How LocationSmart can benefit your business

If you are reading this article, there is a significant chance that you want your business to move to the next level. Therefore, making use of the powers of IP geolocation benefits is your top priority at the moment to improve the way you communicate with customers.

Besides that, LocationSmart can offer support to your business by providing a surefire platform with immense benefits. However, before looking into the benefits of LocationSmart, it would be essential to look at what LocationSmart is:


LocationSmart is a cloud-based location leading company with a location-based platform offering location and messaging. Being a division of TechnoCom Corporation, the company has been able to service various customers through its broader reach of over 360 million devices. Founded in 1995, LocationSmart is a privately held company.

Below is how Applications of IP geolocation can benefit your business:

1. Compliance with Legal Regulations

There are industries with massive regulations, which often is related to the geographic location of the users. So, through IP geolocation, you can know your area, which makes it useful in helping you comply with the established laws. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

2. Reduce Risks Associated with Online Fraud

Online fraud has grown fast recently. It directly affects your customers and businesses, and it’s why all effective measures should be put in place to counter and prevent the problem. IP geolocation can be used to collect users’ IP addresses which you can use to check whether online fraudsters are targeting your account.

3. Geo-specific Advertising with Real-Time Communication

IP geolocation would enable your business to extract real-time information about customers’ locations. You can use the data in many ways, including connecting your customers to your business, which makes it easy to tell them more about the products and services.

4. Secure Your Network and Assets

Another way how IP geolocation can benefit you is by preventing your business from hack attempts. The information from users connected to your network enables you to detect and put up appropriate measures to avoid any network insecurity.

5. Protect your Copyrights and Digital Data

For businesses to benefit fully from their digital data, they should ensure that it falls in the hands of authorized users. IP geolocation gives you the ability to know where and who is using your content to enable you to prevent any unauthorized access.

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Equities First Holdings – Getting Adequate Funds For Business

Many people turn to Equities First Holdings and its team for expert assistance with their borrowing needs. The company started in this industry in 2002. As a well-known lender, Equities First Holdings has partners around the world and has set up several offices in different locations. Its loan offer uses stocks as collateral and is a simple way to finance any project.

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Aaron Lupuloff and Interactions

Schooling matters in America aren’t at their peak. They may have to undergo significant adjustments prior to getting there as well. There are many other nations on the planet that greatly exceed the United States as far as schooling accomplishments go. Aaron  Lupuloff is a man who has a penchant for assisting Gwinnett County Public Schools. He has youngsters who went to these educational institutions in the past as well. That may clarify why he has such a fondness for them. Who is Aaron Lupuloff? Lupuloff, in brief, is the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation’s current Senior Executive Director. He has a zeal for doing things that can aid pupils who are trying to soar.

This individual is in charge of the widely known Norcross High School Foundation. He’s actually the individual who initially established the group. Aaron Lupuloff realized rapidly that the organization aided instructors and pupils alike in big ways. There are close to 200,000 pupils in total who are part of the Gwinnett County Public Schools network at this moment in time.

Aaron Lupuloff is a lot like most human beings in that he’d adore to be able to take a time machine. He’d adore having the opportunity to speak with “youthful Aaron.” He’d tell this person to behave in a modest fashion. He’d tell this person to never be reluctant to request assistance from his fellow human beings. Lupuloff is not the kind of person who is intimidated by the concept of setbacks. He’s not the kind of person who dreads dilemmas. He realizes that dilemmas are par for the course for people who are all about greatness and betterment overall.

Entrepreneurship is a topic that’s constantly on this man’s mind. There are many things that pave the way for his entrepreneurial glories. He’s the kind of person who is equipped with rock-solid interaction abilities. He knows exactly how to interact with other people. That’s the reason that he’s able to set up teams with the people who are on his side at work. Negotiating with others isn’t something that’s foreign at all to Aaron Lupuloff. He thrives during interactions. To see more about Aaron visit

A Glimpse of, Sans Peur and Always a Little Further, Two Exceptional Books by Alastair Borthwick

Born in Scotland, Alastair Borthwick was an author who loved talking about nature and outdoor activities. Alastair talks about these outdoor activities through Always a Little Further. This was Alastair Borthwick’s first book. In the book, he focused mainly on rock climbing in his native country, Scotland. Alastair also used his writing skills to share with the world about his personal experience as a man who went to war. It was due to this that Alastair Borthwick came up with a book known as Battalion. However, Battalion is not the book’s original name as it was republished in 1994. The original name of the book Alastair Borthwick wrote was Sans Peur.

Through Sans Peur, you will quickly understand that Alastair Borthwick was on the frontline of the battle and played a vital role in leading his people to numerous victories. Although he started at a lower rank, he was able to put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears into his duty as military personnel and it eventually paid off. Alastair quickly rose through the ranks and was among the top officials in the military group. Always A Little Further, on the other hand, talks about outdoor activities specifically on rock climbing. The book was published in 1939 after Alastair put in a lot of time in fact-finding and writing the book. Alastair talked in-depth about rock climbing and other related topics.

