The DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Has Made A Name In The Dubai Real Estate Market

The Chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties is Hussain Sajwani. Last year, he was ranked the UAE’s richest new billionaire. His fortune began to rise after he partnered with the Trump Organization to open a golf club. The DAMAC owner stated 2017 was a stable and good year. The company was founded in 2002 after the real estate market in Dubai was opened for foreign investors. Hussain Sajwani came through the 2008 bursting of the real estate bubble and has focused on delivery. The recovery period was from 2010 through 2011.

In 2013 Hussain Sajwani launched the Akoya for 42 million. This development featured villas, mansions, apartments and a golf course built with the Trump Organization. The Akoya Oxygen was launched the next year for $55 million. The DAMAC owner saw an influx of people and the market moving in 2012. This was when he decided to launch Akoya Oxygen and Arab Spring. This insight into the future launched the company to a new level. Most of the units delivered by the company were from 2012 and beyond. Hussain Sajwani is expected to deliver an additional 2,800 units this year. This may include the completion of the Damac Towers by Paramount luxury hotel.

Hussain Sajwani is optimistic regarding the Dubai property market. The DAMAC owner is growing his portfolio of serviced apartments, hotels and his mega projects. This is currently thirty percent of his sales. He is delighted to speak about Dubai. Hussain Sajwani also has a pipeline consisting of 40,000 to be delivered to the UAE between 2017 and 2021. The company has already handed over The Heights and DAMAC Esclusiva in Amman and Riyadh this year.

The Mina Sultan Qaboos Waterfront is scheduled for development in June. This development is a combination of residential and tourism in Muscat. The DAMAC owner believes the timing is right to expand out of the Dubai base. The company is aggressively looking in specific parts of Europe and researching different projects. Hussain Sajwani expects to take action during 2018. He also stated he was one of the guests at the Future Investment Initiative conference in Saudi Arabia.

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Clay Hutson’s Experiences as a Music Producer

The music production industry continues to become more lucrative each day, and Clay Hutson has done his best to establish himself in the industry. Music has always appealed to Hutson from a tender age, and after completing his studies, he dived into the world of entertainment. He worked as a sound technician and project manager for several live entertainment firms before he decided to start his music production venture. Hutson studied at the Central Michigan University and acquired a degree in theatre design. He later advanced his studies at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he obtained a Master’s in Business Administration.


Clay Hutson had an interesting interview with BlogWepidia about his production career and his entrepreneurial journey. He pointed out that traveling on tours with Billy Graham and his responsibilities at the entertainment solution companies he worked for gave him enough experience to consider starting his own music venture. The recession challenges that struck the company he was working for provided him with the perfect opportunity to leave and start his company. Hutson reveals that he gets directly involved in his company’s work. For Instance, when they are planning an event, he will ensure he pays attention and is engaged to the last detail to guarantee the success of the event.


Clay Hutson likes to plan and admits that it is a habit that has helped him to become a productive entrepreneur. He disclosed that he brings his ideas to life by visualizing them first, then implementing them precisely as he sees them. He also uses his experiences and knowledge to establish ideas that work. Hutson disclosed that if he were to advise his younger self, it would be to put family before everything. He would also tell his younger person to be truthful with himself and others.


Clay has always had a passion for rock ‘n’ roll music. Celebrities like Pink and Kelly Clarkson solicit Clay’s services in modeling, producing and planning their concerts. One of his major achievements this year is managing Halsey’s tour which is dubbed ‘The hopeless Fountain Kingdom.’ The singer is set to entertain her fans in various cities around the world including London, Singapore, and Las Vegas. The music producer believes that talent can be natured through training. Clay points out that humility is a crucial value in succeeding in the music industry. Passion and hard work are also important values. Learn more:

Hussain Sajwani-the Man behind the Success of DAMAC Properties

Every entrepreneur can attest to the fact that the journey to success is filled with ups and downs. Nevertheless, the power to endure the ups and downs determines your extents of success. With that said, attention will be focused on the one and only Hussain Sajwani, the man who knew that he had to succeed no matter what.

