Dr. Johanan Rand and the Healthy Aging Medical Center

Between the ages of 35 to 50, estrogen and progesterone decline at about 25%. With menopause, the lack of estrogen and progesterone could leave women with a hormonal imbalance. This will lead to other health issues such as heart disease, breast cancer, depression, osteoporosis, uterine cancer and many others.

Many studies have shown that pre-menopausal women whose hormones have been replaced and balanced with bio-identical hormones felt better and remained healthier (Releasefact). Hormone replacement can also help with aging, Alzheimer’s, vaginal issues, skin issues, and libido. But doctors recommend not to use chemically altered synthetic hormones that aren’t recognized by our body. Estradoil, for instance, is a bio-identical made from plant sources is shown to be protective and have no side effects. Provera, is a synthetic pharmaceutical hormone brand used to replace progesterone, but has a different molecular structure and a different physiology. Provera has several side effects including depression, an increase in blood clots, heart attacks, weight gain and many other ailments.

Dr. Johanan D. Rand of the Healthy Aging Medical Center provides a program custom for each patient. After a consultation, an evaluation, and blood work, Dr. Rand will develop a program based on the patient’s needs, amount of hormone therapy, nutrition and supplement, and fitness program.


About Dr. Johanan D. Rand

He is a medical director, physician, and founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey. He trained at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. Dr. Rand only practices and prescribes treatment if it has been supported by a medical journal and peer-reviewed.

He is certified in medical acupuncture and has been trained with Age Management Medicine pioneer Dr. Rouzier.

Dr. Rand is currently working on a book entitled “It’s Not Too Late to Live Past 100” and pursuing a Master’s degree in Anti-Aging Medicine, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine.


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