Michael Nierenberg

New Residential Investment Corp. is a real estate investment trust that is carefully managed by Michael Nierenberg. Before coming to the New Residential family Michael held a number of high leadership roles in other companies. These roles provided him with the knowledge and experience used today to make New Residential the success that is. In November of 2013 Michael Nierenberg was appointed CEO of New Residential, then in May 2016 he was made a Chairman. Prior to this success at New Residential Michael had worked for Bank of America, JP Morgan, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.

In his seven years at Lehman Brothers Michael was a key asset in forming the company’s adjustable rate mortgage business. He then moved on to working for Bear Stearns for fourteen years in many different capacities. Every capacity Michael worked in would relate to his future work at New Residential; including the two years he was on the board of directors. At Bear Stearns Michael held high positions regarding trading, interest rates and mortgages. Michael Nierenberg being a multi-tasker managed JP Morgan’s Global Securitized Products while serving on the management committee. Just before coming to New Residential Michael was working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. At Bank of America he was both managing director and head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products.

All this experience granted Michael Nierenberg the ability to obtain his position at New Residential Investment Corp. The corporation focuses on investing and managing mortgage related assets in the United States. Michael Nierenberg and his team use combined experience to remain one of the top real estate investment trusts in the U.S. Michael’s career that started off building a company’s adjustable mortgage rate business evolved toward more trading and investing in securities to keep shareholders happy. A main goal at New Residential is to secure assets that will generate a long-term cash flow and with Michael and his team this goal should absolutely be attainable.

When Is The Very Best Time To Send a Crowdfunding Press Release

A crowdfunding news release is a precise approach to market your Kickstarter task, gain backers and reach your funding objective. Crowdfunding jobs are time-sensitive, meaning, projects have deadlines, so it is essential to distribute your news release at the correct time.

The news release is a straightforward means to provide journalism details concerning a crowdfunding campaign. It is essential to release journalism release at the correct time since it can go viral, which means your campaign can reach its financing objective easily in merely a matter of a couple of hours.

Bear in mind that journalism can make or break your campaign, so it is essential to be mindful of when to send your launch. If you’re uncertain concerning when to send your press release service , below are a couple of giveaways to provide you an idea on when to address it.

Target a few journalists and also little publications.

If you think that targeting everyone on your media listing is excellent, you’re making one significant error, beginning sending to a couple of journalists, who write an appropriate crowdfunding launch. Don’t snub the tiny publications since most of the times; they fish out their news from the tiny range outlets.

Starting on the local electrical outlets can assist you to get even more press focus than you can ever before imagine. Furthermore, you don’t know, as well as outlets, have links with national electrical outlets.

The correct time to pitch.

Pitch the media asap as well as repeat it before and also during the day of launching your project. Different magazines have various time for releasing stories. News outlets always desire fresh, new tales to provide so you should send them your account as quickly as you can.

On the other hand, some publications are not time-sensitive, so they publish information in some cases for weeks or months. You require to recognize the timeline of publications you’re targeting.

A few weeks before the launch, make sure that you have completed the media checklist that you’re preparing to pitch your campaign. A week before the start, you may send your pitch to reporters and also magazines, who cover the same campaigns.

Pitching your Kickstarter campaign a week before gives reporters an adequate time to cover your story. Bear in mind the days you’re sending your pitches. Tuesday has a higher email open price than the majority of days, so it offers you more opportunity of obtaining attention.

Send your release while preventing significant occasions.

This is a no-brainer. Do not send your crowdfunding news release corresponding significant occasions, such as the presidential election insurance coverage or Super Dish.

Journalists are more concentrated on public information and significant occasions than focusing on a tale like your own, other than if it is groundbreaking. Sending your release throughout those times is not a smart choice. Plan your technique extremely well in sending out launches, while keeping in mind the significant events.

Don’t forget social networks.

Don’t assume that the only method you can obtain attention for your crowdfunding project is with pitching. You can disperse your press release to gain backers on various networks, consisting of Pinterest, Kickstarter Live, Instagram, Google +, Snapchat and also Quora.

Sending out a Kickstarter launch takes a significant amount of time. You require to allocate time for press outreach for a press research study, pitching, connect and follow up.

