Australian Teens Stopped From Joining ISIS

ISIS is the international terrorist organization that has spread like wildfire throughout the Middle East. The group has been able to feast on countries that have unstable governments, which has made it that much easier to spread throughout these particular areas. However, the case has brought supporters from around the world to join the cause, including locations such as Europe, the United States and Australia. Recently, authors at the Sydney International Airport stopped two teenagers who were believed to be flying to join ISIS.

According to Flavio Maluf, the two brothers are aged 16 and 17 respectively and set off a few red flags while attempting to make it through customs, the Immigration Minister of Australia stated on Sunday. The two teenagers had tickets flying to, what the Immigration Minster called “conflict zones” in the Middle East and their luggage displayed material that also pointed to them potentially joining ISIS.

Now, as it is not a crime to leave the country or to travel to certain regions around the world, the Australian immigrations did not hold onto the boys for very long. They eventually released them back to their parents who said they did not know what was going on. The two boys are now going to be under the watchful eyes of the Australian Federal Police, despite them both being Australia citizens who were both born and raised inside of the country and have spent most of their lives in Australia.

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