Richard Dwayne Blair’s Financial Planning Three Pillars Approach

With his long-term experience in the investment market, Richard Dwayne Blair believes that there are three pillars which determine the success of financial planning. This Three Pillar approach will ensure that you have a comprehensive financial plan in place. Mr. Blair’s pillars take into account the retirement needs of the client in comparison with their current financial situation when developing a financial plan.

The first pillar

Blair’s first financial planning pillar covers the structuring of a financial roadmap for the client. At this stage, the goals, risk tolerance, opportunities for growth and strength of a client are analyzed. Richard uses this pillar in his financial planning for his clients to pave the way for good business relations. Being able to understand the individual concerns and goals of a client helps him establish clear expectations for the specific client.

The second pillar

Developing an optimized investment strategy that will work well for a long time is the primary purpose of the second pillar. Here, Richard Dwayne Blair advises that an investment strategy be customized to fit the client’s investment goals. He adds that during this customization, it’s essential for you to consider the liquidity of the investment.

The third pillar

The third pillar is all about insuring the financial plan that you have in place. In the world of business, you can never be so sure about tomorrow. For this reason, Richard advice that any comprehensive financial plan should have room for insurance to protect the client’s investments.

About Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is a Finance and Financial Management Services Bachelor’s Degree holder from the University of Houston. He also has a Retirement Income Certified Professionals certification. Today, Richard works at Wealth Solutions as a Registered Investment Advisor. He joined this investment advisory firm in June 2012. Apart from being an investment planning expert, Richard is also an insurance expert. At this firm, he helps numerous clients – both corporate and individuals- through their investment planning. He is well respected in the business circles as he has one of the most excellent investment planning records in the industry. Moreover, Mr. Blair is also a member of ThinkAdvisor.

Everything You Need To Know About Maverick Investor, Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is most widely known for his highly circulated newsletter, Profits Unlimited from the financial publisher Banyan Hill Publishing which covers a wide range of different topics pertaining to investment strategy. Each eight page document draws extensively from Mr. Mampilly’s many, many years of work and insight into the world of investing and has made Profits Unlimited one of the single most widely read and circulated papers in its field.

However, Mr. Paul Mampilly was not always quite so well known; he got his start in the world of business in 1991 working as a subsidiary portfolio advisory at Bankers Trust before the massive corporation merged with Alex, Brown & Sons in 1999. After his short stint at Bankers Trust Mr. Mampilly moved on to numerous other highly sought after and widely praised business ventures all across Wallstreet such as huge Dutch banking service, ING as well as the internationally well known German financial service provider, Deutsche Bank. Whilst working for both of these firms some of the accounts which Mr. Mampilly skillfully managed totaled well over a million dollars with some containing net total assets that totaled even higher.

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In 2006, the young and aspiring account manager was given a huge break by being offered the extremely garish and well stacked Kinetics Asset Management hedge fund. He accepted the offer and swiftly grew the $ 6 billion dollar firm to $ 26 in very short order. This earned him a panoply of accolades and more money than most people could dream of but Mr. Mampilly was not satisfied and grew increasingly disenchanted with the rapid fire, never stop Wallstreet lifestyle which had pulled him away from his loving family. In addition to that, he realized that he was only making money for the exceedingly wealthy, generally for the top 1% of the population or some percent of that percent and he wanted to do more; he wanted to help the working class. So, with those goals in mind, he broke off completely from Wallstreet and entered into the publishing business running the aforementioned monthly newsletter to help the common, American working man or woman get the most out of their investments whilst offering a price which similar Wallstreet services simply can not (or rather, would not) match.

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How Vincent Parascandola and AXA Advisors are changing the World.

Vincent Parascandola is a prominent US-based business professional. He is also considered as one of the most famous executives of the AXA Advisors Company based in the United States. He also has a devoted motivation to offer unparalleled solutions to those who are in need of fast income to develop high-end solutions. If you are willing to achieve the best in the industry, be sure to develop your intuitive capabilities to achieve the most sophisticated business profession. Vincent Parascandola has majored in the recruitment of individuals to serve in the world of finance and management solutions. For those who are willing to attain better business value, be sure to get acquitted with the services provided by Vincent Parascandola and his company.


Vincent Parascandola’s career has spanned more than two years of professional experience. His experience in the industry of recruitment has gained favor in the eyes of many companies seeking individuals with varied experience and expertise in the world of business and strategic movements. He has also majored in the development of augmented solutions in the world of vaping and finance. For those who are willing to attain better business value, they must struggle to develop these solutions in a way that has no value in this industry.


Vincent Parascandola has experience in the retention and management of ales developments. Due to the activated business solutions in the industry, Vincent Parascandola has always developed income through achieved strategic solutions. Vincent Parascandola is also known for his success in the real estate industry. Vincent Parascandola graduated with a degree in Science from the Maryland University of America. During the time when he was graduating, few people achieved the best in the industry. For this reason, he sought to become a cornerstone in the achievement of facilitated income. Vincent Parascandola is regarded as the best business profile in the medical world.


Vincent Parascandola has over to decades of experience working with the AXA Advisors Company. He has also led the company to greater amounts of profit through his intuitive solutions in the world of vaping and experience. Vincent Parascandola is a better business agent in the United States.