Cat Rescued After Five Years Entrapment in a Cairo, Egypt Metro Station Wall

In 2010, a stray cat crawled into a small space in the metro wall. It was a small, 15 centimeter, four meter long hole, just big enough for the cat to crawl into, and he stayed there for five years.If it wasn’t for Uncle Abdo, owner of a glass shop in the station, the cat might have died. After hearing the cat’s cries, the store owner began feeding the cat and giving him bottled water to drink.Uncle Abdo named the cat, Biso. Biso was lodged between the fire extinguisher and the wall’s outer surface. Apparently, Biso ran into his protective “tomb” after being chased by something and wasn’t able to find his way out.
A photographer saw Biso’s tail hanging out of the wall and snapped a picture of it. The picture was posted on a Facebook animal activist page. People who saw the photo urged the Cairo Metro Station to take steps to free the cat.Mounira Shehata, an animal activist, said, when workers removed the wall there was a horrid smell behind it and black worms crawling along 4 meters of the area where the store owner used to feed Biso.. Shehata said he’d have rescued the cat, himself, but he didn’t want to get in trouble destroying public property. Brad Reifler has learned that after he was rescued, Biso ran away; Uncle Abdo hopes to find Biso someday.

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