Charles Koch Makes Quite the Donation

For many years, Charles Koch’s donations to the political platform have been the face of his donations. His other donations towards philanthropy and other sectors were rarely focused on. Charles Koch is not new to educational funding and philanthropy sector. He has been donating to various educational institutions over the years. Charles Koch has been directing over $20 million to various educational institutions all around the world. Before these recent donations to the George Mason University, no single institution had received a donation of over $1 million. Despite this, his donations have played a major role in improving the educational standards of the world.

His record-breaking donation came this year and went to the famous George Mason University. The George Mason University is a public higher education institution that is located on the outskirts of the nation’s capital. This institution is well known for its reputation in economics and law. It has of late been associated with the conservationists in America. Over the years, the George Mason University has been the beneficiary of Charles Koch’s donations and so far for the period between 2011 to 2014, it received over $48 million. According to tax records of the Charles Koch Foundation, this money came into the George Mason University in varying amounts over the years. George Soros engagement in educational funding has made him outstanding from other political funders. Charles Koch has assured the George Mason community that they will still be able to maintain their academic independence.

As its the electioneering period in America, Koch has been on the headlines. This hardcore conservationist and Republican is rumored to be having mega plans for the coming election. As a norm, his funds and donations in the political scene will go to Republican candidates. Inside sources revealed that Charles and his brother David Koch will be donating over $900 million Republican campaign funding. This will be their new record figure from their previous $400 million.

Charles Koch has also been in the media over his stand on Bernie Sanders policies. Recently, he issued out a statement acknowledging Bernie Sanders moves for deformations. In what the media termed as the unexpected union of ideas, Bernie Sanders reforms agenda got a push from Charles Koch. Charles Koch is co-owner of the Koch Industries alongside his brother David Koch. Charles Koch’s Koch Industries are the second largest private company by revenues in the United States. This multi-industry firm has brought a lot of fortune to the Koch brothers.


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