Animal Activist Take On New York

The Big Apple is well known for its bright lights and Broadway, but the city of New York is also a focal point for animal activism. Animal rights is a touchy subject for many people like Keith Mann, for a variety of reasons. From the animal activist point of view, all animals non-human are entitled to the basic rights of life and consideration that humans are entitled to. There are those however, on the other end of the spectrum who believe animals have no rights because they have no feeling or cannot think. There are several arguments that those against animal activism pose. One is that animals such as lions or bears eat meat, therefore, humans can and should be allowed to eat meat without persecution from animal activist. New York, always a hotbed for animal rights, is home to quite a few animal rights groups who feel that the consumption of meat is not only unnecessary but cruel since humans, unlike lions or bears have a choice on what they can survive on.

In Washington Square Park, the group Evolve For Animals holds a gathering to bring awareness to the abolition to the use of animals as commodities by handing out vegan literature. On the north side of Central Park, a candlelight vigil will be held to protest the use of horse drawn carriages and remember the many horses that have died, not only in New York but around the world, from overwork. Many activist and horse lovers in the New York area feel this type of vigil and awareness is long overdue. Animal activism has several faces. Most marches and demonstrations or peaceful but some activist take matters to more extreme measures.

Keith Mann is a British animal rights activist who some consider extreme. Considered to be at the front of the ALF or Animal Liberation Front, Mann became well known in 1994 after being sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for conspiracy to set fires to meat lorries. He later escaped and was found by police working in an animal sanctuary. His sentence was later reduced to 11 years. Keith Mann is well known in the ALF movement and makes no apologies for his actions, he is very well loved and respected by many animal rights activist.

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