Background Data

Every entrepreneur is always known to be behind the success of one or more organizations. As for Hussain Sajwani, he is known as the DAMAC owner, a real estate company that has been around for quite some time. Under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani who currently serves as the chairman of the company, Hussain Sajwani’s efforts have been paying off since his exemplary leadership has ensured that DAMAC Properties has become a renowned real estate company in Dubai, UAE.

Educational Background

Since Hussain Sajwani was always ambitious even at a tender age, he knew that achieving a formal education would be among the steps he had to undertake in his pursuit of success. As a result, Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with honors. While at the University, he undertook Economics and Industrial Engineering as mentioned in

Hussain Sajwani’s Journey as an Entrepreneur

As always, after attaining a formal education, people always have a dream that they always work hard to achieve. As for Hussain Sajwani, he had the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. To start with, he ventured into the catering business in 1982. The catering business thrived beyond Hussain Sajwani’s expectations. The company was handling over 200 projects and over 150,000 meals on a daily basis. The company was also operating on a global scale since they served markets in areas such as the Middle East and Africa.

DAMAC Properties comes into Play

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani saw it fit to venture into the real estate business. With that said, DAMAC Properties was eventually born. The company has thrived exceptionally, and it is currently among the largest real estate companies in the Middle East. The company’s portfolio is quite admirable since they excel at what they do. All in all, none of this would be currently there if not for Hussain Sajwani’s dedication.

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Ara Chackerian impacts positively on society.

Ara Chackerian is an investor, entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. Ara currently serves as the managing director at the ASC Capital holdings. Ara Chackerian graduated with a degree in marketing from Florida State University.


After completing his education, Ara Chackerian concentrated on business and in the health sector, he has been involved in healthcare invention for about two decades and has seen improvements and developments from using manual methods to provide treatment. To using the technology as an easier and more effective method of providing treatment.


Ara is the co-founder of TMS, a health invention aimed at treating people suffering from severe depression. The invention will work hand in hand with other forms of therapies such as medication and counselling.


Over the years Ara has proven to be experienced in is work, all he touches has turned out to be a great success. However, this success has not been without its share of challenges. Just like everyone else in business Ara has experienced some setback. Some of the things he expected did not turn out as planned. But he chose to take the setbacks as lessons that would help him improve on future projects.




Having a positive attitude towards life has also greatly influenced Ara’s success. Another factor that has led to his success is using life experiences. When it comes to new ideas. One may at times feel overwhelmed abut Ara has identified that his life experience plays a big part in establishing his businesses. Check out


Philanthropic works.


Ara Chackerian saw there was a need to preserve the environment. He established a farm and planted trees. This would help to make the environment a safer place, and the project would also help to provide employment for people living around the area. You can visit



Another project that Ara has been involved in is the Juma ventures, his venture was established in 1993 and was formed with the aim of providing college fee for the youths. Ara has confidence in the youths and believes that they are the future and empowering them will make our future better

Giving back to the community is one of Ara Chackerian’s passion his work does not stop at the health sector but also extends to impacting the society positively, and he has managed to bring a positive impact.



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How the Market America Program Works

The Market America company is the world’s leading product brokerages making people their own business owners since 1992. The company was founded by Loren and JR Ridinger. The couple had a dream to help people become their own entrepreneurs from the comfort of home. This dream has allowed over half a million people to spend more time with their family and friends without forgoing an income. Market America is known as the “Unfranchise” because the requirements and rules to sell their products is far better than most localized franchise businesses. You will be responsible for purchasing a website package from Market America which includes a site builder, domain name and hosting information. You can design your site anyway that you want using their available eCommerce plugins for effortless checkout. Products are sold on a commission-basis and you will receive a small amount of money for each item you sell. Independent distributors can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand depending on how well they market.

The company is able to provide these products thanks to affiliate manufacturing corporations that design and create the products being sold. The products you can choose to sell range from cosmetics to pet health supplies and everything in between. The lines are called Isotonix, Pet Health, Super Foods, Royal Spa and Snap. Many distributors find that the more product lines they sell on their sites, the more commission they will receive. Others focus on one or two specific product lines to cater to a more niche market. Purchasing your website package is all part of the startup fee required to become an independent contractor through Market America itself. You will then be responsible for paying a $100 distributor fee to keep your site active. You can also find all of these products on the Market America site, which was purchased from Bill Gates in 2012.

