Doe Deere’s Poppy Angeloff Company Finds Success in the Market

Doe Deere is known for being one of the bold women who use color to define their beauty. The businesswoman has founded various companies, and they have all been doing well. Her greatest desire in life is to make products for women so that they can look beautiful inside and outside. The latest company that has been introduced by Doe Deere is making headlines in all platforms, and it is known as Poppy Angeloff. This is an organization that serves consumers in a different way when compared to the other companies that have been established by the businesswoman in the past. Poppy Angeloff offers women jewelry that will make them stand out from the rest. Most of the brands that have been brought up by Doe Deere are vibrant, and they have helped women enhance their beauty. The jewelry coming from the new firm is not different. Doe Deere is not scared of speaking about this new venture and showing the world why women need to purchase her new jewelry.

Doe Deere journey in the world of jewelry started not long ago when she found some beautiful and unique heirlooms. The first time she laid her eyes on the ornaments, she realized that she had a special interest in them. The businesswoman saw an opportunity in these jewelry, but she was scared about taking the challenging path. The businesswoman wanted to sell the classiest vintage ornaments. The businesswoman was hesitant to start her company, but her sister was there to offer a helping hand. Doe Deere believes that her sister encouraged her to understand the benefits of venturing into the jewelry industry. The beauty expert believed in herself, and this is how the journey to start his company started. The institution is doing well at the moment, and it has already been accepted by many personalities in the global market. Women have purchased the jewelry marketed by the company very well. Doe Deere is very passionate about beauty, and this is one of the things that have made her brand successful in a market that is very competitive. Her career has, however, been filed with hardships.

Doe Deere Came From Rough Beginnings But Has Become A Successful Entrepreneur Despite It

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, which is a cosmetic company that features many bright, vivid colors in its line up cosmetics. She was born in Izhevsk, Russia and hoped to be able to move to the United States when she got older. She grew up on American music, movies, and magazines and couldn’t believe it when she was able to move to the country with her mother and sister at the age of 17. She first lived in New York City and found herself right in the middle of American culture where she knew she had to do something before success passed her by.

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Doe Deere initially felt defeated because everyone in her family had to take on menial jobs just to survive. There was a time when her mother, sister, and herself thought that they were going to have to move back to Russia. Times got so tough that they all had to move into a homeless shelter in NYC, and they stayed there for six months in a very small room that had no kitchen in it. On the side, Doe Deere began dreaming about starting a fashion line and worked hard to save up money, in the meantime. A social worker eventually connecter Deere and her family with Sanctuary for Families, which is a non-profit organization that gives immigrants who are women a helping hand.

The founder of Sanctuary For Families, Dorchen Leidholdt, saw that Doe Deere and her family could offer a lot to the United States and helped her mother get a job as an accountant. She also helped Deere to be accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology and also helped her sister to get into Columbia University. Deere and her family were eventually moved into the Lehman Projects, which existed smack in the middle of gang territory. Along with her family, she had to listen to the sounds of gunshots at night and lived in a building that was covered with the stench of urine. Her family still felt grateful, and Doe Deere has worked hard since then to become the success she is today.

Draw: Wengie’s Life Story


Wengie was born in China in January of 1986. Growing up her family didn’t have a lot of money. Many of her toys were DIY.


Internet was starting to get big when she was in high school. Wengie spent hours after school chatting online. She enjoyed it so much she created her own website.


After high school Wengie’s parents encouraged her to go for a co-op accounting scholarship. Wengie used to believe she was going to be a fashion designer or a psychologist, she did not see herself as an accountant. Believing the accountant path would help her family financially she tried very hard to make it work. She got the scholarship. Worked hard for the next 3 years and landed a big accountant job after attending University. Four years into being an accountant her boss told her she was doing her job very poorly. She knew this was true since her heart was not in it. After all, she was a creative person with an uncreative job. She decided to resign.


Wengie landed a social media position. A very new job within the work force. She had no experience but landed 12 clients. She became head of the department. Although it was a 24-hour job, she enjoyed this new career path greatly. She started her own blog about fashion.


After a few years blogging, she was asked to do her first project with a shopping center in Singapore. People became interested in Wengie sharing her make-up techniques. She officially launched her YouTube channel on Feb. 1, 2013. She began making videos and posting on her blog twice a week.


In 2014 Wengie decided to quit her full-time job and focus solely on her dreams. With an exhausting pursuit of her passion and dreams, it is her audience that keeps her motivated to creating more videos sharing her expertise. She has made over 300 videos on her YouTube channel and does daily vlogs on her vlogging channel.