Ways Ricardo Guimarães Has Improved The BMG Bank

As an employee who started his career with the BMG bank, Ricardo Guimarães was able to provide people with the ultimate experience from the ground up. He was able to give all of his customers the opportunity to feel important and did so through the various practices that he had within the bank. This was something that he thought brought the bank more customers which, in turn, also brought more profit to the bottom line of the bank. The way that he did this was to always focus on the customers and not worry about the amount of money that they were bringing in at the time. Not focusing on the profits actually allowed him to gain better profits.

Ricardo Guimarães has also worked to bring more advertising to the bank. He has done this through many different outlets and has allowed the bank to make a bigger name for itself. The people who use the bank will often refer people, but he also uses advertising to get organic leads on the bank and new people to come into the bank. This advertising has allowed the bank to grow exponentially from where it was when Ricardo Guimarães started at the bank in 1980. The advertising has been one of the best ways that the bank has given their all to their customers and people who are members of the communities that the banks are in.

Because Ricardo Guimarães knows what it is like to work from the bottom to the top, he has made it a point to help other people who are trying to do the same thing. He sponsors many athletes who are out there giving their all and want to win and make it big. This is something that he sees as close to his heart and something that he has worked to allow the bank to do over the years. Along with the opportunity it provides the athletes, it also gives people around the world the opportunity to see the BMG bank name, which functions as advertising.

There are many ways the Ricardo Guimarães has made the BMG bank a better place for the customers as well as the employees of the bank. He has made it a special point to provide all of the people of the bank with the utmost opportunity and has ensured that the BMG bank is a place where clients and employees alike feel like they are at home. He has made sure that the BMG bank is a place where people want to do their banking. He believes that his ability to do this and improve the banking experience has allowed the bank to become a better place for people to do their banking.

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Marcio Alaor of BMG Analyzes the Performance of Different Automaker Companies

Recently, the stock market has started attracting more members of the auto industry such as Volkswagen despite speculations and scandals. Marcio Alaor, an executive of the Banco de Minas Gerais (BMG) gave an overview of the key automakers in the stock market. He said that General Motor was among the first firms to go public after marking a century of its Initial Public Offering (IPO). Currently, the firm has a market value of around $53.52 billion. Ford floated its initial public offer in 1956. The company made the greatest initial public offer of $600 million. An Initial Public Offering allows a company to raise funds and capital investment from the public thus enabling the organization to enhance its strategic projects. Once the IPO is successful, a corporation can start trading with individuals, private investors and institutional investors.
Through the IPO process, a private company is converted to a public entity by virtue of inviting the public to subscribe to its shares. Marcio asserts that when Ferari had floated its IPO, its stocks registered an impressive increase of 5%. This increase saw an augmentation in Ferari’s market value to $10 billion. Exame Magazine documented the performance data of the major automakers alongside their IPOs.
The value of shares and the performance in the stock market for the major companies were documented. Some of the companies that Marcio documented are discussed below. Ford Motors had a performance of -10% while General motors’ had a performance of 0%. In terms of the value of each share, Ford had $ 13.95 while General Motors had a value of $34.77. Honda had a performance of +12% while Toyota had a -18%. The companies reported 3952 yen and 1256 yen in their respective share values.
Marcio Alaor is the vice president of BMG. He was born and raised in the town of Santo Antonio do Monte. During his formative years, Marcio took up a job as a cobbler so that he could take care of his family. However, he has not forgotten where he was born and raised because been quite instrumental in enhancing different economic activities for the community.
Recently, he was honored during the 33rd annual Santo Antonia do Monte agricultural exhibition. During the ceremony, a food court was opened and named after him. He also received a plaque. His attributes were captured in the plaque. Marcio is regarded as a hard working man. Over the years, he has been able to overcome a number of barriers and hardships, which have enabled him, reach at the summit of his career.


When a business is doing well as it has for many decades, all the stakeholders are jubilant. One such person is Ricardo Guimaraes the Chief Executive Officer of the BMG bank group. Having been at the bank for over three decades, he has risen through the ranks and established a reputation in the banking industry. Guimaraes is a darling of the local population and provides advisory feedback for various policy makers.

Guimaraes influence has guided the operations of the bank for over ten years of phenomenal growth now. BMG is one of the institutions to benefit from the economic boom in Brazil. An increasingly financially empowered population has provided a broader customer base. Demand for credit has created demand for BMG’s financial solutions.

The administration of the bank has put in place comprehensive and strategic measures to put the bank on the roadmap to success. Technology and innovation has become the core of the organization’s experience. By keeping up with current trends in the credit markets, BMG stays ahead of its competition.
The presence of BMG in the market for so long plus the influence of its CEO Ricardo Guimaraes serves as an attraction for clients. The bank also relies on external links with other institutions in the international credit markets. The bank has over 3,000 points of sale outlets all over the Brazil. In keeping up with trends in the sector, the bank has turned to agent banking alternatives to satisfy customer demands.
These retail and agent options have created efficiency in operations and branding. Ricardo Guimaraes acknowledges the massive branding power afforded by agent banking. The market shares the bank controls has also risen to a third of the entire market representing almost 5 million customers. BMG also invests in other financial institutions by acquiring controlling stakes.
Their corporate responsibility activities target the future by focusing on youth and the rich local culture. The youth has become an invaluable asset to the Brazilian economy. They maintain contact with the youth through education, sports, and cultural exchange. BMG, therefore, sponsors football and volleyball teams throughout the sports leagues in the country. Cultural festivals and exchange programs also facilitate the banks interaction with the future clients.
Ricardo Guimaraes acknowledges the bright future that BMG foresees. The strategies in place guarantee that the bank will stay profitable for many years to come. The credit markets in Brazil remain largely untapped, and BMG is ready to explore this option.

BMG Bank, The Way Banking Should Be

When you think about the banks these days, more and more you are seeing large financial institutions that stand for everything they pretend to be against. You see fat pensions, high salaries, and millionaire CEO’s and boardmembers at the top of the pyramid while the regular working stiffs are basically stuck to ground. There is one bank that shines through, however, because it was built on the banking spirit that used to bring people together for the common good. BMG Bank in Brazil still does banking the way that banking used to be.

BMG Bank is a private bank that was founded years ago, with roots in the financial industry as early as the 1930’s. When others have continued to nickel and dime their customers with late fees and extra subscription costs, BMG Bank has made the banking world feel like fools because of the reputation they are growing. When it comes to taking care of their clients and customers and doing it with respect and quality service, BMG Bank truly is in a league of their own these days.

Part of the reason that BMG Bank has had such success in recent years is because they aren’t just tracing the almighty dollar. BMC Bank has been founded in the idea of helping people, and that is both clients as well as internal workers. Ricardo Guimarães is the current CEO and President, but he is somewhat unlike most of the other top banking executives you will find out there. He has been with the organization since 1980 and has literally made a career out of it.

While other banks have executives coming and going at the drop of a moneybag, Ricardo Guimarães brought his ideals of serving the people to the top and has made sure that service truly is put back into the banking industry. Due to his time spent at every level of the organization, Ricardo has become more and more passionate about helping people. The lessons he has learned both about banking and people have truly become a core principle of BMG Bank as a whole.

At the end of the day, you can always choose where to do business and where to put your money for safekeeping. It is a big world and there are certainly a lot of banks out there. Some people will chase a few percent here and there and will find themselves as part of the rat race. Others will just go for the flashy promotions, but could then be caught by extra fees and below average service. The choice is certainly yours. However, if you are looking for a bank where you can trust the ideals and principles, check out what Ricardo Guimarães has built in BMG Bank.