Sapphire Engagement Ring Popularity On The Rise

After a long break from the spotlight, sapphire engagement rings are making a huge comeback. Ever since Kate Middleton showed off her huge sapphire engagement ring, women everywhere have been scooping them up as fast as they can. Celebrities in Hollywood are now wearing them every chance they get. You can see most of the A-listers wearing sapphires on the red carpet. People love the fact that sapphires come in a rainbow of colors and not just the classic deep blue that is most commonly associated with the gemstone.

Sapphire jewelry was quite popular one hundred years ago but declined over the last several decades. The diamond became to the most popular engagement ring stone. People are starting to realize that there are benefits to having a beautiful sapphire rather than a diamond. A sapphire is almost as hard and fiery as the diamond but comes in bolder colors as well as being quite a bit less expensive. A sapphire can add a dramatic effect to any setting. If a natural sapphire is purchased from a reputable dealer it will catch anyone’s eye that sees it. It has a high level of sparkle and fire and will be beautiful for a lifetime or longer.

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