Avi Weisfogel’s Contributions in Charity and Music.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a remarkable doctor specializing in the treatment of sleep-related disorders. He is the founder of Dental Sleep Master with an outstanding wealth of experience in his field. In 1999 Avi founded his fist dental practice under the name Old Bridge Dental Care. He managed the firm’s offices for over 15 earning accolades from his community which included recognition as the Best Dentist for many years. During his dental practice, Avi Weisfogel started studying on sleep disorders and how dentists and physicians can assist clients suffering from sleep disorders. This saw him establish Dental Sleep Masters in 2004 to help dentists make breakthroughs in the treatment of sleep disorders through the use of oral appliances.


Recently, Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s firm Dental Sleep Masters launched a program meant assist primary care as well as secondary care doctors to work together to find effective cures for sleep apnea disorder. Dr. Weisfogel is among the leading researchers in the causes and diagnoses of the sleep apnea disorder. With over 90% of the sufferers remaining undiagnosed, Dr. Weisfogel and his team know that this is an issue that calls for immediate attention.


Avi Weisfogel is a remarkable philanthropist and has established a GoFund Me page meant for the fantastic charity foundation ‘Operation Smile’. This is an organization that was founded in 1982 by Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathleen to assist children born with deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates.


  1. Avi Weisfogel has also made contributions to the world of music especially the hip-hop sector. With his dope beats and internal motivations, Avi has been able to take advantage of what the music industry has to offer. He has recently built a remarkable base of followers on Soundcloud and intends to share more of his music via the site. Avi is also a passionate supporter of the New York Rangers. The Rangers Youth Hockey Camp is a part of a program that seeks to educate kids and inspire interest in the sport. Each year, the program has combined efforts to reach over 10,000 children regionally. The doctor also has a profound presence in social media with active accounts on sites such Facebook and Tumblr.

Keith Mann Encourages High School Students To Go To College

For many high school students, college is something that they would like to pursue. The students work hard. The students make good grades, and the students have a desire to attend college. While these students are ready to take on the academic challenge of college, many of the students are not ready for the financial reality of college.

The fact is that college is extremely expensive. Just going to a small college is a financial challenge. Attending a large four-year college can push the finances of high earning families. With the costs of college increasing on a yearly basis and the cost already above what many people can afford, many high school students are thinking that they will not be able to go to college. However, there are people who believe that a college education is still possible for even the poorest of the poor. The lack of money should never be the reason why students do not go to college.

One of these people is Keith Mann. As a local businessman in the New York area, Keith Mann has the opportunity to talk to students on many occasions. He always stresses that attending college should be a goal for students. Also, earning a college degree should be the ultimate goal of attending college. .

Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship for students graduating from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship is intended for the purpose of helping the students pay for college expenses. Any graduating senior from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn can apply for the scholarship.

Keith Mann is CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Partners. As an executive search professional, Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience. Dynamic Search Partners is a firm that helps companies both large and small find qualified professionals to fill key positions in the companies.

Keith Mann has a proven track record in the executive search industry. He has helped hundreds of clients find the right person to fill open positions. With a combination of business expertise and excellent communication skills, Keith Mann is able to bring a lot to the table for Dynamic Search Partners.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Popularity On The Rise

After a long break from the spotlight, sapphire engagement rings are making a huge comeback. Ever since Kate Middleton showed off her huge sapphire engagement ring, women everywhere have been scooping them up as fast as they can. Celebrities in Hollywood are now wearing them every chance they get. You can see most of the A-listers wearing sapphires on the red carpet. People love the fact that sapphires come in a rainbow of colors and not just the classic deep blue that is most commonly associated with the gemstone.

Sapphire jewelry was quite popular one hundred years ago but declined over the last several decades. The diamond became to the most popular engagement ring stone. People are starting to realize that there are benefits to having a beautiful sapphire rather than a diamond. A sapphire is almost as hard and fiery as the diamond but comes in bolder colors as well as being quite a bit less expensive. A sapphire can add a dramatic effect to any setting. If a natural sapphire is purchased from a reputable dealer it will catch anyone’s eye that sees it. It has a high level of sparkle and fire and will be beautiful for a lifetime or longer.

