Jose Henrique Successful Advertising Career

If you own a business, then it is crucial to understand the importance of hiring advertising agencies. These firms will play a fundamental role in increasing your company sales and profits. When it comes to advertising, the modern investor has a wide variety of options to choose from. Selecting advertising firm is not a walk in the park.

The market is currently flooded with companies that claim to advertise your products and services at reasonable prices. However, not all these institutions have the right personnel to handle the job correctly. As an investor, you have to select experienced individual to take on this challenging task. Without this, the businessman will end up losing customers and money at the end of it all. Several advertising agencies are reliable when it comes to advertising. Although these firms might charge an arm and a leg for their services, the outcome will be worth every penny spent.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the individuals who are taking the advertising world to a greater level. The businessman was always passionate about marketing since childhood, and he has done very well in his career life. At the moment, Jose Henrique is considered to be one of the most successful advertising experts in Brazil. The businessman has founded several companies, and they have all done very well.

Several years ago, Jose Henrique established the famous Mullen Lowe agency. Up to date, the businessman serves as one of the CEO’s and his presence has influenced the success of advertising company. As the leader of this institution, Jose Henrique is famed for his innovative approach and creativity, especially when developing the advertisement for clients. Under his leadership, the private company created some of the most successful campaigns such as the famous Mammals of Parmalat ad that showed children who were only dressed in some animal costumes, singing some catchy jingles. This campaign did very well, and it attracted a large audience in the following: click here.

The successful businessman was born and also raised in Brazil. His mother and father were in the middle class, and they gave him the best education. After his high school graduation, Jose Henrique went to study advertising at the prestigious PUC Campinas in the country. After his graduation, the advertising expert got his first employment opportunity at a company known as Ogilvy in the year 1989. He acquired a lot of expertise and experience while working in the institution.

Nizan Guanaes- A Great Advertising and Marketing Magnate

Aspiring businessmen and small business owners fail to understand what marketing and advertising entail. Many confuse these two terminologies as the same thing. Advertising is an essential facet of marketing strategy and is quite demanding. Advertising involves sending persuasive messages about a company, products and services that it offers. Marketing helps induce behavioral change to the target audience and increase value of the products and services and the company in general.

A competent businessman should embrace advertising and marketing to effectively choose target markets and understand the means to influence consumer behavior. Advertising entails choosing the right media, placing ads and deciding on the best time to reach receptive audience. Media such as TV, Radio, Internet and billboards have made advertising an exceptional part of the marketing trend. Entrepreneurs should be set to advance with technology and embrace advertising and marketing as the best tool for their businesses to grow.

Nizan Guanes is one of the great business experts who have embraced advertising and marketing. Nizan born in Salvador, Bahia is the co-founder and partner of ABC Group, a holding corporation that comprises 18 companies that offer advertising and marketing to content and entertainment services. He is a degree holder in Business Administration from Universidade Federal da Bahia.

Nizan holds widespread experience in advertising sector and his company is a testimonial to many entrepreneurs. It is the 19th largest marketing communications group in the world. Nizan Guanes is one of the 21 global influencers on media and marketing and he was named as one of the most influential Brazilians by Financial times. He has also played a great role in fighting sexual violence against women and girls.