Laidlaw & Company Makes Investing Easier

I have been wondering how I would invest as a business owner for a while, but I did not know what the plan would be. I knew that I could do pretty well when I was spending just a small amount of money building something like a trust, but I did not see the potential in it until I spoke to Matthew Eitner and James Ahern at Laidlaw & Company about what they could do for me. The plan was a lot more grand than I thought it could be, and they actually suggested that I do more than just invest as a business person.

They told me that I could find people to invest in my business through their company. they had a lot of people who were looking for small businesses to invest in, and they wanted to work with businesses like mine. It was a pretty natural fit as I started to see people come up with cash that would pay for some of our projects. Laidlaw & Company set up the system to make sure that we could have people paying a certain amount of money to participate in the business, and then we have a system that would pay them when they are supposed to get their dividends.

There are plenty of people like me who are trying to do the same things, and I know that it would make more sense to use Laidlaw & Company to get the results that I needed. I was able to get money to manage my company, and I was sure that I could get more money if I came up with better marketing for my company. I wanted to be sure that I could speak to these people, pitch my business and help them understand how they could assist us.

Why Jason Halpern is an Exceptional Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern is a prominent figure in New York’s real estate development market. His name started gaining popularity in the real estate sector after assuming control of his family’s business, JMH Development, in 2010. The company boasts of about $500 million, which is invested in projects based in New York City.

Jason Involvement in Aloft South Beach


Jason, the Principal of JMH Development, was involved in leading JMH into announcing the topping off the Miami-based Aloft South Beach. The hotel, which was set to open its doors to the public at the beginning of 2015, boasts of about 235-rooms.The Aloft South Beach project involved both Madden Real Ventures and JMH Development. Apart from the adaptive reuse of the Motel Ankara, the project also involved the creation of a new eight-story tower.

JMH Development was best suited for the topping off of the hotel because of its well-established reputation in restoring historic structures. Jason Halpern viewed the topping off process as a key step in the construction process and one that ushered the start of a new phase. Apart from the serene environment presented by the beach, Aloft South Beach is coupled with waterfront areas that provide access to Collins Canal and the Lake Pancoast.


Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is the managing partner and principal of JMH Development. He represents the third generation of the Halpern family. The Halpern family is credited for building hundreds of residential units in New York City and Westchester County, NY. Jason boasts of outstanding level of experience and expertise in development matters. His insight and determination has propelled JMH Development into developing and acquiring several pioneering and innovative properties including some notable landmarked buildings. His knack for building in historical locations sets him apart vfrom other developers.


Apart from devoting a considerable part of his time to building properties, he is involved in charitable engagements around his community. As so, he has invested a considerable part of his resources in the popular Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center based at Westchester Medical Center. Through the JMH Development, he has also initiated philanthropic projects such as the 2015 water partnership with Global Water non-profit charity.

The Influential Work of James Dondero

In a recent article in PR Newswire, it discussed the influential, humble charitable work of James Dondero, the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. The article addresses Dondero’s 1 million challenge to help the Family Place, an organization committed to helping victims of family violence. James Dondero’s challenge is a way for the Family Place to reach their 16.5 million goal in their Capital campaign. The challenge itself is that Highland Capital Management matches 50% of any donation, until they reach a million. It shows the philanthropic work of James Dondero. Before discussing the article further, it is important to know who James Dondero is and what he has accomplished.

Beginning his career as an analyst in 1984 at the Morgan Guaranty Company, Dondero would eventually become one of the most successful businessman. In the late-1980s and early-1990s, he found success working as a corporate bond analysis. By 1993, he co-founded Highland Capital Management, a business that would become widely successful. In the last 30 years Dondero has gained immense experience in credit and equity markets. His ability to develop as a business shows his acumen for finance.

Beyond his experience and success in the financial sector, Dondero has also shown that he is more than a businessman, but also an individual that believes in helping others. An example of his philanthropic work is with his charitable donation of 2 million to SMU Tower Scholars Program. The program allows for students to be immersed in public policy making. This donation is another example of Dondero demonstrating his care for youth around the country. It is a testimony of how much Dondero is willing to give to see students succeed.

After providing some insight into who Dondero is as a philanthropist, there is more respect and appreciation toward what he continues to do. The article by PR Newswire, found at: mentions Dondero’s involvement with the Dallas Police Chief as well as the Mayor of Dallas in helping improve the lives of those healing from family violence. Dondero’s donation ultimately reveals an influential individual who is continuing to improve society everywhere.

Adam Milstein is proud of his heritage

The American real estate market is extremely competitive. To succeed in this market you must have an eye for innovation and a commitment to working hard. There are a limited number of successful men and women within the real estate market, but one of the most innovative names within the marketplace is Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein works as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a highly influential west coast real estate company. The company specializes in rehabilitating, acquiring, and re-positioning real estate properties throughout Southern California. They can transform a once useless property into a highly sought after piece of real estate. At Hager, Adam focuses on financing, deposition, and accounting. Adam is extremely successful professional, but he also enjoys giving back.

Adam was born in Israel and he is extremely proud of his Jewish roots. As a young adult, Adam served in the Israeli Defense Force. Adam eventually became a United States citizen, but he has never lost his Jewish pride.

