Healthy Rejuvenated Skin with Genucel

A proper skincare routine is vital for individuals to retain healthy, beautiful skin. Without a routine, people don’t take the time to replenish their skin with vitamins and nutrients. By exerting an additional moment to care for your skin, you are reducing your chances of damaged or aged skin. Individuals have to use products that benefit and heal their skin. Genucel by Chamonix is a high quality natural anti-aging cream that rejuvenates the skin giving it a fresh, smooth look. Incorporating a product like this will benefit and improve your beauty life.

Skincare routines don’t have to be complicated. By simply increasing your water intake, you have taken the first steps in your regimen. Women should be consuming about three Nalgene bottles full of water for optimal results. Water helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, keeping it hydrated and plump. Cleansing your face is absolutely necessary for your daily routine. Experts at Gencuel recommend this method because your skin produces many oils as you sleep. Clearing your face and starting with a clean slate is always best.

After your face is clean and clear using a toner to help continue to remove leftover dirt, oils, or makeup is suggested. Your skin is exposed to many things, such as chemicals, smog, and free radicals. Using a cream with antioxidant properties, like Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy supplies your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs to prevent further damage from outside elements. Genucel helps reverse the early stages of aging, firms, and smooths the wrinkled areas of your face.

Having an anti-aging cream is great, but specifically using Genucel will change your life. The cream has Algae Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. These ingredients have powerful antioxidants and proteins that fight against premature aging. The Plant Cell is derived from Swiss apple trees which clinical studies have shown that it actively promotes the appearance of youthful-looking skin. Gencuel reduces the puffiness around your eyes and immediately soothes the area. Gencuel by Chamonix will protect, rejuvenate, hydrate, firm, plump and smooth your fine line and wrinkles.

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Jeunesse Global Provides Excellent Network Marketing Training

Are you looking for an opportunity to achieve financial success? Do you want to find a company that will provide you with the training to reach your goal? Jeunesse Global is a clear choice for those who want to build a solid business in the network marketing field.

Jeunesse Global will be conducting events and conferences and ambitious individuals will be able to learn what works and what they need to do to become successful in this industry. It is advisable to visit the company’s website to check the calendar of events and ensure that you register while you still have a chance. These events are essential for your business and you are encouraged to register. 

If you are interested in earning extra income or starting a full-time business, you need to check out Jeunesse Global. This reliable company shows people how to make money in the direct selling or network marketing field. The company has the resources to help ambitious individuals understand what needs to be done to start on their way to financial independence.

Network marketing is a proven way to earn a decent income or even make a fortune for yourself. Numerous people have become their own boss and established a successful business. Any ambitious person can achieve great success in this industry.

Before deciding which direct selling or network marketing opportunity to join, it’s a good idea to check the background of the company. It’s crucial to be certain that the company has a great reputation in the industry. You’ll want to choose a company that has an established history of providing outstanding service and great products

Jeunesse Global is a highly regarded company with a network of distributors, also known as sales representatives. This renowned company develops and markets high-quality products that include anti-aging products, skin care, and nutritional supplements. These products are well researched and are designed to help people in eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, and other blemishes and looking great. These anti-aging and skin care products can help slow down the aging process and maintain a youthful appearance.

Give Your Hair a Pick-Me-Up With Wen Products

Wen hair care products are all-natural and will transform your tresses. It is a product line that was developed by Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is a celebrity hairstylist, and he also styles hair for award and fashion shows. describes Dean to be always passionate about hair as well as photography, and he worked his way up in a salon after he went to cosmetology school.

According to, he helped the company to develop products and realized that creating new products a new passion of his. He eventually gained the managerial position before he bought the company. His salon was named The Chaz Dean, and he relocated to Hollywood from Bel Air where how grew his clientele list of mostly celebrities. He is always working on new and exciting products for women all over the world, and he and his brand have become very famous.

WEN hair care products do not contain any harsh chemicals such as sulfates, and they also do not strip hair of its natural oils. Instead, Wen products help to cleanse and replenish your hair while giving it volume and shine. The Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment is a spa at home and will make your hair feel softer and moisturized if you use it every week. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner has combined shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangler, and deep conditioner to give you one convenient product that will leave you hair feeling more manageable and moisturized as well as shiny.