You need to budget plan your time. Make sure that you set time daily for your press outreach. Pitching is various when you have developed a relationship with the press. So, before pitching, make sure that you have a secure connection with the journalists.

How to Change Your Press Release Distribution Plans & Enhance Your PR

If you are most likely to issue news release as part of your write-ups marketing effort, one point which you need to consider is just how you’re mosting likely to analyze the impacts of your supply. Review the roi (ROI) is essential to comprehend whether it is satisfying your service objectives or not or to get some notion of where it’s heading to.

Luckily, there are various monitoring as well as tracking devices that business can utilize. Though not every launch offers an immediate influence on the conversion price, the effort is effective to make an impact to target viewers.

What’s the ROI?

Based on BusinessWire, ROI is defined as the basic rate of manufacturing as well as circulation of news releases within the financial effect of the initiative. When measuring the organization’s ROI, the choice manufacturers of your brand-new would be the one accountable of understanding the metrics that are vital, to make sure that they might establish calculated prep work for the achievement of the service provider.

Facets to Consider

Before starting the outreach, the personnel needs to be in a position to review solid elements which might influence the outcomes of distribution. It helps in determining what circulation and also material should be put into place by the business.

The target of the supplier.

What’s your organisation go for writing and sharing your releases? Would certainly you wish to alert the public regarding your new remedy, instruct them to a new topic or reveal your knowledge on a certain topic?

Foreseeable result.

The personnel should remain in a setting to predict the results of the outreach. Can it possibly boost their profits by 20 percent, boost reach by 15 percent or obtain brand-new email subscribers and also followers on social websites?


The team ought to have the ability to recognize the sort of audience who’s even more likely to generate the expected result to get to the purpose. Ascertain the predictable feedbacks which could generate the wanted outcome.


Understanding what sources are necessary to elevate the ROI is essential. Each provider is full of brand name possessions they can utilize to boost their ROI Make certain you are using them to push sales website traffic and also reach.

Type of material supply.

Ascertain which supply may lead to improved presence. Each distribution ought to be customized to your intended audience. Exactly how are you mosting likely to share your write-ups to increase your effect?

Measure ROI.

Assess which tool your personnel would utilize to keep track of the ROI of your initiative. Ensure your team comprehends the monitoring devices to be utilized.

Determining ROI.

It is feasible to utilize one-of-a-kind procedures to examine the impacts of distributing your launch. Each circulation platform which you made use of must have statistics records your staff can establish. Below are a few of the analytics which you may utilize to assess the ROI of your effort.

Gauge the coverage.

You can analyze the magnitude of your web content policy by figuring out the amount of publicity which you just received, size of this overview, message result, assets, positioning as well as extra.

Explain its geo-impact.

PR professionals and experts may recognize exactly how much their details had spread out. It can evaluate the magnitude of its reach locally and worldwide. You can optimize it by connecting to revenue or paid marketing projects.

Evaluate the exposure.

Also, you should obtain some concept of exactly how your intended audience perceives your information. Know simply how much your story was shared and that shared it. Additionally, it is extremely important to learn to learn which audience pushes the optimal effect in profits.

It is additionally possible to do so by checking your product and also brand name points out in all media systems. This should provide you with a good idea of just exactly how far your launch has actually penetrated a particular sector.

Constantly consist of a call to action that visitors can follow or click while reviewing your short articles. You can track the number of events viewers click the links or perform the activities you asked.

It provides you the capacity to evaluate the amount of participation and also the variety of your articles. Observe the incoming website traffic via the details cycle or keep track of the inauguration of your followers.

Measure the revenues.

Your best press release distribution need to allow your brand name to boost its sales when that is your objective. To do it, you must promote recognition of your services or products.

Put a call to act so people can come to be customers and investors will be encouraged to collaborate with your brand name. A certain phone call to activity encourages the visitors to pick an effort and choose their link with you to another degree.

It is always fantastic to check the effects of distributing your releases using ROI. It schedules a room for advancement and also improves the outcomes of your effort.

