Beautiful Dogs Eat Beneful (And You Know Your Dog’s a Beauty!)

Where to begin the story of Beneful Food for Dogs? How about with the people who make the product, many of them grew up on farms and dealing with livestock. Most have pets, even today and feed their dogs Beneful. Bringing a quality product to the public is important to them and they follow through with a ‘Kitchen Concept’. Kitchen concept is when the production area is kept as clean as a home kitchen. It is with pride they tell you of the fresh ingredients.

Beneful has a team of nutritionists that makes sure your dog is cared for from the inside out. The focus by this group of professionals is for dogs to have a long, healthy life. On the original beef or chicken or salmon bags respectively, you find ingredients like beef or chicken or salmon and real vegetables like spinach, green beans, sweet potato, tomato, avocado, carrots and peas. From the smallest to the biggest dog is cared for and about. To keep it fresh, the team follows a motto of ‘ship it where you produce it’. The dry food, wet foods and snacks are all shipped direct to your store.

Purina is a name America continues to trust and they use many of the strictest standards in the country. From farm to store the ingredients are monitored. The product safety and standards start with our suppliers and carry to the plant. A tracking system follows every ingredient from the time it enters the production facility, until it leaves on the truck. Professionals are on hand to test the grain aflatoxins, mycotoxin, lead, arsenic or any other contaminants and make sure the quality is high.

The Assoc. of American Feed Control Officials, though not a government organization, it highly respected and is charged to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds by many state and federal agenciges. All Beneful formulas are 100% nutritionally balanced for each stage of a dog’s life according to Assoc. of American Feed Control Officials. Even the pickiest of pooches love to eat Beneful.

One of the most common statments by pet parents, is how nice the dogs coat becomes after eating Beneful for a while, all soft and shiny. Another comment pet parents often make is how their animals have more energy. Even the packaging was made with a pet parent in mind, resalable bags and containers with lids, thankfully the Beneful people realized storage can be an issue to keeping the product fresh. Try Beneful- Your dog will thank you for it!

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