A natural sapphire engagement ring would be a perfect heirloom especially if purchased from a top notch sapphire ring provider such as The Natural Sapphire Company. The Natural Sapphire Company has been offering the very finest gemstones. They even offer custom made jewelry that will be a treasured addition to your collection. Their team of in-house gem experts will help you to either select or design the perfect engagement ring or another accessory that you will be proud to wear. If you want a truly magnificent sapphire, then The Natural Sapphire Company is the place to get it. Check out their website for more information and to view their selection.

Jason Halpern: A Real Estate Developer with Reverence for History and Society

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer and an active philanthropist. He is the Managing Partner as well as the Founder of a real estate development firm called, JMH development. He is also a Director of Parametric Dining LLC. Halpern pursues his real estate career passionately with the belief that it is essential for a developer to respect a community in which he develops. He supports this belief by acknowledging the community’s historical roots. Therefore, his development firm is highly reputed for being engaged in developing numerous historic sites and buildings. Halpern is also passionate about coordinating his profession with the needs of society. Thus, he uses his professional skills to make a difference in society.



Jason Halpern’s Experience at JMH Development

Jason Halpern is the third generation running entrepreneur overseeing JMH Development. He began operating this family business from 2010. For over 50 years, the Halpern family had consistently managed this business with an excelling reputation. JMH Development had successfully managed procurement, marketing, topping off and development of several properties throughout several states of the United States. Their work mainly ranges in the luxury category. There have been numerous constructions of residential complexes and Class ‘A’ commercial structures in New York, Brooklyn, Kent, Manhattan and the Miami Beach area. The unique skills, perceptions, and experiences of Jason Halpern assists in leading a team of highly qualified professionals at JMH Development. Their strategic vision designs structures in order to accommodate domestic, hospitality and mixed-use property segments as well.


Jason Halpern’s Recent Entrepreneurial Breakthrough

In the year of 2015, Jason Halpern had managed to top off at Aloft South Beach centered at the heart of Miami Beach. The property was renowned historically within the location for Motel Ankara. The JMH Development and of course Halpern was extremely thrilled about this accomplishment as it marked a significant breakthrough for the entire development firm. The historic structure was adapted strategically to be reformed into an eight-story towered luxury hotel Plaza. The construction was fulfilled by Plaza Construction and designed by the architect, ADD Incorporation. The unique features include a scenic beachfront view with the property being surrounded by Collin Canal and Lake Pancoast. Nearby this luxury hotel, there are various entertainment leisure spots for visitors and tourists. The guests of the hotel are accommodated with high class, convenient services such as an outdoor pool, spacious lounges, fitness centers, restaurants, and bars as well. This hotel is built ideally for corporate and social events.


Jason Halpern’s Humanitarian Activities


Jason Halpern utilizes his personal time and possessions in building a better society by employing his professional expertise and compassionate nature. He engages in voluntary activities with Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. He also supports two global water distribution NGOs through JMH development. These charities are Splash and The Relief Society of Tigray. The proceeds go forward to ensure access to sanitary, safe water for more than 600 Nepalese and Ethiopian regions.

jason halpern, thomas juul hansen

jason halpern, thomas juul hansen

How John Goullet has penetrated the IT Staffing Industry

John Goullet is an individual who has been appreciated for having an outstanding talent in entrepreneurship. He has been serving in the information technology industry for over two decades, and therefore, he has ample experience. John Goullet has established many businesses that deal with information technology. He acquired his knowledge from the Ursinus College where he schooled as from 1979 to 1983. After finishing college, he kicked off his career by serving as an IT consultant. He was good at studying the state of the markets, and this enabled him to notice potential markets in the IT staffing sector. He then created Info Technologies in 1994 and served as the chief executive officer of the enterprise up to 2010. The firm operated its business successfully, and the main clients that depended on it were the Fortune 500 companies. The prosperity was evident since it took only five years to grow to a worth of $30 million.

