The Chainsmokers Salute Avicii For His Contributions To the EDM Community

The Chainsmokers a DJ/production duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were recently given an opportunity to present Luis Fonsi with the award for top hot 100 song of 2018, “Despacito.” Before they called Luis Fonsi, they told the multitude that came for the Billboard awards that night that Avicii’s death was a blow to the EDM community. He recognized the Swedish DJ saying he had changed the lives of so many people in many different ways.

Halsey, the star that had collaborated with the pair in their hit song “Closer” was with them and said that Avicii was easy to get along with and everyone who worked with him acknowledged this. She added that Avicii’s death was a reminder to everyone to love and support their friends and family who might be struggling with mental health. Tim Bergling, famously known by his stage name, Avicii, died on April 20th and his family later revealed that it was a suicide case.

Later that night the duo was honored with the top dance/electronic award act which they dedicated to the beloved Swedish DJ. Andrew Taggart told the audience that through Avicii, they had learned to believe in themselves and followed their dreams. He added that he inspired all of them and influenced pop music at large.

The American DJ pair that met through Alex’s manager then has been hitting the headlines since January this year for all the right reasons having released a couple of hit songs like” you owe me” and “Everybody hates me.” They have won awards like iheartRadio Awards for having the best collaboration of the year and are working towards expanding the boundaries reached by other DJs. In the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the two gave their fans an electrifying performance and are proving every day to be hardworking and passionate about electronic music.

The duo that writes their songs have managed to get fans internationally and the feedback they get from social media has motivated them to push on. Some fans have tattooed the lyrics of their songs while others leave messages for them asking them to keep writing their kind of music.

Michael Jackson Impersonator – Why Is He Worth Watching?

In the world of music, Michael Jackson is definitely one of the few performers who has taken the world by storm with what he does. Michael Jackson definitely knows what he is doing, but you will come to find that MJ sadly is not here anymore, and so it’s people like Sergio Cortes who help bring this musician back to life in his small little unique way. An an impersonator, he looks like, can sing like, and can dance just like Michael. He has been given the gift of performance and knows all about the world of performance. This impersonator definitely knows what he is doing.

Michael Jackson Impersonator – Why is he worth watching?

The best part about Sergio Cortes and what he does is the fact that Sergio knows how to bring a full performance to the stage. In other words, when you watch this guy live, expect to experience an amazing show. An a singer and danced, he truly knows how to turn his performances into something really memorable. He also performs with an amazing set of dancers to help create the perfect performance. Having been gifted with this gift, he is one of the best in the business simply because he knows all about what he does on stage. He is worth watching for a variety of reasons, but one of the main reasons is that he just loves performing and you really can see that in his performances on stage.

Another thing to remember is that impersonators like Sergio don’t come along that often. It takes a very special person and a unique performer to really know how to bring a certain person to life. It’s not always easy to do this, and it can be quite hard to
Know how to imitate a person from one fingertip to the next. With the power of Sergio Cortes and his skills, you will find that he definitely knows what he is doing.

So many people just enjoy seeing people like Sergio on stage because he knows all about what he is doing. What you’ll find to be quite exciting about Sergio is how he sings and dances just like Michael on stage every time, and it can be a great way to relive the music of Michael just one more time. This performer does know all about the industry and what he can do, and he’s worth watching live.

What Makes A Good Impersonator?

There are so man by people who just love watching impersonators because of their charisma and capability of becoming a new person. They simply help bring to life somebody else’s identity, and they take on that identity by learning how to become the celebrity that they are imitating. Ther are several things that separates a good impersonator and a bad one. There are several aspects that can separate them from each other. It’s really not all that difficult to do, and you’ll find that it’s all about making wise choices and also improving your skill on the stage.

Sergio Cortes is the perfect exMple of somebody who knows exactly what he is doing on stage. He is one of the best impersonators. He looks, acts, dances, and sings just like Michael Jackson, and his list of clothing that all look exactly like the original costumes that MJ uses is quite inspiring. He has worked hard over the years to become the performer that he is today. Here’s a few things that sets him apart:

What Makes A Good Impersonator?

What makes a great impersonator is their ability to perform on stage taking on all the habits that their celebrity does naturally. Whether it’s the way that they walk, talk, or sing, they are all different attributes that can help with the performance and how they are on stage. These are all aspects that can help improve the way a performer succeeds on stage. There are several people who find it amazing to witness performers simply take the stage with so much confidence. It’s all about becoming the character and gaining the audience’s belief that you are era tally them. Sergio Cortes has mastered the power of this secret, and he uses it on stage all the time. He puts it in his mind that he is Michael, and so he has that natural gift to go out there and just perform his heart out on stage.

It makes a big difference when the performer can really take on the habits, movements, small attributed, and the overall look of the celebrity they are copying becUse it adds a whole lot to the performance. It’s simply more mesmerizing this way when somebody just takes on a role and really puts him or herself into the character. The secret is also developing your skill set and also being the best that you can be on that stage.