Alastair Borthwick, Doing What He Loved

Alastair Borthwick was a world class leader, journalist, writer, broadcaster, and soldier in his often eventful life. His life is filling with many interests and his work is a reflection of this reality. As a writer perspectives can be taken from his work as it was mostly about war, mountaineering, and battles through the perspective of a soldier. When he did his time in the Second World War he did not recall his experiences as violent or combative but rather lonely even though he came face to face with death many times during his career. He started out as a private but then quickly worked his way all the way to corporal. His acts of valor became the clearest when he led a whole division of six hundred men through the darkness located behind enemy lines in order to evade and survive.

This was done successfully and many times more afterwards did Alastair Borthwick manage to prove his capabilities in war. Perhaps this kind of behavior could be associated with his axiom of pushing oneself a little further each time one is faced with an obstacle. His life did not start in war but in the world of writing and eventually broadcasting as well. At the age of six teen Alastair Borthwick decided to drop out of high school to work at the local newspaper in his town. His jobs varied as the demands of service varied but after going forth into writing for the Daily Mirrior he soon took up the role of broadcasting instead. His job as a broadcaster became something of a passion because although his writings complimented his broadcasting work it was his speaking abilities that made him so unforgettable. Even one of his colleagues claimed that the way he performed on the microphone was the standard for the way broadcasting ought to be done.

While broadcasting to most was an opportunity to revel in the status and elevation of power Alastair Borthwick did not see his work as such as his efforts stemmed from a place of genuinely loving what it was that he did which was broadcasting.


James Dondero, Financial Expert

James Dondero is among the founder and leader of Highland Capital Management LP an organization situated in Dallas in Texas. He owns two degrees which gives him the capacity to prosper in finance.At first he worked in JPMorgan Chase & Co. and later got a job in American Express. After working for a while he gained enough expertise and opened his organization on 1993 which he called high capital management. The organization gained to a point of being in the front line in credit management in the world. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

James Dondero has spent his life concentrating mostly in his own activities although he has taken part in charity work Dallas Zoo being an example where he provided $1billion for reconstruction. Unfortunately the zoo got collapsed because one of the old hippos died. He also extended his charity work in Museum of natural science and also presidential library and institute for George W. Bush due to his strong support towards him. His charity work has earned success in many companies. James Dondero dream for firms which he gives his hand and capital funding acts as a big thrust to Dallas society.

Learn: https://www.jimdondero.com/

James Dondero with his organization provides grants to support those affected by family violence in education as well as shelter through The Family Place. He also gives donation to Education is Freedom (EIF) which support those seeking degree courses but they are lacking money. Education is Freedom (EIF) started through offering scholarships but later saw the need to bridge the gap for some troubled scholars.

Highland Capital Management has facilitated yearly job show for Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program for several years. EIF before the job fair the organization equips the interns with skills on interviews and job application. After gaining their jobs they are trained more by EIF before their job starts. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

New CFO At Agera Energy Sees A Bright Future

Mark Linzenbold was hired recently by Agera Energy to take over their financial department and since taking on this new role, he has been putting many changes into effect at the company. His past experience has shown him that in order for more customers to be able to afford their monthly electric and natural gas services, budget plans are important. With so many people living on fixed incomes today, it is difficult for them to pay their bills during periods of high usage. A budget plan allows them to pay the same low monthly cost without worrying about getting a much higher bill some months. Mark is using his new position to bring this budget plan to more of their customers around the country. Watch this video on Youtube.com.

Agera Energy hired Mark as their Chief Financial Officer several months ago because of his experience in the energy field and his knowledge of financing. Together, they believe that they can make all energy costs more reasonable and offer alternative ways of getting their energy easier. One of their programs is called Pure Wind and this has become very popular with customers living in the areas this program serves. Agera Energy is hoping to bring it to more of their customers in the near future. The program uses the power that is created by wind turbines and turns it into usable electric for their homes and businesses. Read more about Agera Energy on medium.com.

Mark Linzenbold believes that if the company increases this program nationwide, they will increase their customer base substantially. He feels that more people want to create a better living environment and get away from using the fossil fuels that are currently being used. With this program, Agera Energy is reducing the carbon footprint of users and still bringing the quality of service to their customers that they always have. Their customers appreciate the lengths that Agera Energy has been going to to bring these alternatives to them.

For detailed information on any of the programs that Agera Energy has in place, you can visit their website. There you will find what you need to know to open an account with them.

Follow: https://twitter.com/ageraenergy?lang=en