Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks which was founded in 2014, is the brain child of Sanjay Shah. This foundation was started when Nikhil, his youngest son was diagnosed with autism. This foundation seeks to educate people on how to deal with autism as well as fund a research on autism.
Sanjay Shah is the CEO and co founder of Solo Capital Markets. This company has its headquarters in London and deals in proprietary trading, consulting and professional Sports investments. This company boasts of success since its inception, with Sanjay Shah at the helm.
In the creation of Autism Rocks; Sanjay Shah sought to incorporate his love of family with that of music and create an entity that never existed. This foundation is based in London and is a invites only charity that is presented in the form of a live concert boasting of hosting the best artists in the music industry. This event has been graced by Drake, Prince and Lenny to name but a few.
In the past Autism patients have suffered immense stigma from family and society. It is this stigmatization that Sanjay Shah seeks to root out through the Autism Rocks foundation. As the name suggests Sanjay seeks to rally people behind accepting autism patients and integrating them in the society through all forms of support. All autism patients deserve love care and attention like all human beings; this support gives the patients the strength to fight to live a normal life.
These appointments come after the foundation recording positive growth globally. The foundation in making these appointments hopes the knowledge and expertise of these individuals will drive the company to greater heights of excellence.
Sanjay Shah who is a renowned philanthropist is alive to the fact that he can’t fight Autism alone, hence he has brought in the experience of Pete and Will into his board of trustees. These individuals bring in experience to the foundation and will be tasked with running all decision making matters, affairs funds as well as organizing musical events for the foundation. All these duties are performed in the capacity of active board members for the Autism Rocks Foundation. This comes after the Autism Rocks Foundation appointed Will and Pete as members of its Board of trustees. This is as reported in the PR News wire.