Herbalife’s Mission of Excellence

Herbalife, a global nutrition company that specializes in health & wellness, has been making the world a healthier place for many years. Since 1980, the company has sold a wide range of health-related supplements to the public. Herbalife effectively utilizes its independent distributors to make progressive change as well as utilizes its brilliance in customer support. These high-quality, science-backed products are now being distributed throughout the world into 90 countries. Some of the products, include digestive-health products, men’s health products, women’s health products, proteins, stress management products, snacks, energy boosters and immune support products.


Health and physical activity goes hand-to-hand. Herbalife Nutrition has partnered with IMPACT Basketball to provide athletes with some of the best nutritional support. Elevating the performance of the athletes in the main goal, and Herbalife has various nutritional plans that are customized for each individual. In addition to that, Impact Basketball has renamed its state-of-the-art basketball facility after Herbalife. This Las Vegas-based facility is also NSF certified. Ibi Montesino, the senior vice president of Herbalife North America, stated that “we are thrilled to be the official partner of the Nutrition Impact Basketball Center.”

There were many high-profile individuals on deck for the grand opening of this center. This includes former Cleveland Cavalier’s coach Tyronn Lue and former NBA player Patrick O’Bryant. In addition to that, Joe Abunassar hosted a fun-filled basketball clinic for local students. Abunassar just so happens to be IMPACT’s founder, and he worked with these students via the Teach for America organization.

Blood donations have also been on the menu for Herbalife Nutrition. This proactive company is always looking to expand on its services. Herbalife will be serving 120 blood donation centers in America via the brand’s protein deluxe bars. This extraordinary company is definitely doing its part to better mankind while changing the status quo.





Biography and Career Overview of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is an entrepreneur and an engineer from Brazil. He is the founder and the chairperson of the Eucatex firm. Eucatex was founded in 1951. Initially, the company produced panels and ceiling tiles using Eucalyptus. It is one of the first eco-friendly companies in Brazil. The company’s first round of production concentrated on soft boards and acoustic linings. Shortly after, they started manufacturing insulation sheet and panels.

The production capacity of the firm has increased tremendously over the years. The group has expanded, and today it supplies and meets the demands of large scale civil construction industries and furniture manufacturers globally. The company’s first factory was built in 1954 in Salto. Over the years, the firm has built other factories in different cities such as the city of Botucatu. Related Links here.

Flavio Maluf’s Contributions at Eucatex

Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex group in 1987. Before assuming the presidency, he passed through a couple of departments, where he gained massive experience and exposure. He started off at the company’s trade sector. He later moved to the industrial sector where he served until 1996. His uncle, who was then president of the group, asked him to join the executive team of the firm.

After a successful collaboration, training, and good relations, the company together with the other executives appointed Flavio Maluf as the president in 1997. He has maintained the position until today, investing and innovating new products. The company has achieved great success under his leadership including increased annual revenue and number of factories inaugurated. Flavio describes his personality as aggressive and seeks to achieve perfection and success in what he pursues. He’s a detail-oriented person, and values every employee who works under him.

Mission of Eucatex

Eucatex firm encourages communities to use forestry and natural ecosystems well. In addition, it fosters provision of sustainable and environment friendly products, respect for employees and their quality of life, and sustained forestry business in both short and long run.

When Flavio Maluf is not on his official duties at Eucatex, he volunteers in charity events in his local community. He is married to Jacqueline De Lourdes Maluf, together they have three children.

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Legal Expert Turned Financial Guru: A Look at Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the respected profile names at Fortress Investment Group. This is because he was one of the co-founders of the company. Nardone studied English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. He also pursued law from the Boston School of Law, which saw him being awarded his Doctorate of Jurisprudence.

Thereafter, he began practice at a number of law firms in the United States and in no time, he was promoted to the position of chairman for one of the law firms that he was working for. This new position gave him the much-needed exposure and he then joined a number of boards as a member.

Randal Nardone then decided to quit his law career and set foot in the investment industry. This was when he joined the Fortress Investment Group as a co-founder. This was accompanied by a huge change in the roles that he played during his tenure at Fortress. The roles ranged from being the Chief Executive Officer, to be the Chief Operations Officer alongside other roles that were entrusted to him by the firm. Find out more about Randal Nardone at marketscreener.com.

The skills and exposure that he had acquired during his law practice and chairmanship gave Randal a smooth ride while he carried out his duties at Fortress. In that case, no task was too hard for him, as he was a legal expert and clearly understood all the legal dimensions that the company would be faced with and how to deal with them.

He was also given the role of being the company’s legal and financial head which in his opinion was the best role he was ever given at Fortress. He was also appointed the director of the company where his major role was that of taking part in the decision-making process of the company.

Randal Nardone had quite an influence on the decision making the process as he had had a lot of exposure during his former roles at the law firms as well as through the roles that he had been given at Fortress. Randal Nardone was named by the Forbes Magazine last year among the top 100 businessmen of the year worldwide. Moreover, his wealth since joining Fortress was estimated at about $3 billion.

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