Authors in Brazil Making a Breakthrough in Literature

Brazil is a South American country renowned for a variety of engagements such as football, economic and cultural practices and their variegated culture packed with beautiful people. They have over time revolutionized to venture into other fields like literature in which they are also doing remarkably well. Brazilian literature began way back in the colonial period when they would write journals, descriptive documents of the country and poems that were considered literature. It was mainly done in The Portuguese language. shows that most of the Brazilian literature came from temporary or semi-permanent scholars within the country and were mostly associated with the well-off like those inhabiting regions close to gold mines. However currently different literary talents have cropped up from this past and borrowing from their predecessors current authors can come up with masterpieces describing their beautiful country and people, the immaculate landscape and people’s encounters on a daily basis.

Today some of the great Brazilian authors have broken the ceiling to produce world class literature translated into different languages from the original Portuguese to be disturbed worldwide. An example of such people is Jaime Garcia Dias with quite a collection of literary awards mainly in fiction genre, his most recent being the ABC Award of Brazil. He discovered his writing talent at the age of fifteen and his father Arnaldo Dias, an author cum journalist, played an enormous role in mentoring him into the great author he is. At 18 years his passion for literature grew, he joined a faculty based in Rio de Janeiro to study letters. He later moved to Carioca Literature Academy where he served as a literature teacher for five years. His students were mainly teenagers who wanted to thrive in the literature world. In his stay at the academy, he came up with new strategies and policies for administering literature to the students that made quite a name both for himself and the Academy countrywide. This catapulted him to the president of the Academy from where he continued his literature work at the same time authoring his books. In 2001, he had published over ten books and bagged the white crane award for his book ‘Fell From Heaven’ and also for bringing new faces to Brazilian literary world.

Several authors have been inspired by Jaime Garcia and have consequently shelved great books celebrated throughout South America. Granta, a magazine featuring talented authors, has featured several Brazilian authors and deemed the country as being endowed with the best upcoming young authors. Examples of these young Brazilian authors include Michel Laub featured for his Diary of The Fall; that was translated by Margaret Jull Costa to reach a far much wider audience in appreciation of the good work. Daniel Galera is also featured for his Blood-Drenched Beard. Some other great Brazilian authors and works include Paul Coelho (the Alchemist), Dom Casmurro by Machado de Assis and O Cortico by Aluisio Azevedo among many others.

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