Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Championing the Struggle for Migrant Rights Through Their Frontera Fund

While it is true that the world is more democratized today than it has ever been, there are still many who do not have access to even the most basic human rights and freedoms. Even in the most developed nations on the globe, such as the United States, many continue to be discriminated simply for being the way that they are.

For many such individuals, their hope for justice and equality solely lies in the hands of non-profit organizations that go out of their way to advocate for their plight. One such non-profit is the American Immigration Council which has for the last few decades been engaged in assisting immigrants in the United States.

The American Immigrant Council was founded on the backdrop of America’s strong immigrant history. Based in Washington D.C., the organization is constantly engaged in efforts to shape how Americans view and act towards immigrants favorably. In addition to increasing awareness among the public, it also supports immigrants by participating in the formation of humane immigration laws and ensuring that they are enforced constitutionally.

To fulfill this broad mandate, the American Immigrant Council requires a significant amount of resources that it typically sources from likeminded individuals and organizations. Among the organization’s biggest supporters is the Frontera Fund founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

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For long, Lacey and Larkin were ordinary citizens like you and I. The two were reputable journalists and ran their own media publications: the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. However, a sudden brush with injustice drove them to become strong human, civil and migrant rights advocates.

In 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested on charges of violating jury secrecy laws in the county of Maricopa. Their arrest was made under the instruction of the county’s sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The two strongly maintained that their arrest was illegal as there was no evidence of wrongdoing on their part. The county attorney, Andrew Thomas soon came to this realization as well and dropped the charges against the two.

However, Lacey and Larkin could not let the blatant violation of their First Amendment Rights by Maricopa county slide. Consequently, they brought legal action against the county’s Sherriff and special prosecutor. The court ruled in favor of Lacey and Larkin by finding that the Sheriff lacked sufficient probable cause to go ahead with the arrest. Maricopa County decided to settle with the two, giving them $3.7 million. Read more:  Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

It is this small fortune that Lacey and Larkin used to form the Frontera Fund. They envisioned the primary goal of the fund being to assist the Hispanic community residing in Arizona. Towards this goal, the fund has distributed funds to more than two dozen organizations engaged in the struggle for human and civil rights causes in Arizona and beyond such as the American Immigration Council.

As Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin assert, we are all migrants and should thus be involved in fighting for migrant rights.

Greg Secker Trains Youths to Becoming Successful Entrepreneurs

The founder of Learn to Trade, Capital Index and SmartCharts Software, Greg Secker is a renowned businessman and a generous giver. He owns The Greg Secker Foundation which dedicated to impacting positively on the lives of youths and people living in different communities around the world. This foundation is like any other charitable organizations around the world.

He has initiated programs for training young entrepreneurs for free hence paving their ways into being successful business people within the economy of Europe. He has also incorporated other upcoming investors and entrepreneurs into his programs thus helping them take great steps to thriving in the business world. Greg started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services and then joined Virtual Trading Desk. Later on, he served at Mellon Financial Corporation as the deputy chief executive officer of the company. Right now, he runs his own company which has gained so much popularity around the world. He has benefited by receiving several awards due to the excellence of operations at Learn to Trade.

Teaching people has been his greatest inspiration and he grew this passion while he was working at a bank in the United Kingdom. He would work for few hours depending on how the transactional operations went at the bank. Out of boredom, he came to realize what he enjoyed doing most hence leading to the launching of Learn to Trade. He, therefore, learn to earn extra money off his average salary, so he did not have to entirely rely on the money he earned from the bank.

His achievements have been speared by his friends, family and his colleagues who believed in him and kept inspiring him to keep going after what he always wanted. Additionally, he admitted that his successes as an entrepreneur were greatly steered by his excellence in making reasonable decisions before executing and implementing any of them.

Greg Secker also uses software that has helped in speeding his operations as an entrepreneur, and he believes that giving back to the society chiefly contributes to everyone who wants to achieve so much around people who are not sometimes able to meet their own needs. With all these, he has dramatically impacted on the growth of the economy.

Meet Whitney Wolfe; the CEO of Bumble

Finding partners and new friends internationally has been challenging for a time. But dating apps are developed to assist people to get right partners for life. Bumble is one of the most excellent dating apps, and it was founded by Whitney Wolfe in 2014. Bumble is headquartered in Austin, Texas and it has over 18 million subscribers bymid-2017. Bumble’s success is attributed to Whitney’s hard work and innovativeness in ensuring the dating app is effective.

Whitney Wolfe is a great entrepreneur, and she joined business world at an early age. Whitney studied international studies at Southern Methodist University. While at the university, Whitney started a business of bamboo tote bags which grew significantly. After graduating, she moved to work with orphanages at Southeast Asia. Later Wolfe co-founded Tinder dating app which became famous after some time. She left the company and launched her dating app (Bumble).

Bumble has launched very many new modes which make the app better. It enables women to initiate conversations to people of their choice, and they respond within 24 hours. With the help of Whitney, dating app giant launched Bumble BFF. This mode helps people find new friends internationally with the help of the app. The app also has launched Bumble BIZZ which enables users to upload their photos, resumes, their work and abilities. This app is for mentoring and networking enhancing women and men interact within the bumble app. With affordable subscriptions, Bumble is dedicated to helping many people find lovers as well as new friends.

