nizan Guanaes- A Great Advertising and Marketing Magnate

Aspiring businessmen and small business owners fail to understand what marketing and advertising entail. Many confuse these two terminologies as the same thing. Advertising is an essential facet of marketing strategy and is quite demanding. Advertising involves sending persuasive messages about a company, products and services that it offers. Marketing helps induce behavioral change to the target audience and increase value of the products and services and the company in general.

A competent businessman should embrace advertising and marketing to effectively choose target markets and understand the means to influence consumer behavior. Advertising entails choosing the right media, placing ads and deciding on the best time to reach receptive audience. Media such as TV, Radio, Internet and billboards have made advertising an exceptional part of the marketing trend. Entrepreneurs should be set to advance with technology and embrace advertising and marketing as the best tool for their businesses to grow.

Nizan Guanes is one of the great business experts who have embraced advertising and marketing. Nizan born in Salvador, Bahia is the co-founder and partner of ABC Group, a holding corporation that comprises 18 companies that offer advertising and marketing to content and entertainment services. He is a degree holder in Business Administration from Universidade Federal da Bahia.

Nizan holds widespread experience in advertising sector and his company is a testimonial to many entrepreneurs. It is the 19th largest marketing communications group in the world. Nizan Guanes is one of the 21 global influencers on media and marketing and he was named as one of the most influential Brazilians by Financial times. He has also played a great role in fighting sexual violence against women and girls.

The Midas Legacy Can Help Your Failing Business

The Midas Legacy has many programs available to help your failing business. These programs have been designed by the best minds within the financial industry. All individuals working for The Midas Legacy have received great experience in the field of finances, and they have all gone to wonderful learning institutions, too.

One of the best programs offered by The Midas Legacy is their ability to rebuild a business. The professionals from this organization will get to the root of the problem. If employees seem to be the problem, The Midas Legacy will show the business how to properly downsize. If the company has no investments, this organization will show the company the right way to invest in order to get a speedy payout. If the place of business is the problem, representatives from this company will show business owners how to search for a cheaper building. The Midas Legacy exhausts all areas before suggesting that a company being firing people.

Another program offered by this company is their budget program on They can take a failing a business and twist and turn their budget around. They will make sure all of the expenses are paid, and they will help the business cut off any cost that is not necessary to the life of the business. These representatives will also help the business locate free money from the government and other sources.

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An additional program offered by this company would be for businesses to come out of bankruptcy. This organization can help businesses make deals with creditors and even the government. The Midas Legacy can also make sure the business has a smooth credit report and score. This way the business owner can apply for loans and other forms of credit in order to keep the business running.

Hundreds and hundreds of businesses have found themselves in bad spots. They contacted The Midas Legacy and trusted the services that are described herein. In no time, these companies climbed out of the debt and decline they were in. Today, majority of these companies are doing over 200 percent better than they were before receiving services from The Midas Legacy. Some of these businesses have even gone on to become some of the largest businesses in the world. Not one business has ever reported The Midas Legacy for doing a bad job or not living up to what their services promise to all businesses.

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Why NutirMost is Promising to be More Than Just a Diet Fad

It is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. While that may be true in some instances, it is not the case when it comes to NutriMost, a fast growing diet and wellness company, and a rival company called Healthy Living. NutriMost recently filed a lawsuit against Healthy Living for allegedly stealing its promotional video, and not just in part but in its entirety. According to a recent online article, Healthy Living posted the NutriMost promotional video on its own website, and replaced all references to “NutriMost” with “Can’t Lose Diet.” It is one thing to mimic another popular promotional product but use the same promotional piece and simply change the names is outright theft.

Not only did Healthy Living use the same video, it used the same testimonials posted by NutriMost customers and its principals. NutriMost wants at least $300,000 for the theft and loss of “goodwill” and “reputation” they suffered as a result. NutriMost refers to itself as “The Ultimate Fat Loss system” and claims customers can lose 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days. The fact that a rival company is riding on NutriMost’s promotional videos and testimonials does say something about the growing popularity of its diet and wellness system.

Why NutriMost is more than just a diet fad
While most people would be skeptical about diet programs that promise weight loss of up to 40 pounds in 40 days, the NutriMost program does have a revolutionary approach and breakthrough technology to help increase weight loss in safe and effective manner. The NutriMost weight loss system does not focus mainly on diet, and NutriMost claims its weight-loss technology can “turn off” fat storage and “turn on” fat burning. Also, unlike other diet systems, NutriMost begins with a consultation that will help you to reset your metabolism. The NutriMost program is more of a health makeover than just another weight loss system and is growing fast in popularity.

