Blake Mallen And Fellow ViSalus Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola Recently Emphasized A Couple Of Big Accomplishments:

It has been an exciting time for LA-based lifestyle company ViSalus. The firm’s leadership team is proud to announce that the company co-founder Blake Mallen is being honored with a big promotion to President. His many years of dedication to creating and growing the firm is being rewarded by way of this important promotion that is expected to help ViSalus to move into the next decade successfully. The growth that ViSalus has experienced going from a health and lifestyle startup to a globally recognized brand name is much due to the hard work put in by Blake Mallen and the leadership team is thrilled to promote him into the role of President. As a part of this new task, Blake Mallen will continue doing much of the important work that he was already engaged in. This includes marketing and sales and global expansion efforts. The firm plans to continue to work on the development of its marketings in both North American and Europe.

Upon Blake Mallen being promoted to President at ViSalus, CEO and Chairman Ryan Blair weighed in. His comments include a great deal of praise for the excellent work that Blake has done over the years. Blair emphasizes the fact that the Presidential position is in good and capable hands with Blake. Blair also emphasizes the level of creativity that Blake possesses in the way that he works. This is another critical aspect that has helped him in his efforts to build the business model at ViSalus.

Blake Mallen recently teamed up with his fellow co-founder Nick Sarnicola in a couple of celebratory efforts. The pair of ViSalus executives have recently launched the new Liv Mobile App. Mallen and Sarnicola emphasize the fact that the new ViSalus app will provide members with many benefits including making their travel plans easier than ever and helping them to grow their businesses. Sarnicola and Mallen also recently joined forces to give recognition to the major efforts that have been made in ViSalus’s important Italian market. The ViSalus co-founders gave this recognition at the 2019 Vitality event that took place recently in Pesaro, Italy.

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