Distributors are also required to attend seminars and conventions to retain their rights to sell all M.A. products. These seminars can cost anywhere from $100 to $400, and this is all part of continuing your work with the company and keeping your product site active.

Jim Toner: The Man With Years of Compassionate Medical Service

Doctors can be both helpful and also tricky to deal with because they are the source of refuge for the sick, but at the same time, they are invited by drug companies to prescribe drugs that may be harmful to patients. However, there are good doctors all over the world, and one of them today would easily be Dr. Jim Toner, the fertility specialist that has already served so many clients that badly need his expertise.

According to, Toner has been referenced online to be a good experienced doctor that many people already trust. His high qualifications to help family men and women get their infertility issues resolved have often been a source of inspiration to many. He also has many quality years of practice in medicine under his degree, and the results he has delivered to countless patients are nothing but fruitful, outstanding and cost-effective.

While most doctors go for the easiest treatment even if they could be harmful in the long run, Dr. Jim Toner is different. His background in psychology has made him more emphatetic and compassionate to the psychological needs and costs of his patients. It’s hard for doctors to deal with parents who have fertility issues. It’s hard for mothers who experience a miscarriage. When Toner offers his expertise to them, he makes sure that he addresses such psychological costs that other doctors may just overlook.

Another outstanding attribute of Toner in his medical practice is that he has received so many awards already. Some of them include the American Fertility Society Ortho Award as well as the Gynecologists Ciba-Geigy Award that many doctors seek but not a lot are fortunate to obtain.

The expertise, too, of Toner in his profession has also resulted to him being picked to serve as the president in one of the most prestigious medical groups today, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

The psychology degree of Toner is also worth noting. He got it from St. Joseph’s College, which is based in Philadelphia, and it’s a school that has over the years maintained an outstanding reputation. We may also need to point out here that the medical degree of Toner is also an added strength to his skillset. He got both his P.H.D. and M.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985. This degree has also resulted to him getting accepted to residency opportunities and position at the Jones Institute.

Client Feedback

Healthgrades also shows that Dr. Toner always makes sure his clients and patients are happy. There are 7 out of 8 patients in Healthgrades who gave 5 stars to his medical performance. This ranking only establishes Dr. Toner as an excellent and trustworthy doctor today who does his best to make his patients satisfied.

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The Contribution Of Roseann Bennett To Mental Healthcare

Mental healthcare facilities across the United States have been observing May as the official mental health month. They have as such reached out to individuals across the world through events and media, encouraging them to have a screening. Roseann Bennett, a professional marriage, and family therapist has had the rare opportunity of offering case and crisis management to hundreds of individuals. From her observation, Ms. Bennett has noted that issues related to mental health can hinder the existence of a romantic relationship amongst spouses. Among the people that she has worked with are couples who find themselves on the verge of separation or divorce. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


After conducting her research, Ms. Bennett found out that the primary cause of unhappy marriages is untreated depression. Roseann has been helping people with their struggles be they internal or external. She writes educational articles that are aimed at helping couples understand their partners better. It is important to note that in relationships, depression can go unnoticed. According to statistics, at least seven percent of the American population is affected by depression. Roseann says that depression on itself cannot culminate to separation or even divorce. What does is the failure to address depression. See This Page for related information.


When Roseann Bennett addresses the correlation between divorce and depression, she does so from the point of authority. She has been a marriage and family therapist for more than a decade now and can be described as accomplished. She has had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and has gladly helped them with their troubles. Roseann Bennett had an undying desire to reach out to people from marginalized communities.


It is for this reason that Bennett established the Center for Assessment and Treatment, close to a decade ago. The center provides medical evaluation, psychotherapy as well as a lifetime treatment.


