Pakistani Company Made Millions with Fake Degrees

A Pakistani software company, Axact, created more than 370 websites that boasts academic excellence from brillant professors, and it was all fake.

The far-reaching diploma mill built an empire that brought in millions of dollars selling fake university diplomas.

The company is accused of hiring actors to appear as teachers and satisfied students, in order to lure prospective customers in.

Many times, customers know exactly what Axact is selling – an instant, fake degree, and they’re willing to take the chance on passing that degree off as legitimate.

In most cases, Sam Tabar mentions how customers are manipulated into paying for coursework that never appears.

Axact denies any fraudulent dealings, and Pakistan shows no interest in regulation, thereby giving Axact the upper hand.

A former employee, Yasir Jamshaid, has confirmed the conspiracy to the New York Times.

Axact is a multi-dimensional company, offering high school diplomas to doctoral degrees, and according to retired F.B.I. agent, Allen Ezell, it’s a vast operation, probably the biggest ever seen.