Adam strongly believes in giving back to the Jewish community. Sixteen years ago, Adam founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization helps educate students and young professionals about their Jewish roots. The organization wants to ignite people’s Jewish pride and encourage them to identify with Israel. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has left a major impact on the Jewish community, and Adam also gives very generously to other Jewish charities. He has served on the Israeli-American Council, StandWithUs, and Birthright Israel.

Milstein has given generously to the Jewish community, and recently he was recognized for his contributions to this community. The Jerusalem Post recently recognized Milstein as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world. Milstein was the 37th name on the list, and he is proud to be named among other Jewish greats like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagen, and Netanyahu.

Milstein is a great name in the real estate community, and he is proud of his accomplishments. Adam looks forward to working in real estate for years to come, but he also looks forward to giving back to the Jewish community for years to come.

Kenneth Goodgame the Marketing Icon

‘Customers live on Value,’ this one of the taglines that Kenneth Good game emphasizes on when interacting with his sales department. Knowing what the clients want and what they are willing to pay for has always given Gooodgame an edge in his marketing career. He has a total of 30 years experience in both retail and manufacturing, and he ascertains that the success of any hardware store is tied to the quality improvements made on their products.

Goodgame’s resume is impressive. His is a story of one success after another with billions of dollars in improved sales and saved costs. At True Value Corp, he has made it possible for shoppers at their stores to view and interact with the sales staff through an interactive process. The stores have set up a working display that allows the clients to play and see how end caps or other products work, while the products key features are displayed. This process not only attracts clients but allows for proper products knowledge to both staff and customers. These are just a few of the retail marketing tips that he kick-started with end cap products.

Since his appointment at True Values Hardware Corporation in 2013, Ken has been at the forefront in leading the executive board team in formulating a five-year strategic corporate plan. The plant seeks to achieve financial alignment, improved profitability, and increase growth. He is responsible for marketing, advertising, and pricing at the firm. Kenneth Goodgame initiated a nationwide advertising campaign that was halfway funded by their suppliers who paid up for the advertising space and for the first time in over ten years, True Value advertised and the results were evident with global Purchasing shooting up to $ 2.2 B.

Goodgame graduated with a B.Sc Degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. His career started when he successfully led to the opening of fourteen leading stores in Puerto Rico, as the product Merchant of D28 Hardlines store. Kenneth is a very talented and ambitious marketing executive. He is best remembered for his ‘Heroic deal’, where he won a contract worth $30M with Wall Mart a mere 120 days after his appointment as the president of Rubbermaid Cleaning Ltd in 2004.

Talk Fusion’s video chat program is changing the business world

In the business world, communication is key. If your business is going to succeed, then team members will need to communicate with one another effectively. There are several popular communication tools in the world, but Talk Fusion is possibly the most innovative communication company in the world. Talk Fusion offers a huge suite of video communication tools that can change businesses for the better.

Recently, Talk Fusion released a major upgrade to their award-winning video chat app. This new update will introduce new and exciting futures that will forever streamline the user experience. Communication between two parties will be easier than ever before and users will be able to better build their businesses.

The enhancements to the video chat app are numerous. The app now allows users to initiate group chats. Users will have easier access to their contacts, and they will easily be able to talk, text and track the progress of their fellow team members. Talk Fusion has infused their new app with cutting-edge technology. People are sure to appreciate the sleek new look and added upgrades allow for an excellent user experience.

The Video Chat app was named the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year recently, and they were also named the top communication apps in the global market. Video Chat is constantly impressing users by remaining functional, compatible, and available.

The workers at Talk Fusion are extremely proud of the product. Jeanne Edimo states that the video chat application is absolutely fantastic. She feels that video chat is a new and exciting way to communicate with people all over the world.

Talk Fusion’s app is totally unique within the marketplace. It can be used on almost any smartphone, and it does not require any account registration or sign-up. You can be using the app in a matter of minutes. Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and he is extremely proud of the video chat app. He knows that Talk Fusion has created a truly unique product that will change the business world.

Communication is a vital part of the business world, and Talk Fusion will make communication easier than ever before.

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John Goullet, the Man behind the Success of Diversant LLC

More often, many people dream of operating and running companies successfully. John Goullet is one of the persons that has had lots of amazing success in this area. As a leading and multitalented entrepreneur of several successful businesses ventures in the IT sector, Mr Goullet has shown the drive to achieve higher goals more than once with an aim to benefit his esteemed clients. Currently, Goullet serves as the principle executive of Diversant LLC, one of the well-established and largest firms in the industry. For quite some time, he has worked tirelessly to make Diversant a great company within his entire industry.

His Career

John began his career in the early 90s as an IT specialist. Upon the surfacing of new market trends, he realized that starting his own company was the next big step he needed to embrace. He therefore founded Info Technologies, a firm that had its main focus in solving complex staffing problems for over 500 fortune companies nationwide. Within a short period of 5 years, this firm recorded higher returns and was acknowledged as one of the 500 fastest-growing, privately owned companies in the United States. Later on in 2010, John resolved to merge Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. and this led to the establishment of Diversant LLC.

