Dr. David Samadi: making care count

Dr. David Samadi, Chief of Urology and Robotic Surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, has shown himself to be a voyager in the field of Cancer treatment. His research and dedication have set him far apart in his field. He invests his time and effort into the treatment and diagnosis of Urological diseases, as well as certain cancers. Dr. Samadi has made great strides in minimally invasive prostate surgery, as well as adding his wealth of knowledge to kidney and bladder cancer research.

Samadi started out by getting the best possible education to fuel his mission. Not only does he boast an M.D. from the prestigious Stony Brook School of Medicine, but also piled on impressive undergrad work at schools like the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. David furthered his career in medicine by adding fellowships in Proctology and Robotic Radical Prostatectomy. A degree in biochemistry also helped further his research and put him on the fast track to success.

His passion lies in the early detection and treatment of prostate cancer, but that’s not all that’s up his sleeve. In 2011, Dr. Samadi was the host of a medical advice TV show called “Sunday Housecall” on Fox News. He also funneled some of his energy into running a website and radio show focused on getting health information to the world. This program touches on subjects such as men’s health issues and alternative medicine.

Dr. Samadi also prides himself on having one of the most efficient, if not the most, surgical teams in his OR. “Since they have been working with me for close to two decades, I feel like I have my own baseball team.” He said. He continued to praise his team and explains how they work like an airplane, with him as the pilot. “Everyone knows their position in the operating room, and each person has a special role.” His prides himself on his team that will start cleaning up a half hour before he’s finished, to be sure they are ready ASAP for their next case. His model not only works, but has been a template for other surgeons to do the same.

Samadi’s dedication to his craft is unmatched. From mission trips with his surgical team, to adding to the vast potential future of robotic surgery, Dr. David Samadi is a pioneer. He continues to provide invaluable care, resources and compassion to his patients. A doctor who truly cares about his practice is a priceless asset, and Dr. Samadi will continue to define that.

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Astonishing Tips by Vijay Eswaran

\Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful investors. He is the founder and CEO of QI Group which is one of the largest multi-business conglomerates in Asia. Vijay has made the group great with innovations and hard work. Vijay starts his day with an hour of silence, and it has been a routine. This puts him in a better place to achieve all his daily targets. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.facebook.com/DatoSriVijayEswaran/ and https://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/living-a-life-of-purpose-breaking-away-from-the-mental-shackles/

Vijay Eswaran grew up in a meditative Hindu tradition. He decided to write and publish a book, In the Sphere of Silence, that talks about the power of silence. The book is full of advice on how individuals should start their days. Vijay says an hour of meditation daily helps one in gathering energy and getting focus. This is what he has explained in this wonderful book. The book was published in 2005 in Asia by Rhythm house, and recently it was published in the USA.

In the book, Vijay attributes his business success to the book. He has been following the precepts of the book for over 18 years, and he is certain it has helped him attain much of his goals. The hour of silence that he observes daily is divided into five parts. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

The first three parts take 10 minutes each; the fourth parttakes 20 minutes while the fifth part takes 10 minutes. The optimal time is 4:30 am to 6 am. If the silence is disrupted, you start all over again.

The book explains all these parts comprehensively. The first ten minutes is for reflection on the previous day. You should be able to figure out what you didn’t do better to make the day more successful. The second part is to write all the things you need to do today.The third part one should write goals for the next seven days, next 12 months and the next five years. You should restate these goals every day. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies

Part four is divided into two. The first 15 minutes you should read an informative or any inspirational book. The next five minutes you should write a summary of what you have read. It is advisable to read a book that tells you something new.

The fifth part of the silence is to communicate with your god and write a good summary of the reflection. After 21 days this becomes a habit that will make you more productive.

Financial Solutions Provided by Felipe Montoro Jens

Rio de Janeiro city is looking forward to creating 20,000 new places in day care centers and 40,000 new places in pre-schools by 2020 under the leadership of the incumbent mayor Marcello Crivella. All these steps are done to help expand child education network. To make it work the idea of Public Private Partnership (PPP) has to be employed which will aim to construct maintenance of educational institutions. Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in infrastructure projects, stated that PPP is currently in the feasibility studies phase.

This partnership model is similar to the first PPP of schools in Brazil which were celebrated in July 2012. Felipe added that in Belo Horizonte mining capital, the idea of PPP is not new because most of them accompanied Mayor Marcelo’s programs whose primary commitment during his campaigns was improving the education sector.

Marcello Crivella stated that the new places being created through PPP works in a way where the private partner is responsible for the administrative maintenance and construction of the new Infant Education Units. The City Hall is responsible for the school lunch and by the pedagogical part. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is a member of the World Bank Group, is the institution that provides consulting services for the project modeling. Montoro stated that IFC is the most significant private sector development entity in the developing global.

IFC stated that it is passionate about helping its partners overcome financial and political challenges. Felipe highlighted that IFC would be on a contract of R $ 2.1 million with the institution. Public institutions partnering with private sectors through PPP is an excellent choice to curb the scarcity of resources.

Felipe Montoro Jens explained that this model is based on public administration institutions signing contracts with private companies responsible for constriction, development, and operation of public services and goods. Felipe Montoro serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Energipar Captacao S.A. and is an expert in financial strategy.

Find out more about Felipe Montoro Jens: http://www.comunique-se.com.br/release.aspx?title=e-preciso-falar-de-parcerias-publico-privadas—com-felipe-montoro-jens&releaseid=126722&partnerid=11&