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Lesson Paul Herdsman Can Teach Businesses

Paul Herdsman was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Mr. Herdsman is founder and CEO of NICE Global. Herdsman obtained his B A. degree from Florida Atlantic University in technology. Paul Herdsman has been involved in online marketing since 2004 when COO, an online software company, launched security software into an already crowded market. Paul Herdsman is married and the father of two children. He puts his family before his business.

NICE Global is a business solutions company that is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and began in 2014. NICE Global assists people in getting employees and customers for their companies. This business solutions company helps businessmen grow their companies and be successful. It’s important for each employee to understand the role each employee plays and how every job’s related to one another.

Paul Herdsman believes that businesses should be invested in their employees and not just see them as bodies to warm the seats. A smart company is a company that trains its employees. Training the employee should be a lifelong commitment. If the employee is successful, the company will be. Herdsman believes the employees should be rewarded based on the way they perform their jobs and not how much work they put out.

In order to get people who, perform well, companies need to find the best and brightest people for the job. The potentially good people need to be able to fit in well with those employees who have been around awhile. The best thing an employee can do is solve a problem his client is having. Workers should learn how to be problem solvers. New people are given interviews, both phone and face-to-face to see if they are qualified. After the interviews, NICE performs a background check to make sure the potential employee is a law-abiding citizen. Read This Article for additional information.

Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


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How Can HCR Wealth Advisors Help People with Their Financial Goals?

Working with a financial planning firm is one of the best decisions that anyone can make. Few people are comfortable making major financial decisions without consulting an expert. Most people want to invest money and retire one day. However, a recent study showed that few people are on track to retire within a reasonable time.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that offers a comprehensive way to achieve financial success. The firm works with people at all income levels. Unlike other investment companies, HCR Wealth Advisors does not focus just on customers who have already achieved financial wealth. Anyone who is struggling financially should consider working with a financial advisor from HCR Wealth Advisors.


For most people, the easiest way to improve their finances is to make a plan. Few people have a spending budget each month, and many people are not investing towards any financial goal. Planning is an essential aspect of achieving financial success. It is critical to start investing as early as possible in life. When young people start investing, they have a huge financial advantage later in life.

HCR Wealth Advisors has a team of financial advisors who can explain complex investment strategies in simpler terms. No one likes to feel intimidated when talking to an investing professional. HCR Wealth Advisors is comprised of professionals who can teach these principles in a way that most people can understand.

Future Goals

The leaders of HCR Wealth Advisors are proud of their work. Each year, the team at the firm helps its clients move closer to their financial goals. However, HCR Wealth Advisors can do more to help clients. The firm is hoping to offer additional products and services for customers to utilize. Anyone who has significant financial questions should consider asking someone from HCR Wealth Advisors. Not only does the firm have excellent customer service, but they also have experienced financial advisors who can offer individualized advice. Click here to know about Jobs at HCR Wealth.

Get in touch with HCR Wealth through Twitter or Facebook.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.


Upwork Provides Freelancers With The Opportunity To Work From Anywhere

Freelancing is something that is growing in popularity. It is something that is becoming a bigger and better opportunity all of the time. Platforms like Upwork are helping with that and they are giving those who choose to do freelance work more opportunities. There are companies that are in need of a certain kind of person to help them with the work that they are doing. They can use freelancers to help them in all that they need to get done. When they rely on freelancers for the work that they need to complete, they have access to a wide range of people and they are not stuck hiring someone right from their area.

It was not always easy for people to work in the freelance world. There was a time when freelancers had to actually send their work through the mail, and they had to fight to find a market for that work. Upwork and other platforms like it have helped to change that. This platform helps businesses and professionals find one another so that they can benefit from one another. These days, it is a little easier for freelancers to find work, and they are actually earning good incomes with the work that they are doing, too.

Freelancers can work from any location that suits them. Upwork helps people find work so that they can get started earning money right where they are. Some might choose to work while they are traveling, enjoying the benefits of travel while also earning money to support themselves. Some choose to write reviews as they are traveling and benefit from the traveling in that way. Others choose to vlog their experience while traveling. Those people who like to work as freelancers so that they can stay in their home have opportunities to do that, as well. Upwork has twelve million freelancers using its website, and those individuals are a good mix of people who work from home and those who choose to work from the road.