As Diversant principal executive, John Goullet is able to show his expertise and follow his desire of inventing and finding new solutions with an aim of meeting the demands raised by clients in the fast growing IT marketplace. Besides being a well-educated man, John Goullet has plenty of experience and this is one of the factors that has enabled him achieve impressive success in all endures he has associated himself with.

About Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is one of the leading and largest IT staffing agency in the United States. This firm provides amazing staffing services to its clients as well as free training that aims at lifting up professionals to higher and reasonable positions in their industry. Being a minority owned firm, Diversant LLC strives to help individuals rise and succeed in the corporate world.

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Mike Baur & His Company’s Recent Endeavors

Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory(SSUF). But before finding this organization, he has acquired much business executive expertise. For one, he developed a passion for the subject of Banking and Finance when he was a teenager. And thus, he had the great honor and satisfaction of pursuing his early passion at an early age. He then earned a MBA from the University of Rochester in New York, and he earned an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. Baur also gained approximately 20 years of experience in the Swiss Private Banking Industry in which he advanced from being a commercial apprentice from UBS to being an executive board member for a large Swiss Private Bank.


Swiss Startup Factory


Swiss Startup Factory(SSUF) was established in 2014 by Baur and two other partners. This company provides some impressive services. And as a result, this company is now the No 1 privately financed and independent ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. One reason, this company is so successful is because they have a startup accelerator program lasts for three months. Their mission is to offer talented, young entrepreneurs of Switzerland a top professional and executable platform that guides them through a thorough business driven and dedicated process with ambitious milestones. In this program, young, aspiring entrepreneurs and startups are offered mentoring, coaching, office space, financing, services, and access to a large investor and entrepreneurial network.


Baur invests a great amount of time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship program, and he is supportive of various Swiss startups as a mentor and financially. So far, the startups that have been launched include Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind.


Other Services Offered


Baur’s company also provides other services as co-working spaces. They have affordable prices for these spaces, desks, and conferences rooms. Their facilities also features a lunch room, in house film studio, storage space, fitness room, free WiFi, Nespresso bar, and a welcome area.


Another great service the SSUF offers is in financing and accounting. This include services in bookkeeping, cash flow reports, payroll management, invoice management, tax and VAT reporting, financial statements, and reviews on the progress and financial health. They have packages that’s custom made for each customer’s needs.


In Recent News


Baur was recently a speaker at the Investor Panel for the WORLDWEBFORUM Next Generation Semester Closing. And lastly, SSUF has brought on Michael Hartweg to be a FINTECH investor and mentor for young entrepreneurs.

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Wen by Chaz Promotes Beautiful Hair

Beautiful hair can be hard to achieve. Even women who are born with beautiful hair still have to do some type of upkeep to make sure that their hair is as good looking as possible. This often means that they need to invest in very expensive products and even in expensive trips to the salon depending on the type of hair that they have and the way that they want it to look. Wen by Chaz wants to make sure that women are able to get the most out of the hair that they have and the hair that they have worked hard to have.

When women use Wen by Chaz, they are able to invest in a product that is relatively affordable and in something that gives them the chance to truly have hair that is comfortable and easy to use. The products that were designed by Wen by Chaz are intended to help hair stay healthy and to make it feel better no matter where the woman is or what type of hair she has. Wen promotes healthier hair so that women can get what they want out of the hair that is on their head. WEN products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online thru Guthy-Renker‘s website.

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Wen by Chaz also helps women get the most out of their visits to the hair salon because of the way that it helps to protect the hair. It can be hard for women to keep up with their hair after they have been to the salon, but Wen makes it an easier process. The creators of Wen wanted women to have to spend less time in the salon and taking care of their hair after they have been to the salon and more time fixing their hair and worrying about different things that are a major part of their beauty routine. Visit the official YouTube channel of WEN to watch testimonials about this amazing brand and don’t forget to give the Wen Facebook page a thumbs up!

Sam Tabar, A Man of Financial Diversity


Sam Tabar is a well-respected attorney and financial planner based out of New York City. He attended college at the prestigious Oxford University where he graduated with honors and then he went on to Columbia Business Law School. During his time at Columbia he served as Associate Editor of Columbia Business Law Review. He graduated in 2001 and immediately went to work as an associate at Scadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

Sam Tabar transitioned from the law firm into business development and wealth management. He held the position as managing director and co-head of business development at the company of SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors before he accepted a position as director and head of capital strategy at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011. He managed the Asia-Pacific region serving in Hong Kong.


Sam Tabar jumped back into practicing law in 2013, joining the Lawyerist community, where he joined the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zapel LLP as a senior associate managing hedge fund accounts. In this capacity he delivers counsel on fund structure and development, investment management issues, employment matters, regulatory and compliance problems.

He served at this law firm for one year in a managing position. Sam Tabar currently is diverse and can speak English, French and Japanese. He enjoys traveling and hosting various events. His background is diverse and he is well educated in law and business and currently invests in American start up companies such as Verboten and Thinx. He is an intelligent and diverse man serving in multiple business capacities.