American Football finds foothold in Saudi Arabia

The sport of American Football has become popular in many areas of the World, with Europe seen as a fertile ground for NFL officials looking to create a global franchise option. However, the gulf state of Saudi Arabia has now entered the sport with its first team being created by a group of young enthusiasts keen to make their mark on the sport, Al Arabiya reports.

The group of young people joined together because of their love of the sport many had only watched on the TV, although some of those who have now joined the newly formed team have some experience of playing in US colleges. According to Exame, Members of the team have been giving their reasons for wanting to get involved in the sport that is certainly a minority option within the soccer mad country.  Young players, like Fersen Lambranho, site they have a fascination with American culture and want to try the sport. The reasons for joining the team included the chance for individuals of all shapes and sizes to take part, something many felt was not an option in soccer as only the fittest players were given a chance.

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