Michel Terpin: Racing for Excellence

Brazilians love sports, and rally driving is one of the sports that most locals are watching for adrenaline rush and excitement. Because of the promising opportunity for the sport, many drivers are trying to enter rally driving in exchange for fame and fortune. Michel Terpin is one of the most popular racers in the country. He is the son of Jack Terpin, who was well-known because of his skills in basketball, and he is also the brother of Rodrigo Terpin, another rally driver who also competes in local and international events. Together, the brothers Michel and Rodrigo Terpin are forming a formidable alliance which can be tough for challengers and newbies.

At a very young age, Michel Terpin has been taught by his father to embrace sports. Their family loved sports, and every member of the family should excel in a particular game. For Michel Terpin, he had to train how to drive so that he could also be proud of the sport he would soon be entering. Upon growing older, Michel Terpin decided to try his luck at a motocross event, and he won. This boosted his confidence in the driving sport, and later on decided to team up with his brother, Rodrigo Terpin, to compete in rally driving events. The Terpin Brothers became the favorite of the crowd, and they can beat all of their rivals.

Since their first win together, Michel Terpin and his brother is now a staple at annual driving competitions. However, they managed to leave their mark on the sport when they decided to enter the Sertoes Rally. The brothers are dedicated to finishing the race because they wanted to prove something to their detractors and critics. When the time of the event came, the two started to work together and to cooperate for them to control the vehicle. When Michel Terpin and Rodrigo Terpin are now in control, they decided to win the race at all costs, and after the competition, they managed to cover a distance of more than 3,000 kilometers, and the audience became an instant fan to the Terpin Brothers. After their competition, the two congratulated those who would compete for their countries and wished them good luck.

Here Is Who Ian King Really Is

Financial instruments and investing in them have been around for hundreds of years. With careers dedicated to the practice, research, and teaching of finance and its related fields, it’s safe to say that society knows tons about the basics of investing, not to mention highly advanced, technical aspects of the field.

Whenever new fields, whether they’re related to finance or not, pop up, they take long periods of time to get developed as far as that of finance, medicine, marketing, broadcasting, and everything in between.

Cryptocurrency Is A Popular, Recently Developed Field

Digital assets haven’t been around for long. The father of all modern cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, was created in the first month of 2009 – that means it’s been around for just over nine years according to banyanhill.com.

There are more than one thousand cryptocurrencies in trade today, some of which grow in price overnight hundreds of dollars at a time. Unlike the world of finance, understanding what’s going on with cryptocurrencies is highly difficult due to its relatively recent entry into the fray of things related to finance.

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Who Is Out There Learning About Cryptocurrencies For Planet Earth?

People just like you and me get into cryptocurrencies by reading about them. While buying them is remarkably easy, it’s doesn’t make sense to do so unless you thoroughly inform yourself of at least the basics of cryptocurrencies and what causes price changes on investopedia.com.

It’s important for people to take care in the world of cryptocurrencies, as spending too much money on poor choices is entirely a bad idea. Prices of cryptocurrencies are more volatile than pretty much any other financial instrument known to man.

Ian King is one of the forefront leaders in writing about cryptocurrencies. He has worked in financial services in one capacity or another over the past 20 years. Mr. Ian King most recently worked for Peahi Capital as its manager of day trading options, although all he does for a living today is write about cryptocurrencies and research them, as well. He writes once a week for the Sovereign Investor Daily, and is a member of Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ronald Fowlkes is Saving Thousands of Lives

Have you ever met a Marine, SWAT instructor or a manager of a large company? If you ever meet Ronald Fowlkes you’ll have met all three. To his friend he is known as Ronnie and to his recruits he is known as sir. From 1989 to 1993 Ronnie served in the U.S. Marine Corps and was promoted twice for his display of heroism in combat. He attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry and is a decorated veteran of the first Gulf War. Ronald is always first to take up a challenge and protect his comrades. That is why he joined the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). This organization moves ahead of soldiers to clear IED’s and bomb threats saving countless lives in the process. A dangerous job to say the least, Ronald improved the company’s IED detection rates and provided important insight into the mindset of soldiers and enemies in the heart of a conflict. This gave engineers of JIEDDO ideas for new technology and training operations.


Upon completing his tour of duty Ronald Fowlkes became a police officer for the St. Luis Metropolitan Police Department for 10 years. He then joined the St. Luis County Police Department where he served for three years. During this time he became a team leader for the St. Luis Metropolitan Police Department HRT team, which was responsible for over 250 high-risk entries and hostage situations every year. He also became a certified SWAT/URBAN tactics chief instructor and mentor to those who wished to pursue a career in law enforcement or the military.


Ronald Fowlkes is currently the Development Manager of Eagle Industries Unlimited’s Law Enforcement products and services. He trains over 150 existing employees and new recruits about the use, safety and servicing of every Eagle Industries Unlimited products made for the military and law enforcement. Eagle Industries Unlimited is a manufacturer of tactical gear and equipment used by the U.S. military, law enforcement and police departments around the nation. It was established in 1974 to provide gear and equipment to those that serve to protect. This philosophy resonated well with Ronald and his military background. He has seen firsthand the brotherhood that develops in combat and the perpetual need to protect yourself and the man next to you.


The impact of a single individual and his or her efforts to make the neighborhood, block or city a better place usually goes unrecognized, but the dedication and changes that Ronald has made and continues to make have earned him the respect of his friends and countrymen. His trainees will go on to other law enforcement professions serving, protecting and saving lives. Directly and indirectly Ronald Fowlkes will be responsible for saving hundreds if not thousands of lives across America and the world.


Todd Lubar, Real Estate Mogul Inspiring Entrepreneurs Achieve their Dreams

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who started from the ground up to become the current

president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC and the senior vice president of Legendary Investments.

The road for Todd as an entrepreneur was no different from all the other entrepreneurial leaders. Todd graduated with a Major in Speech communication from Syracuse University and he joined the corporate world in 1995.

Todd Lubar began working for Crestar Mortgage immediately after completing college. He joined Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas, where he grew the Maryland office. In 2002, Mr. Lubar left to open a real estate firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. He eventually formed Legendary financial LLC after observing the markets for over twelve years. Legendary LLC was to be used as a commercial lending source for both individuals and companies.

According to Patch, Todd draws his inspiration from helping people to achieve their most ambitious dreams by getting rid of the many obstacles preventing them from getting approved loans.

Todd’s previous experience in the finance world and his expertise in the real estate development niche have connected him with the talented people to help build an empire.

Going over and above, paying attention to detail, knowing what goes on at all levels of the company and deploying his business skills with customers has given him incredible referrals which have built his business reputation.

His life accomplishments have stemmed from hard work and have enabled him to maintain his career momentum. Todd’s failures have taught him that if even if you get knocked down, you have to rise up the next day and just keep playing the game, but with a different approach. Staying down only diminishes your chances of being available when the new opportunities knock on your door.

Todd Lubar is an avid reader of business books in his spare time such as the “The Magic of Thinking Big” which helps him to keep high expectations for the future and hungry for success. His goal is to continue to better himself for tomorrow and add value to all people he interacts with at a variety of levels. You can follow him on Twitter.

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