Adam Milstein: The Mainstreaming Of Hatred

As extremists demonstrations against those of Jewish faith have become more common, many in positions of leadership are concerned about where these viewpoints will lead. This has been of great concern to Adam Milstein, who as President of the Israeli-American Council has spent many years traveling the world to speak to groups who are concerned about the mainstreaming of hatred. To combat this seemingly growing wave of extreme viewpoints, Adam has chosen to utilize his time to write numerous books and articles about this issue, as well as establish a foundation that he and his wife Gila believe will have a dramatic impact on the lives of many Jewish families.

Rather than let others turn a blind eye to the problems Jewish families face today, Adam Milstein and his wife put in tremendous amounts of time and resources for their Milstein Family Foundation. Along with providing financial support to many families and groups who find themselves in need, Adam and Gila also make sure Jewish families around the world continue to learn more and more about their Jewish heritage and faith. To make this happen, the foundation arranges to have a variety of books sent to these families each month. However, they are not just any ordinary books. Instead, they are written in the ancient Jewish language Hebrew, enabling those reading them to learn the language while at the same time discovering more about their heritage. In doing so, Adam Milstein hopes to encourage the next generation of Jewish families to be knowledgeable of as well as proud of their faith and heritage.

As he continues to fight the mainstreaming of hatred, Adam Milstein knows it will take a nonstop effort on his part as well as others to turn the tide of hatred into one of compassion and understanding. Whether doing so by working with communities to help develop local worship centers, schools, and other venues through his real estate development business, or instead traveling around the world to speak to many of today’s most influential groups, Adam Milstein will strive to get his message out to the world.

Michel Terpin: Racing for Excellence

Brazilians love sports, and rally driving is one of the sports that most locals are watching for adrenaline rush and excitement. Because of the promising opportunity for the sport, many drivers are trying to enter rally driving in exchange for fame and fortune. Michel Terpin is one of the most popular racers in the country. He is the son of Jack Terpin, who was well-known because of his skills in basketball, and he is also the brother of Rodrigo Terpin, another rally driver who also competes in local and international events. Together, the brothers Michel and Rodrigo Terpin are forming a formidable alliance which can be tough for challengers and newbies.

At a very young age, Michel Terpin has been taught by his father to embrace sports. Their family loved sports, and every member of the family should excel in a particular game. For Michel Terpin, he had to train how to drive so that he could also be proud of the sport he would soon be entering. Upon growing older, Michel Terpin decided to try his luck at a motocross event, and he won. This boosted his confidence in the driving sport, and later on decided to team up with his brother, Rodrigo Terpin, to compete in rally driving events. The Terpin Brothers became the favorite of the crowd, and they can beat all of their rivals.

Since their first win together, Michel Terpin and his brother is now a staple at annual driving competitions. However, they managed to leave their mark on the sport when they decided to enter the Sertoes Rally. The brothers are dedicated to finishing the race because they wanted to prove something to their detractors and critics. When the time of the event came, the two started to work together and to cooperate for them to control the vehicle. When Michel Terpin and Rodrigo Terpin are now in control, they decided to win the race at all costs, and after the competition, they managed to cover a distance of more than 3,000 kilometers, and the audience became an instant fan to the Terpin Brothers. After their competition, the two congratulated those who would compete for their countries and wished them good luck.