Russell Gimelstob

Russell Gimelstob is Head, Partner, Managing Director and Member of the Dune Real Estate Partners Investment Committee. During Dune’s first year of activities, Russell entered Dune as an Associate. Russell became a partner and head of acquisitions, thanks to his ambition, commitment and efficiency.

In his 14 years as a borrower, developer, lender, owner, operator and joint venture partner with Dune, Russell organized and carried out complicated property transactions through debt as well as shareholders. Russell’s core and added value investments include condominiums, information center, hospitality, multi-family and countrywide retail assets focusing on the West Coast. Russell’s knowledge covers the lifecycle of true property assets: from the purchase to right and from development to redevelopment and management to disposition.

Russell Gimelstob held different positions with Goldman Sachs before entering Dune. Russell worked as an analyst for the Goldman Sachs Real Estate Investment Banking Division between 2003–2005 and concentrated on business property loans. In Goldman Sachs’ Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Division, Russell has traded commercial mortgage-backed securities from 2002 to 2003.

Russell is also active in philanthropy. He is an active proponent of the Valerie Fund; whose task is to help kids and their families suffer from cancer and blood disorders. In 2012, Russell was the annual HASC award-winning Hebrew Academy for Special Children.

Russell is a member of the Political Advisory Board of the Fisher Center at the Haas School of Business University of California.

He has always worked hard to give his company what it needs to grow and flourish. He cares about people and does his best to do good in the world. He is the absolute best at what he does. His work will be known for years and years to come. He will go down as one of the absolute best in the business. His work helps people in so many different ways.