Glenn Schlossberg Explains his Secrets of Success

Glenn Schlossberg career has impressed many. The business executive has made wealthy and created a successful venture because of the concepts he believes in. His company, Jump Design Group, is one of the largest and popular in the world. The visionary executive, working hard and at the same time taking time to play comes in handy at all time. Many individuals, however, do not have a similar belief. Most of them will remain in the office for many hours without taking a break. When the experienced business leader was in his twenties, he got the idea of starting his company. For many people who met him, Glenn Schlossberg was an ordinary newbie in the market in New York would stay in the office until late night trying to finish his duties in the office. The investor, however, believes in taking breaks regularly in the course of the busy career life.

Many years ago, Glenn Schlossberg realized that he would get inspiration to create new designs when he was taking an extended break from his working activities. It has even become possible for the investor to time his breaks because he plans his time so well. When he takes a vacation, he gets a new line of creation two or even three days later. Immediately he gets the idea in mind; the executive sends an email to his commitment assistant, designers, and lawyer. These professionals help him to become successful in his different missions. Every time he is away for a vacation, his staff is always looking forward to the email because it gives the company a new fresh direction.

For some years now, Glenn Schlossberg has been in the women fashion industry. Getting time for a vacation always seems to be a tough decision, but over the years, he has realized that this is the key to his many accomplishments. At the start of the company, everyone would be focusing on daily work. Long working hours have always dominated the market because this is the best way many become productive. This idea, according to Glenn Schlossberg, is for the naïve individuals in business. When you are working for many hours in a day, then you cannot survive the habit for a long time.  You can visit Glenn’s twitter account to see more about him.

Richard Liu : Japanese Supplement Giant

Richard Liu came from a modest background as his parents made decent money and always worked hard, but it was nothing like the life in which he lives now. When he went to college, he was bright and excelled receiving a degree in sociology during the time he was there. After college, he had to get a job as he didn’t have the money to start a business and he had to figure out his life.

So he went to work for a Japanese supplement giant and learned what he could about business there. But he mostly did his research and saved as much money as he could so that he could start a business reasonably soon. He started first because of the fact it was cheaper to run an online company at the time. He did try retail stores but found it wasn’t the direction in which he wanted to go, and once he focused on, he grew it massively.

CEO Randal Nardone: Why He May Be Fortress Investment Group’s Most Valuable Asset

Investing can be a treacherous industry to break into for those who are eager to build their fortunes in this realm, but these obstacles were easily handled by Fortress Investment Group’s leading principal and outstanding chief executive officer, Randal Nardone. He comes to the field with a substantially stronger educational background than many of his competing peers thanks to his Boston University Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree. Understanding law very well thanks to his time in academia, Randal Nardone is certainly a step ahead of most investing career professionals with regards to the various legal aspects of his industry. This is something for which the rest of the Fortress Investment Group team are greatly appreciative.

Some readers at this point may be curious about Randal Nardone’s choice to pass up on a legal career in favor of becoming one of the most successful investors around. His first working experience after university studies was in finance, and he knew this was the realm in which he belonged. BlackRock Financial Management was the biggest name that capitalized on Mr. Nardone’s set of skills prior to his current, decades long journey with the alternative investment firm he would later co-found and build into a giant, Fortress Investment Group. This highly regarded American private equity firm was born into the finance world in 1998, and Randal Nardone has been working his magic there ever since.

Randal Nardone has some monumental tasks on his plate, given the extraordinary amount of funds and assets managed by Fortress Investment Group. Leading this organization takes a great amount of both knowledge and willpower. The Forbes billionaire list member recently was delighted to sign a deal with a group from many miles across the world, SoftBank. This is a Japanese technology organization, and its acquisition seems to be an excellent step for Fortress. Randal Nardone has his goals for Fortress Investment Group set quite high, and this new partnership will certainly be a helpful asset in moving the company forward. Each of the organizations seems very likely to derive great benefit from working collaboratively in their respective industries.

Upwork Provides Freelancers With The Opportunity To Work From Anywhere

Freelancing is something that is growing in popularity. It is something that is becoming a bigger and better opportunity all of the time. Platforms like Upwork are helping with that and they are giving those who choose to do freelance work more opportunities. There are companies that are in need of a certain kind of person to help them with the work that they are doing. They can use freelancers to help them in all that they need to get done. When they rely on freelancers for the work that they need to complete, they have access to a wide range of people and they are not stuck hiring someone right from their area.

It was not always easy for people to work in the freelance world. There was a time when freelancers had to actually send their work through the mail, and they had to fight to find a market for that work. Upwork and other platforms like it have helped to change that. This platform helps businesses and professionals find one another so that they can benefit from one another. These days, it is a little easier for freelancers to find work, and they are actually earning good incomes with the work that they are doing, too.

