Businessman Sudhir Choudhrie Discusses The Goodwood Revival And The Future Of India’s Economy

Businessman Sudhir Choudhrie believes that India is on the verge of entering an exciting new era thanks to Brexit. Choudhrie believes that this could be one of the most special time periods in India since the country gained its independence. Choudhrie predicts that India’s economy will thrive in the upcoming months.

India has a reputation for providing excellent engineering services, which helped the car manufacturing industry grow. However, Choudhrie notes that India’s economy has a lot of potential, thanks to the large number of emerging start up companies. Crowdfunding has become popular in the country. India also has a high growth rate.

Sudhir Choudhrie says that India’s large consumer market has a lot of potential. Choudhrie says that large companies should not overlook the consumer power in India. Indian consumers want to purchase high quality items, not a bunch of cheap products. That’s why many brands are starting to market their products towards India. Thanks to their large youth population, Choudhrie believes that India could eventually have the biggest economy in the World. Chourhrie is hopeful that India and The United Kingdom will develop a stronger relationship. Choudhrie says that the relationship should benefit both nations.

The Goodwood Revival

Sudhir Choudhrie believes that the Goodwood Revival has become one of the most popular motor sport events in the World. The festival is a showcase for a classic style of racing. Choudhrie says that the Goodwood Revival pays tribute to the days when driving was a fun hobby.

Sudhir Choudhrie notes that he has a vintage car collection. He says that he has been enamored with classic cars ever since his childhood. As a child, Choudhrie says that he started collecting dinky toys and cars. He attended multiple vintage car rallies while he was in college. Eventually, Choudhrie started participating in some races. In the future, Choudhrie plans to build a car museum.

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Raffaele Riva Credits His Passions for Giving Him a Sense of Purpose

Raffaele Riva has always let his passion serve as the guiding light when it concerns what businesses and investment projects he wants to pursue. He said that when he lets his passions lead the way, the ventures are all successful and they prove to be very fulfilling. Financial outcomes turn out very well, and more importantly, they satisfy his drive and add genuine value to his clients live which makes it very rewarding for him. All of these give Raffaele Riva a sense of purpose, which allows him to face the brand-new day, no matter how busy, with a lot of enthusiasm.

This successful businessman is the founding father and current president of AUREA Multi Family Office. This is the main company for a variety of subsidiaries that deal with financial services like accounting, auditing, investment planning, wealth management, and more for the international business community. The sub-organizations under AUREA are BGB Aurea Ltd, Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, Urea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA, and Milao Fiuciaria. Raffaele Riva inspires these firms and provides an active leadership role for a few of them.

Prior to establishing these successful endeavors, he has founded many other companies, where he was hands on in managing the daily operations. Raffaele Riva credits a large multinational company for giving him the experience in international finance. This company operated in Canada, Central and South America, South Africa, and Western Europe. On top of this, he was also gainfully employed in a Big 4 firm that specialized in accountancy and audits for many clients in the Italy and United Kingdom.

Raffaele Riva cannot help but stress the importance of a good education. He credits his own extensive academic experience in opening doors of opportunities for him. He has an Economics degree from the prestigious Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Milan and earned an a Dottore Commercialista degree from the same university. The latter was the one that gave him the power to be a certified public accountant in Italy. On top of all those, he later on completed two post graduate degrees. Raffaele Riva’s thirst for knowledge is an instrument in making him into the successful businessman that he is today.

Igor Cornelsen is Not Your Ordinary Guru

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known investment banker with years of expertise in managing stock and exchange of funds. Cornelsen has spent years in his career giving good business ideas to individuals throughout the globe. Igor Cornelsen was born in the year 1947 in Brazil where he grew up. Cornelsen attended the Federal University for his degree where he pursued a course in engineering. However, two years into his engineering course he realized that it required more work and Igor made a decision to major in economics. Igor Cornelsen graduated in 1970 with a bachelor’s degree, and in 1971 he acquired his first job as an investment banker. It was normal for engineering graduates at the time to land jobs in banks due to the lack of technology to execute the computing tasks.


In 1971, Igor Cornelsen was appointed at Multibanco where his career took a successful turn. After only four years of working at the institution, Cornelsen was put as one of the members on the Board of Directors. One year later in 1976, he was elected as the CEO of the bank, but his successful career at Multibanco was cut short when the bank was purchased by another. Cornelsen had to leave in 1978 and look for other greener pastures. At the time, Unibanco was making waves in the banking industry, and it was only appropriate for Cornelsen to join there. Igor Cornelsen, however, did not work here for long as well since the inflation rates went up and he was forced to leave.

