The Remarkable Performance of Troy McQuagge at the USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuaage is an insurance professional who has been in the sector of a couple of years. He presently serves the USHEALTH Group as its chief executive officer. His outstanding management skills were recognized by the One Planet Award, which declared him the CEO of the Year award in 2016. One Planet is a foundation that has gained acknowledgment for the honor that it offers to the top performing businesses and personnel in various industries around the world. The organization accepts nominations from all types of companies and does not consider their location, size, products, or ownership. The main aim of the One Planet Award is to appreciate the outstanding efforts enterprises and professionals in various sectors. The honors that it offers are categorized into different sections, and they are public relations, executives, teams, organizations, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuaage has been serving the USHEALTH Group for more than five years. His first worked at the USHEALTH Advisor, which is a reliable agency that the company uses in distributing its products. Troy significantly assisted in the revolutionizing of the firm to offer improved services to the clients. His exceptional work was noted by the company, which awarded him the CEO role in 2014. According to the USHEALTH Group, his term has been one of the most successful ones since it has managed to make record breaking returns despite the competition in the sector. McQuaage was glad to be named as the CEO of the Year. He dedicated the honor to the staff of the USHEALTH Group, and he believes that their diligence facilitated the win. Troy said that the acknowledgment that was offered by One Planet showed the excellent performance of the insurance firm in providing dependable healthcare covers to clients across the United States.

The USHEALTH Group has been striving to be among the top insurance companies that offer healthcare cover in the United States. The Fort Worth-based enterprise has devoted itself to serving self-employed people and owners of small businesses. It has been exploiting the excellent expertise of its staff and representatives to ensure that more people can access health covers. USHEALTH Group is also committed to providing the best customer service in the sector. Its product and services can be tailored according to a client’s financial capabilities and insurance needs. The firm also ensures that all the clients’ claims are processed in time. Its convenience has made it be considered as a top provider of health insurance in America.

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