Arthur Becker’s Investment Breakthrough

Arthur Becker is a man who has stayed in the career fast lane since the early 2000s, when he parlayed a successful career in stocks at Bear Stearns into a much more high profile career as an investor. That’s when he invested in a group of Silicon Valley startups that were poised on the edge of success. From there, Becker used his position and his market savvy to turn around some key real estate investments into major deals.

Currently, Arthur Becker is working on marketing the first real estate development he’s been involved with from the ground up. This 8-unit luxury condo building is located at 564 Washington Street in New York. It’s valued at $52.5 million, and is expected to be sold for that price soon.

Acting as a Silent Investor

Becker’s career as a real estate investor took off with a series of deals in which he played the part of silent partner. One of the first deals to really take off was the Billionaire’s Row condo at 111 W. 57th Street. In this deal, Becker was the silent investor, working on a deal started by Micheal Stern and Kevin Maloney. The success of that deal lead to his investment in 10 Sullivan Street, another luxury condo project developed by Stern and Robert Gladstone. That deal went so well, Becker was given three adjacent properties in trade for his share of the 10 Sullivan building. Right now, Becker plans to live in one of those properties and then sell the other two. For more info visit Bloomberg.

Moving On

Arthur Becker is currently separated from his wife of 20 years, designer Vera Wang. As the two have gone their individual ways, Becker is seeing a new road for himself as a real estate investor and as a collector and artist. His passion for all of these areas is obvious, and with his current success, there seems to be no reason to stop now.

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