Freelancers can work from any location that suits them. Upwork helps people find work so that they can get started earning money right where they are. Some might choose to work while they are traveling, enjoying the benefits of travel while also earning money to support themselves. Some choose to write reviews as they are traveling and benefit from the traveling in that way. Others choose to vlog their experience while traveling. Those people who like to work as freelancers so that they can stay in their home have opportunities to do that, as well. Upwork has twelve million freelancers using its website, and those individuals are a good mix of people who work from home and those who choose to work from the road.

Todd Lubar, Real Estate Mogul Inspiring Entrepreneurs Achieve their Dreams

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who started from the ground up to become the current

president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC and the senior vice president of Legendary Investments.

The road for Todd as an entrepreneur was no different from all the other entrepreneurial leaders. Todd graduated with a Major in Speech communication from Syracuse University and he joined the corporate world in 1995.

Todd Lubar began working for Crestar Mortgage immediately after completing college. He joined Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas, where he grew the Maryland office. In 2002, Mr. Lubar left to open a real estate firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. He eventually formed Legendary financial LLC after observing the markets for over twelve years. Legendary LLC was to be used as a commercial lending source for both individuals and companies.

According to Patch, Todd draws his inspiration from helping people to achieve their most ambitious dreams by getting rid of the many obstacles preventing them from getting approved loans.

Todd’s previous experience in the finance world and his expertise in the real estate development niche have connected him with the talented people to help build an empire.

Going over and above, paying attention to detail, knowing what goes on at all levels of the company and deploying his business skills with customers has given him incredible referrals which have built his business reputation.

His life accomplishments have stemmed from hard work and have enabled him to maintain his career momentum. Todd’s failures have taught him that if even if you get knocked down, you have to rise up the next day and just keep playing the game, but with a different approach. Staying down only diminishes your chances of being available when the new opportunities knock on your door.

Todd Lubar is an avid reader of business books in his spare time such as the “The Magic of Thinking Big” which helps him to keep high expectations for the future and hungry for success. His goal is to continue to better himself for tomorrow and add value to all people he interacts with at a variety of levels. You can follow him on Twitter.

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Talk Fusion Ends 2016 with Huge Industry Award

We have seen a monumental shift in the way that companies are approaching business in the digital age. The internet is the great equalizer and it has offered up the chance for companies to get ahead, so long as they know who to work with. Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communication solutions company that was founded back in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina. Reina has helped to guide the company to the forefront of innovation by constantly offering cutting edge technology and marketing solutions. Recently, Talk Fusion was awarded the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their work on the Video Chat application.

Talk Fusion has a wide array of marketing solutions available for companies who are trying to get their name out there in order to interact more efficiently with their clients and customers. One of the foremost marketing solutions available is the Video Chat application, which we mentioned above. This award winning application helps users to have face to face video conferences across the globe, across platforms, from anywhere in the world. The application is available in the iOS and Android Store and it is being run on some of the hottest tech available: WeBRTC technology.

Bob Reina is never one to shy away from the opportunity to give effusive praise to his team. Reina claimed that this award was just the beginning and that his entire IT team has “big plans for the future”. Reina kept his message on point by praising his workforce and hinting at even bigger things to come in the near future, something that was echoed by Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page. Page went on to say, “This is just a testament to how efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is.”

In order to capitalize on this momentum Talk Fusion released an updated free trial website, Talk Fusion’s offerings are more available than ever and they are surely capitalizing on the newly energized market. Talk Fusion’s year in 2016 was excellent but talking to CEO Reina and the rest of the crew you can tell that they are focused toward the future.


The Success Story of Eric Lefkofsky in Developing Success Business Ventures

In every successful venture, it is important to understand the historical background and how the capital market operates. This entails taking a key interest in specific business ventures and nurturing them to maturity by providing the much needed financial support. Entrepreneurship field has attracted a good number of investors who have contributed towards the establishment of successful business companies. Eric Lefkofsky is an American philanthropist that has been scaling the heights in entrepreneurship field. He has contributed to the establishment of many companies that have performed exceptionally well. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Tempus. This is a technological company that has invested in the health industry. The company has developed an operating system that has been used widely across the world to treat cancer. It can be remembered that cancer is one of the leading chronic diseases globally. Eric Lefkofsky has many stakes in other companies which he has contributed to their development and growth. He is the co-founder and managing director of Lightbank. This is a business entity that tends to develop structures to help in combating disruptive nature of the current technologies. As such, he has been a figure to reckon with in the financial and technological industry.  Head over to this.


Eric Lefkofsky has been a successful entrepreneur with many companies under his name. The companies have developed into multinational entities that have grown to open branches in other countries across the globe. Eric Lefkofsky has a rich educational background that has contributed to his immense success in the entrepreneurship. He was born in Southfield, Michigan and later moved on to join Southfield-Lathrup High School. After graduating from high school in 1987, Eric Lefkofsky attained admission to the University of Michigan. Here, he sharpened his skills in the entrepreneurship field which made him start selling carpets during the course of his study. This was his stepping stone towards realizing and establishing a booming and recognized entrepreneurship ventures in the years to come. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife have also contributed in the philanthropic fields. They have established a charitable trust that has been helping to support educational and scientific studies across the world.  For additional info check his page.


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