Alastair Borthwick was also a great scriptwriter. His fantastic work earned him a contract with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The deal allowed Alastair Borthwick to showcase the state of Scotland after the war. Alastair Borthwick also scripted numerous programs for the Grampian TV. Since his skills could not be limited to a particular line of entertainment, he wrote scripts on all manner of subjects. Lola Montez and Bonnie Prince Charlie are some of the programs written by Alastair Borthwick. He also took part in the writing of a 13-part series. The series was known as the Scottish Soldier. The series told the story of the Scottish infantry regiments. The series was one of a kind as it was being explained by a man who had the first-hand experience in the war; therefore, he knew what he was showcasing.

How Angela Koch has Redefined US Money Reserve’s Operations

The precious metals industry, just like in other industries, requires passionate and qualified professionals. One of the most visible professionals in this market is Angela Koch. It is impossible not to recognize that she is the only woman in this top management level in the industry.

Her presence in this market signifies U.S. Money Reserve commitment in giving all people equal chances. In addition to representing women in this visionary company, she as a couple of responsibilities.

The precious metals industry, just like in other industries, requires passionate and qualified professionals. One of the most visible professionals in this market is Angela Koch. It is impossible not to recognize that she is the only woman in this top management level in the industry.

Her presence in this market signifies U.S. Money Reserve commitment in giving all people equal chances. In addition to representing women in this visionary company, she as a couple of responsibilities.

Since joining the company, for example, she has been instrumental in ensuring that the company’s culture in the precious stones market is not the only firm but also consistent with the global trends.

Second, as an important member of the executive, Angela Koch is also responsible for all the activities pertaining to the company’s operations. These two responsibilities at U.S. Money Reserve confirms the fact that passion and professionalism are critical in this unique market.

She is, however, keen on ensuring that all employees under her leadership achieve their targets, under minimal supervision. Although managers in this market are fond of micromanaging, Koch believes that there are better ways of managing people. In the past three years, for example, she has not only helped the company in setting up a self-sufficient environment, but also space where employees can learn more about the market and the employees.

She understands that the company has a huge influence on this market. Therefore, each operational policy by U.S. Money Reserve must reflect the company’s voice in the market. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

For example, Koch is the first executive to create a good relationship between the company and the employees. She understands that the key to profits and success depends on how the company handles employees and how employees feel about the company. Thanks to her unmatched understanding of this market, the company is a haven for people working in the precious stones market.

Under her leadership, the U.S. Money Reserve has also redefined the following factors in this market. First, before Koch, the standard delivery speed in the market was mostly undefined.

However, under her leadership, the company is the number one company in terms of timely deliveries. She believes that fast deliveries have enabled the company to attract more clients and more importantly, create a bond of trust between clients and the company.

Second, under Koch management, the company has also streamlined other factors in its operations. For example, the interaction between the company and the clients is professional and within the global customer-relations standards.

U.S. Money Reserve is, therefore, home to responsive customer-care, where all the clients’ view are highly accepted.

Koch believes that through this approach, the company has not only created strong bonds with clients, but it has also illustrated that customer-service in growing markets is critical.

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Unroll Me – Easy One Click Per Subscription Email Management Solution

Aren’t you tired of seeing your inbox filling up day after day with emails you’re not that interested in or have become tired of reading?

Some of those emails were surprises too. They probably just came about from your registration of one thing that led to your receiving related emails from other sources.

Here’s a way to manage your inbox from unwanted subscription proliferation.

And you can do it with just ONE click for each subscription you don’t want.

Head over to Unroll Me website.

Unroll Me is a free web service you register where you can very quickly clear out your future email inbox of unwanted subscriptions, opening up the space for those more important emails you need to see every day.

From the Unroll Me homepage, click on Get started now which will take you to the sign up page.

Type in your email address and put a tick on the agreement of terms and policy.

Click on Continue.

This takes you to a page to log into your email account.

From your email account, you’ll have to click Allow in order for Unroll Me to access your email subscriptions.

Immediately, it looks for all subscriptions in your email account and identifies how many there are.

Clicking on Continue takes you to a list of subscriptions found in your inbox along with three choices: Add to Rollup, Unsubscribe and Keep in Inbox.

You may now go through each one of these subscriptions in your list whether to keep them, unsubscribe them or have Unroll Me copy them all into a separate email.

Putting those subscription you’re keeping into an email you can read but off of the inbox is what Add to Rollup mean.

Those you’ve decided to unsubscribe are taken off permanently unless you opt to resubscribe from Unroll Me list you’ve unsubscribed in the past.

After you’ve gone through your subscription list with Unroll Me, a page comes up asking you when you want your Rollup email sent to you? You have a choice of morning, afternoon or evening. 

Then click Finish and you’re done.