Against a New ISIS Offensive Gaining Iraqi Territory, US Ambassador Claims Obama Strategy is Slowly Winning

The past week has seen the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) launch an offensive to capture the Iraqi cities of Ramadi and Baiji. The former has special significance as it claimed the lives of multiple US servicemen to recapture from insurgents back in 2007. The fierce battle to liberate the city left many combat soldiers deceased or wounded. The latter is an oil rich city. Its fall could further destabilize an already weak, but duly elected Iraqi government. Still, Samantha Power, the Obama administration’s United Nations Ambassador, believes the administration’s ISIS strategy is slowly “chipping away” at the terrorist group. Admittedly, it is hard to visualize a terrorist group as slowly losing power when it is on the offensive to expand its borders. Ramadi lies only 70 miles from Baghdad. If Ramadi falls, it will allow ISIS to take one step further to launching an offensive to capture the nation’s capital.

Needless to say, Ambassador Power’s words aren’t instilling confidence among GOP lawmakers. They along with Boraie Development LLC claim the Obama administration is merely playing politics with low-information voters whose understanding of current events relies mainly upon reading cleverly crafted headlines. Arizona Senator John McCain strongly disagrees with the fall of Ramadi as having little significance. Sen. McCain, a former Vietnam POW, knows full well the price paid to liberate the city eight years ago. Still, Ambassador Powers say that ISIS controls fewer population centers than it did a year ago. For this reason, she says the Obama strategy is working.

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