Beneful Brand Dog Food by Purina

A dog food produced by Purina Petcare, which is a division of Nestles Foods, Beneful brand includes both dry and wet dog food as well as treats. According to the company, Beneful means “full of goodness.” The Beneful brand was first introduced in 2001, being marketed as a pet food with its paramount focus on nutrition. Beneful generated more than $1.8 billion in annual sales and was the fourth most popular dog food brand as of January of 2014, making Beneful one of Purina’s more significant brands by revenue.

Beneful sets the safety and quality of their products as top priorities, with their quality-control measures being among the most rigorous in the industry. The company employs a sophisticated tracking system that ensures all raw ingredients used in the manufacturing process are traced from time of receiving the ingredients at their plants until the finished products reach retail stores. Suppliers of Beneful ingredients must meet stringent specifications standards for safety and manufacturing practices. Additionally, all of Beneful’s products are produced under the strictest standards to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

In 2005 Beneful produced a $34 million TV ad spot that was the largest television campaign in Purina’s history. Additionally in 2005, in June, Beneful added a vegetarian pet-food option, made with soy instead of meat, which the company branded as the “Healthy Harvest” product line.

In 2006 Beneful was generating $300 million in revenues and the company expended $36 million on improvements to its wet dog-food manufacturing facilities, located in St. Joseph, Missouri, in order to keep up with demand for the product. In 2006 Beneful also introduced a new “Prepared Meals” line in eight different flavors that were sold in containers that served as a pet-food bowl.

In 2010 changes were made to several of Beneful’s products to make the pet food more resemble human food. In 2011 Beneful began airing television commercials in Austria featuring high-pitched noises, that only canines are able to hear, to elicit a response from dogs. The company said it was the first advertising attempt that tried to directly target pets.

Beneful hosts annual competitions for a sponsored dog-park renovation which attracts over 1,000 entries of dog-park designs for the $500,000 award. Video evidence can be found on Beneful brand Dog Foods are available throughout the U.S. and several other countries and can be found at grocery and pet stores as well as other merchants.



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