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Three Helpful Lip Balms You Can Use Next Time Your Lips Are Dry

Lip balm is a beauty product that nearly everyone uses during the drier months or if they need to prep their lips. It can be surprisingly hard to find a lip balm that really works well. The primary factors people want out of their lip balm is hydration and long lasting effects. Here are the top three lip balms for long lasting hydration and smoothness.

The Maybelline Baby lips lip balm is a gentle, hydrating lip balm. As long as you apply it twice daily, you should see an improvement in your lips. The Maybelline Baby lips lip balms come in tints and in clear lip balms.

Burt’s Bees lip balm is a natural ingredient lip balm. It’s made from one hundred percent beeswax and contains vitamin E. It has healing strength when it gently covers dry lips. It would probably also be good for lips that may have been burned by drinking a hot beverage. You can buy the original Burt’s Bees lip balm or many different flavors.

The Evolution of Smooth is by and far the best lip balm you can go with for long lasting hydration and smoothness. The EOS products smooth out the lips to make them luxurious and happy throughout even the driest day. The EOS lip balm contain natural ingredients, vitamin E, shea butter, smoothing and soothing oils and it is gluten-free. EOS products are available on Target, Walmart and online via Amazon.

Duda Melzer Gives Powerful Speech After Being Chosen To Lead Company

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, whose nickname is Duda, became the CEO of the RBS Group a few years ago. When he became the executive president, his ceremony was broadcast live to thousands of employees of the company. His speech was inspiring and powerful.

Before he became the CEO, Duda was the company’s Vice President Executive. During his speech, Duda said he would continue to be committed to the company’s drive for technological development without losing sight of human dimension.

Also during the speech, Duda mentioned how RBS has always fascinated him, even from an early age. He added that he was passionate about how the company has a positive impact on people’s lives and that his company is driven by challenges.

Before working at his family business, he started his career in the United States. There he was the CEO of BoxTop Media and we worked at Delphi as a senior financial analyst. Last year, Duda was picked to be on the list of leaders of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

Duda Melzer is a passionate businessman who cares about his clients and employees. He has played a crucial role in the success of RBS Group, and the business will likely continue to succeed under his leadership.

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Securus Holds Up the Integrity Banner

In this day and age it is sad to say, but I am actually much more surprised when I see a company that is doing the right thing that I am when I come across a company that is not. That is the case with Securus. I have seen this company do a lot of things with inmate communication technology, and I see why this company is the best in this type of environment. This is a company that is upholding the technology communications banner for privacy with inmate communications.

There was a recent article that was posted on the Securus Technology website that gives a message to customers that may have been using Global Tel Link for their inmate communication needs. It is a report about how Global Tel Link may has made some violations to the standard that should be held in the business of inmate communication technology. I am glad that there is a company that has the integrity to make a stand and come out and highlight the violators of the law. It is so hard to trust a lot of companies in this day and age of corporate corruption. I feel that Securus has made the right move by bringing this type of information to light.

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Securus has been doing a great job when it comes to investigation technology for the Department of Corrections and communication technology for inmates. I have worked on the inside of a prison system, and I definitely think that the technology that Securus has in place has made the process of visitations much smoother. This company has a video visitation app and jail phone voicemail services that have really improved communication between family members and the inmates that they are visiting. This communication certainly improves the behavior of the inmates.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Makari de Suisse Products and their Advantages

Makari products are skin care products which help people of color to change their appearance and lighten their skin. It is manufactured by a Swiss company called Makari de Suisse. Their products are made for people of color especially those who have darker skin. What makes the products special? You may ask. There are more and more men and women who buy Makari de Suisse products and they use it for skin whitening or a daily beauty cream.


The reason why people love Makari is that the products are genuine. They also contain healthy and nourishing ingredients. Castor oil and argan oil are some of the ingredients which are used to manufacture the skin care products. The skin products ensure that your skin is moisturized at all times that it is supple and fresh-looking. For those who are scared of getting wrinkles. Makari de Suisse is the best for hiding those signs of aging.


The products which are sold by the Makari de Suisse line include face cleansers, scrubs and pimple drying creams. The products work best when used together. The cleanser is used to deeply clean the skin and open up the pores so that they can breathe better. The daytime beauty cream, on the other hand can be used daily. The purpose of the cream is to make the skin moisturized and to ensure that it is whitened evenly. It also helps remove any acne and the scars that come with.


When you want to get rid of acne completely, use the pimple drying cream and the scrubbing cream. When you scrub your face, the cream will help you get rid of any dead skin and leave your skin looking refreshed and youthful. The pimple drying cream on the other hand ensures that your skin I able to keep pimples at bay.


When you use the products together, you will realize that they complement each other. They will help you gradually lighten your skin and ensure that it is not harmed by harmful sun rays. The products also do not contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone which may endanger your skin.