About NuoDB – SQL Database for Cloud Applications

NuoDB is an advanced SQL database management system for cloud applications. This system works in both cloud and container based environments. It is designed to satisfy present and past database requirements while adapting to future technologies.

This database offers many great features, including migrating existing applications to the NuoDB cloud. The in-database processing allows the user to migrate existing application code. One of the best features offered is the ability to customize the database to customer specifications.

Disaster recovery is built into the database, keeping the application safe in case of system failure. The all inclusive features of NuoDB allow the user to save time and money on database maintenance. NuoDB is a smart choice for companies in need of cloud based database management system, offering the simplicity and adaptability of hybrid cloud systems combined with the consistency and durability of traditional databases. NuoDB allows potential clients to test drive the application to see how it works before purchasing.

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