In 2010, John Goullet assisted in the establishment of the Diversant LLC, and he currently serves as its chairperson. The firm is presently recognized by the United States government as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. It is the most profitable IT staffing business that is held by African-Americans. The assortment of products and services that the company provides is broad. It has divided them into IT staff support and replacement, direct employment, and various creative services. The firm has devoted a lot of efforts to ensure that it strictly hires skilled and talented individuals. It trusts that the professionals who are offered to the clients have the expertise to tailor computer applications to solve their technical needs.

The firm has been using methodologies that are competent. It ensures that all the stakeholders that associate with its business are fully satisfied. The experience that it has in the sector allows it to match companies with IT consultants who have skills to solve their exact problem. Diversant LLC interacts with its clients in a consultative way that makes them feel like comfortable when doing business with it. Its excellent strategies have been essential in the creation of healthy and long lasting relationships.

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What To Look For In Hair Care Products

If you are like most people you have been using traditional shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your hair. While there are tons of products on the market you might become overwhelmed trying to figure out which ones are the best for your hair. There are products on the market for just about every type of hair you can imagine. There are products that add volume and bounce to thin and limp hair, shampoos to smooth frizzy hair and minimize flyaway, and there are even special shampoos and conditioners to improve the way that naturally curly hair lays. It is important to find hair care products that will protect your hair and keep its natural oils. You want to be sure to use natural products with botanicals. Be sure that the products that you choose are also sulfate-free. An excellent choice for all hair types is WEN Hair cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean.

Chaz Dean created Wen for his celebrity clientele. He wanted to give them beautiful and healthy hair that didn’t damage hair like other shampoos do. His product isn’t a shampoo but rather a cleansing conditioner that gently removes dirt and debris from hair without stripping the natural oils.

Ever since the people on social media, especially Facebook realized how fabulous Wen hair care products are they have been flying off of the shelves. People everywhere are loving the way that Wen leaves their hair. When you use Wen you will see a dramatic improvement in your hair. It will be shiny, bouncy, and manageable. No more frizzy or dry hair. You will have the hair that you have always wanted by using one hair care product. If you haven’t tried Wen yet and you want healthy hair then you should give it a try. You will be amazed at how well it works.

REFERENCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wen

Securus Technologies Promotes its Video Visitation Service through Informative Commercials

Securus Technologies has launched a new campaign for its video visitation technology. The company currently dominates in North America as a provider of public safety and criminal justice solutions. The new campaign seeks to promote Securus’ Video Visitation service that is being used in several US-based correctional facilities.


The Video Visitation Campaign


Richard Smith who serves as Securus’s chair and CEO said that the company’s Video Visitation would have several commercials about the importance of video visitation for 30 days. He also mentioned that the commercials target more than 160,000 people who visit inmates using the company’s Video Visitation service. Smith said that the service could be accessed from smartphones and desktops.


As the CEO of an established company, Smith pointed out that the Video Visitation service revolutionized the traditional methods people used when visiting their loved ones in jail. He said that the commercials emancipate people on why they should adopt video visitation instead of driving all the way to jail. Smith also mentioned that the service connects family members with their locked loved ones during birthday celebrations, Christmas, and other festivities. He said that inmates go through difficult times when locked up. Furthermore, they are relieved after communicating with their friends and family through the Video Visitation service.


About Securus Technologies


Securus’s innovations for correctional facilities have a long-lasting impact on the lives of inmates. The company has strengthened bonds between inmates and their friends and family through services such as Video Visitation. Securus’ head office is located in Dallas TX. The company boasts a client base of over 3000 law enforcement and corrections agencies. Over 1.2M inmates are also enjoying the company’s services and products. Securus’s vision is to serve by connecting clients with investigation, emergency response, and biometric analysis services. Securus also excels in incident management, Inmate self-service, information management, and communication solutions.



James Dondero Appointed to the Executive Board of Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University

James Dondero , co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management (HCM) has been appointed to the board of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. HCH is a Dallas-based asset management firm. Mr. Donderos recent appointment strengthens the existing ties between HCM and the Southern Methodist University.

