OG Juan Honored in New Album by Jay Z and Beyoncé

The meaning behind Jay Z’s new album Everything is Love is a shout out to OG Juan, his wife Desiree Perez, and Roc Nation. Roc Nation is an athletic and music entertainment company founded by Jay Z and Juan, 10 years ago. The album is the debut album in which Jay Z and Beyoncé performed under the name the Carters. Everything is Love is the third of a trilogy of albums chronicling the ups and downs of their relationship that begins with Beyoncé’s album Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Instead of seeing a marriage counselor, they worked their problems out through their art.

The album was released right in the middle of the couple’s OTR II tour and was praised by the Carter couple’s critics. The Juans have been longtime allies through the good and bad parts of Jay Z and Beyoncé’s relationship. Everything is Love is an album that needs Jay Z and Beyoncé together instead of two solo album efforts. Some of the new sounding songs include Friends that’s a shout out to OG Juan and Desiree Perez. Beyoncé is energized and in a hyper form that she’s rarely seen in.

The Juans have been close to the Carters for many decades, creating a close and trusting bond that the Carters know has nothing to do with fame or money. The Carters are also close to Ty Ty Smith, Jay Brown, and Jay Z’s cousin Emory Jones. Jay Z was introduced to OG Juan by Kareem Burke, co-founder of Roca-A-Fella Records in 1996. The duo has been through a lot together, including the defunct Roc-La-Familia and the development of the 40/40 Club sports bar in 2003. The two friends launched Roc Nation Sports in Spring 2013. Juan and Carter equally support both sports and music industries and a each other.

Mr. Andrew Rocklage – Doing Business in Boston

Mr. Andrew Rocklage is a Boston-based attorney and business owner. He is the owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park – an indoor trampoline park in Boston, Massachusetts. He is one of Boston’s finest.

The Sky Zone Trampoline Park was created about a handful of years ago. The attraction hit it off immediately and became one of the favorite tourist attractions in Boston. The locals have also been frequently going to the park and business has been very well off. The business of the Sky Zone Trampoline Park has been enjoying high ratings on social media.

The customers often mention how friendly the staff members are. Mr. Andrew Rocklage operates the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. He has been showing a lot of skill when hiring staff members as he knows what makes a good employee that the customers would love.

Mr. Andrew Rocklage is a former student of the Suffolk University Law School. He graduated from the prestigious academic institution with a Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Andrew Rocklage has also studied at the Isenberg School of Management, from which he graduated in Business administration.

After Mr. Andrew Rocklage had completed his higher education, he pursued a career at the company of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He worked as a corporate counsel. Mr. Andrew Rocklage has pursued careers in many venues over the years. He has also dabbled in the technology sector for a handful of years.

Mr. Rocklage has benefitted greatly from the many avenues he has been working in. His amassed experience is more than a couple of decades. His many years of experience have proven to be highly beneficial to Mr. Andrew Rocklage in terms of his own business – the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

Mr. Andrew Rocklage has been working towards incorporating all of his knowledge and experience he has gained thus far into the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Mr. Andrew Rocklage has been looking forward to new professional ventures in the future. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-rocklage-b3327827 and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/andrew-rocklage#/entity

To the people who aspire to work in the business sector or become entrepreneurs, Mr. Andrew Rocklage has a few pieces of advice. First of all, he advises that people need to have an open mindset towards opportunities in business.

Often times opportunities will not present themselves in a clear light. One needs to keep their eyes open and have a bit of an innovative way of thinking. Another word of advice is always to be willing to learn from anybody.

Both business experts and clients have a lot to teach when it comes to doing business. As a must-read, Mr. Andrew Rocklage likes the book ”How to make friends and influence people”. That book has helped him along the way and has thought him a lot of valuable knowledge.