Whitney Wolfe has dedicated much of her time in helping other finding partners. But that doesn’t mean she is single. Recently she had a fantastic wedding at Villa Tre Ville Positano Amalfi Coast. Michael Herd is the lucky man who married Whitney. The wedding celebration was one of a kind, and it demonstrated pure love from the two lovebirds. The guests were delighted with the reception canopy, drinks, and food.

The cake was excellent with some fresh fruits like strawberries, and everything was set according to plan. An Oscar de la Renta gown was Whitney’s choice which made her perfect for the occasion. His Husband also looked very neat and simple. The environment was just romantic, and it was a great sign of a happy marriage beginning. Everybody has been talking about the wedding in social media as it was not from this world. Whitney Wolfe was pleased to have such a dream wedding. She is determined to help more people find their better halves with Bumble App. The app is very secure, and Whitney is confident that the app will continue to be upgraded to improve service delivery.

Whitney Wolfe info: www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Nathaniel Ru Contributions towards Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his comrades atGeorgetown University found it hard to get a convenient place to find food in Washington D.C. At last, they found a tavern on M street with a fabulous 560 square foot eatery. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://bitsylink.com/2017/07/27/nathaniel-ru-talks-about-sweetgreens/

After some time of visiting the restaurant, the friends found an idea of starting their eatery. After six years, they established an eatery on M street which has grown to the amazingrestaurant called Sweetgreen.

During an event, Nathaniel explained how the business came to be. It was a coincidence that the owner of the tavern space they were hunting was the landlord of the apartment they were residing.

Nathaniel Ru called her explaining their business idea, but at first, she just hung up. However, they did not lose hope, Nathaniel and his colleagues insisted on calling until she gave in and asked for a business meeting.

The upcoming restaurant owners showed up at the meeting with a 3-page business plan and one page for the financials. They had an idea of naming the restaurant greens at first. The tavern owner believed in their idea and asked them to bring an architect, some sponsors and a real business plan on the table during the next meeting. Despite Ru and his friends not having any restaurant experience, the tavern owner believed in them and supported their idea.

The Sweetgreen restaurant has grown to have outlets in Northeast’s urban areas and its environs in places like Philadelphia, New York, Washington and Boston. Most of sweetgreen’s ingredients are supplied by local farmers providing natural products. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

Therefore, their food is usually healthy, delicious and fresh. Theresa Dold, an alumnus of Georgetown University and who is in charge of digital marketing at Sweetgreen, stated that the Sweetgreen was established with a significant purpose and not only as a salad restaurant.

Nathaniel Ru and his fellow co-founders in April 2009 found a convenient restaurant space in Washington near DuPont. However, for the first two weeks, the sales recorded was very low.

The owners of the space introduced speakers to play music and entertainment every weekend. The number of customers grew to 600 which increased profitability. Also, the music idea led to an annual event of the restaurant called Sweetlife.

Nathaniel Ru serves as the Co-CEO of Sweetgreen Company. He founded Sweetgreen with his colleagues, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. He graduated from McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University with a BS in Finance. Nathaniel Ru is passionate that Sweetgreen is going far in business.

Michael Lacey, a Genius in Mathematics

Michael Thoreau Lacey, who was born on 26th September 1959, is an established American Mathematician. Lacey attained his Ph. D in 1987 at Urbana-Campaign from the University of Illinois. Under the guidance of Walter Philipp, he presented a thesis that used probability to solve a mathematical problem that involved the Law of Iterated Logarithm.

His thesis that was centred around empirical characteristic functions indicated his interest in probability. He has made significant contributions in the field of ergodic theory, probability, and harmonic analysis. He first held postdoctoral positions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University. While at the University of North Carolina, Lacey together with Walter Philipp provided proof of the Central Limit Theorem.

Between 1989 and 1996, Michael worked at Indiana University. During this time, he studied the bilinear Hilbert Transform after receiving a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation. In 1996, Lacey with the help of Christoph Thiele solved the Hilbert Transform, which had been introduced earlier by Alberto Calderon.

For this achievement, they received the Salem Prize. Since 1996, Michael Lacey has been working at Georgia Institute of Technology as the professor of mathematics. While working here, he has made significant strides and his hard work and effort have seen him receive a Guggenheim Fellowship, which he received after working with Xiaochum Li.

Those that have experienced Lacey’s first-hand work can testify to how great he is in mathematics and how he is determined to find the solutions that seem to be troubling people. He joined the American Mathematical Society in 2012 and has been a member since. This move was expected since the moment he started solving major mathematical problems and bringing new ideas to the table.

During the mid-2000s, Michael had become a very popular public figure on many platforms, especially those in the media. During this time he was involved in minor publishing, working for a certain empire under the Village Voice Media (VVM). Village Voice Media was a chain that consisted of various weekly newspapers, some of which were the City Pages, the iconic New York Paper, the LA Weekly and the Phoenix New Times.

Michael Lacey had founded the Phoenix New Times back in 1970. He was working with almost all of the weeklies across the nation. Michael Lacey stepped out of the newspaper business in 2012. However, he is still mentioned in most of the stories that appear in the newspapers from time to time.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance