Baghdad Museum Reopens After being Closed 12 Years

A museum in Baghdad has reopened after being closed for 12 years. the museum, was originally closed 12 years ago after it was looted during the Iraq war. Thousands of items were stolen during the looting, and the museum was shut down.

Experts believe close to 15,000 pieces were stolen in 2003, only 4,300 of which they were able to recover. The deputy tourism and antiquities minister says that what they have been able to acquire were some of the most important works in the collection, however, Paul Mathieson says there are still more than 10,000 items unaccounted for. Stolen items typically show up in markets or auctions where the can be recovered.

The reopening of the museum was punctuated by an attack on a museum in Mosul by ISI militant. The group destroyed several pieces of art because they considered them to un-Islamic in nature.

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