Wen Nourishing Mousse will not leave your hair feeling sticky or flaky, and Wen Anti-Frizz Styling Crème will give you frizz-free hair for up to eight hours. No Wen products are tested on animals either. Wen products are gentle enough to use daily, and you can also use the Replenishing Treatment Mist between cleansing for a little boost. Order Wen today, coupon codes from can be used to save on your purchase.


Dinner Date with Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dye

It goes without saying that I am quite fond of dying my hair into whatever mixture of shades and hues I fancy at that particular moment. It’s almost gotten to the point that I can hardly remember what I looked like with brown hair. So over the years, I have had the chance to try out more types of hair dyes than I probably should admit to, yes, before you ask kool-aid has found its way into my hair, my clothes, and permanently all over my tub, so I have learned what works for my hair and what doesn’t.


Spending the Morning and Evening with Lime Crime like a True Unicorn


Though recently I had to throw my calculated caution to the wind and try Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye for the first time. As a fan of Doe Deere’s indie line of makeup products, and certainly a fan of her entire story towards becoming the Queen of all Unicorns, I had to jump on the opportunity to add another Lime Crime product to my collection.



My Adventourous Side and Anime


I had to control the immediate impulse to just add all of the different Unicorn hair dyes to my cart and find a button for send immediately when buying my first dye but I soldiered through and came out on the other side with the Anime Unicorn Hair Dye, which seemed like a fitting change definitely appropriate for the mix up to my monthly fixture.


It is worth noting that when it comes to all natural, I can be a bit on the strict side, if I didn’t exercise healthy caution throughout as many dye jobs as I have had, I might have become the author of the blog post “10 ways to rock a headscarf”, but the anime dye actually left my hair feeling softer, shaming my conditioner, after the first wash.


If you would like to order your own bottle of Unicorn Hair Dye, visit Lime Crime’s web store.

Create Defined Curls With Wen by Chaz

Many women struggle to find a way to enhance their naturally curly hair with ordinary shampoos and conditioners. Curly hair is often a stubborn hair type and can require much more attention and time than straight hair types. For this reason, it is essential that people with curly hair implement quality hair care products into their daily and weekly hair care regimens. By using products like those found in the Wen hair care line, people with curly hair can gain the defined curls they have always dreamed of having but could not ordinarily attain.
In order to create more definition in curly hair types, customers should begin to apply the Wen by Chaz cleansing and conditioning set on a regular basis. For those with loose curls, the products can be applied on a daily or weekly basis. Those with a tighter curl pattern should avoid daily cleaning and opt for the conditioning treatment alone. Tight curls often experience a drying effect when they are shampooed too often. After establishing a regular regimen with the Wen by Chaz shampoo and conditioning set, customers should moisturize their curly strands with one of several moisturizing products offered by Wen by Chaz. See Guthy-Renker for full products list.

When applying the Wen by Chaz moisturizer to clean hair, customers should be sure to apply an anti-frizz serum to the hair. This will ensure that the curls appear both defined and sleek when they dry. After following this regimen for a few weeks, customers will find that their previously difficult curly hair has become well behaved and easy to maintain. In a recent review which was published by Bustle, a Wen by Chaz customer described her experience with using the shampoo and conditioning set. Like this customer, people who use this product can expect to see results in as little as one week.

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Three Helpful Lip Balms You Can Use Next Time Your Lips Are Dry

Lip balm is a beauty product that nearly everyone uses during the drier months or if they need to prep their lips. It can be surprisingly hard to find a lip balm that really works well. The primary factors people want out of their lip balm is hydration and long lasting effects. Here are the top three lip balms for long lasting hydration and smoothness.

The Maybelline Baby lips lip balm is a gentle, hydrating lip balm. As long as you apply it twice daily, you should see an improvement in your lips. The Maybelline Baby lips lip balms come in tints and in clear lip balms.

Burt’s Bees lip balm is a natural ingredient lip balm. It’s made from one hundred percent beeswax and contains vitamin E. It has healing strength when it gently covers dry lips. It would probably also be good for lips that may have been burned by drinking a hot beverage. You can buy the original Burt’s Bees lip balm or many different flavors.

The Evolution of Smooth is by and far the best lip balm you can go with for long lasting hydration and smoothness. The EOS products smooth out the lips to make them luxurious and happy throughout even the driest day. The EOS lip balm contain natural ingredients, vitamin E, shea butter, smoothing and soothing oils and it is gluten-free. EOS products are available on Target, Walmart and online via Amazon.