The appointment endows Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars, an education initiative that recognizes and encourages academic excellence and professional pursuit. Furthermore, it expands the ongoing support of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

SMU’s Board

According to James Dondero, HCM is a beneficiary of the contribution of the Cox School at SMU. Therefore, Dondero feels honored to contribute towards various development initiatives undertaken by SMU. The Executive Board of SMU comprises of about 100 members, most of who are non-academicians responsible for strategy formulation in the school of business. The board meets thrice in a year, in the winter, fall, and spring.

Besides serving as Highland’s President, Mr. Dondero serves as the Chairman to the boards of CCS Medical, Nexpoint Residential Trust, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He also serves on the boards of Jernigan Capital and MGM Studios.

About HCM

Highland Capital Management is a fully certified investment advisory firm. Together with its affiliates, HCM is currently managing assets worth $16 billion. HCM was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. It is the nation’s leading and most prestigious global-scale alternative credit management firm.

Over the years, the firm provides credit strategies such as collateralized loans obligations, special-situation equity, distressed financial aid, and credit hedge funds. Besides, HCM creates alternative investment opportunities that include emerging markets, natural resources as well as long/short-term equities.

Highland Capital Management serves a diversified customer base that comprises of pension plans, governments, financial institutions, endowments, corporations, and high-net-worth investors. Highland’s corporate offices are located in Dallas, Texas; however, it maintains offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore.

About SMU

The SMU’s Cox School of Business was unveiled in 1920 in Dallas, Texas. Later on in 1978, it was named in honor of Edwin L., its benefactor. The school offers a wide spectrum of business education programs as well as serving as a center of academic excellence and an active alumni network.

Magnises brings excellence to city life

Magnises is an ingenious idea made to reality by innovative and intelligent entrepreneur Billy McFarland. The 23-year-old founded the enterprise in a bid to provide an experimental and benefits platform for millennials. Magnises helps its members to enjoy their cities to the fullest and take their lives to the next level. Members of this fantastic organization enjoy a lot of benefits which are inclusive of members-only experiences and other exclusive benefits.

Magnises reaches out to persons they consider influencers so as to expand its membership. Magnises said that reaching out to such individuals would significantly impact their dream of hitting a million members in the next three years. According to members of the prominent firm, Magnises offers an excellent way to connect with the city. The Magnises concierge application is meant to help members to know which clubs or events to attend, and what events are happening at precise times of the day. The way Magnises delivers service to its client is something that makes the experience even more rewarding. Clients may even get backstage tours of the kitchen and taste the dishes as they meet the Chef.

Magnises launched its black card service which revolutionizes credit card rewards. This is a card meant for millennials and comes with an ideal interactive or community aspect. Members love their cards, which are more of just payment means than credit or debit cards. Using the Magnises black card may also get you some perks from the Magnises Company.

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The black card may be for New York clients for now, but according to the Chief Executive Officer Billy McFarland, they plan on expanding to other cities shortly. The card was born out of the needs for millennials to live their city lives to the fullest. The company is more centered on the community aspect. McFarland said that he launched the black card after he realized that he was a couple of years away from owning the coveted American Express. Millenials need something more affordable and more community based.

Magnises success may be because it has great minds on board. The founder himself is intelligent and innovative e-entrepreneur with a proven track record for start-ups. The company’s advisors and investors include persons like Bill Gray; ex-chairman of MasterCard, Kevin Liles; former CEO and president of American Express, and the ex-CEO and president of Def Jam Patrick McMullan.

Magnises is a firm which has been founded with a new focus, It aims to make it easier and more fun to explore your city. Magnises have quite a profound presence in popular social media platforms such as IG, Twitter, and Facebook. This is mainly because of the implications of these medias may have on Magnises as a firm that depends on a communal aspect of its members. Magnises’ has grown steadily since its launching; this is due to the creativity of the enterprise’s management and its sensitivity to the needs of its clients. In the next few years, Magnises is expected to make some significant steps. With the leadership and commitment of Billy, the company will bring a whole new experience of city life to millennials.

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