After Unibanco, Cornelsen joined Libra Bank PLC which was a new investment for him as they were being paid in dollars. His career soared at Libra Bank, and finally, he left with his associates to join the Standard Merchant Bank. Igor Cornelsen also left Standard Merchant Bank later on to begin his company. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen:

The Pizza Man: from delivery boy to executive chief

In terms of popular household names, Papa Johns Pizza is one that has become quite well known over the past several decades. A name perhaps not so familiar however, is Steve Ritchie. In 2018, Ritchie stepped up as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the popular pizza chain. To the table, Ritchie brings a lifetime of experience in the business of pizza, making him a fitting choice for the role.

Rather than a fancy business or marketing degree to back him, Ritchie earned his education the old fashioned way… working at a small pizza shop at age 16. With financial help from his grandfather, Ritchie purchased that shop in 1998 at age 18. He divulged to Louisville business in 2013 that during the first 2 years of ownership he’d worked 14 hour days, 7 days per week to build the business. The restaurant ultimately failed, leading to Ritchie’s 1996 transition into a Papa Johns shop where he earned minimum wage as a counter person. Ritchie quickly rose through the ranks of the company in various positions from delivery driver to franchise manager, owner, president and Chief Officer of Operations (COO).

Despite all of his success and strong leadership skills, Ritchie is known as a shy, quiet person from humble beginnings. The now 46 year old attributes his strong work ethic to that of his hard working, blue collared parents to whom he was born at a very young age. Those in the industry who know Ritchie well describe him as loyal, dedicated and above all, very deserving of his new position as CEO of the world’s third largest pizza delivery chain. When asked by the Courier Journal how he will rise to the occasion? Richie simply replied, “Pizza is my life” (Wolfson). Steve Ritchie resides with his wife Melissa and their two daughters in Oldham County, Kentucky.

How OSI Group and McDonald are Making Customers Proud

Companies are having a complicated time when handling the modern consumer. The modern client wants to be involved in the processing and manufacturing of the products they eat. Each ingredient that goes into a product is carefully selected so that the customer doesn’t have a chance to complain. McDonald foods are recognized by many mostly because of their unique features. The hamburgers from the organization always taste heavenly, even after they have been stored for a long time. The institution has invested so much in the processing of the food, making sure that its suppliers are doing the right job all the time so that the customers are never disappointed. McDonald has been made popular, however, by one of its suppliers, OSI Group.

The meat processing company makes sure that it only offers McDonald excellent meat so that the end product is the best for consumers. For a company to thrive in the food market, it has to get the secrets of the competitive market. With giant companies ruling the food industry for a very long time, new companies are being forced to take the right measures. The government has set many regulations to ensure that its citizens are not given the wrong products by their customers. McDonalds has never failed to meet all the government and customer demands. From the selection of the ingredients to the processing in the factory, the company ensures that consumers have all the reasons to smile because they get the best.

OSI Group has never failed in its duty to supply only the best to its customers too. The organization is operated by personalities who are experts in the meat industry, and they select the animals they slaughter for the sake of the customers. In the factory processing, meat or any other food item needs to be handled with so much care. McDonalds has health experts who take all the right measures to avoid contamination of the food from any sources. The workers have to remain extremely clean and healthy so that they can be allowed to work and help in processing the food products that are delivered to the customers.

Lesson Paul Herdsman Can Teach Businesses

Paul Herdsman was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Mr. Herdsman is founder and CEO of NICE Global. Herdsman obtained his B A. degree from Florida Atlantic University in technology. Paul Herdsman has been involved in online marketing since 2004 when COO, an online software company, launched security software into an already crowded market. Paul Herdsman is married and the father of two children. He puts his family before his business.

NICE Global is a business solutions company that is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and began in 2014. NICE Global assists people in getting employees and customers for their companies. This business solutions company helps businessmen grow their companies and be successful. It’s important for each employee to understand the role each employee plays and how every job’s related to one another.

Paul Herdsman believes that businesses should be invested in their employees and not just see them as bodies to warm the seats. A smart company is a company that trains its employees. Training the employee should be a lifelong commitment. If the employee is successful, the company will be. Herdsman believes the employees should be rewarded based on the way they perform their jobs and not how much work they put out.

In order to get people who, perform well, companies need to find the best and brightest people for the job. The potentially good people need to be able to fit in well with those employees who have been around awhile. The best thing an employee can do is solve a problem his client is having. Workers should learn how to be problem solvers. New people are given interviews, both phone and face-to-face to see if they are qualified. After the interviews, NICE performs a background check to make sure the potential employee is a law-abiding citizen. Read This Article for additional information.

Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


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