Aaron Lupuloff work with the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation

Aaron Lupuloff is a part of the Gwinnett County community as he does charitable work for organizations with his wife. Some of his work includes working at a children’s summer camp, an organization that does research for diabetes, and partners against domestic violence. Lupuloff has also worked for public schools. He can also be found on Crunchbase. The article from Gazette Day examines the changes with the education system in the United States that relies heavily on testing students. Students who are deaf or blind have problems with taking standardized tests, so, it is imperative that they get other programs to help them learn and be measured in a different way. The truth is that everyone does not learn the same way or benefit from one specific way as someone else can. The Gwinnett County Public School Foundation is a funded program to help students who have disabilities. Aaron Lupuloff is a part of the program and states that they acquire funds from the parents and members of the community.

Based on youngupstarts.com, the Gwinnett County Public School system was founded in 2006 to enhance education for students and have been recognized by others at the national and state level. The main mission of the program is to help students get an education that they deserve through funding from parents and the community. They also wish to grow and describe that they have a lot of different people on the board that includes business individuals such as CEOs and owners of companies. GCPS has also provided students with scholarships and has supported various after-school programs and booster clubs. The article confirms that it can be difficult to get support at first from parents and other clubs. Aaron Lupuloff shares that many focus too much on academic awards and test scores although it shouldn’t just be about that. The program seeks to get students to be involved in the community well after college graduation and with job opportunities abroad, many tend to leave for economic freedom. Diversity in the public system has slowly become the main motivator for parents to move to that region. To see more about Aaron visit affiliatedork.com


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